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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

No, this isn’t actually a post about housekeeping, although I could write another one of those if you want. I got a LOT of real-life feedback from people who read my last housekeeping post, including people who are actually using my lists as their lists for staying on top of things. That’s a lot of pressure – especially since I never even printed them out for myself so I have to keep searching my own blog for today’s cleaning schedule. I’ve been keeping up with my “do one major chore a day” plan pretty well, except for Tuesday where I refused to clean my sink mostly on principle – I cooked for lunch AND dinner so doing the dishes twice in one day was more than I could handle. Is that really pathetic? I’m going to go with no, not pathetic, just the life of someone who is SO EXHAUSTED by 3 pm she can fall asleep on the couch while a toddler hits her in the head with things and yet still has 8 more hours before bed. So yeah, my sink can stay dirty and the FlyLady can suck it.

Wow, that was quite a tangent. Here’s the bloggy housekeeping stuff I was ACTUALLY talking about:

1. I entered BOTH kids in a local (suuuuuuper amazing) photographer’s contest to become her kid model for the year. She’s offering a free photo shoot for the family AND for the child who wins, and since she takes the kind of photos I can’t afford I’m hoping I can enlist your help. I think you have to like the My Four Hen’s Facebook Page first, but then if you could “like” the pictures of Caroline (in the Little Miss M4H album) and Evan (in the Little Mr M4H album) I would love you for eveeeeeeeeeer.

These are the pictures you’re voting for:

2. I swear this is the only time I will mention it, but if you could take a second to click on the Top Baby Blogs button over in my right sidebar it would keep me from getting super depressed over being, like, 546th on the list. I’m never going to be on the front page and I HATE the begging for clicks but I have found a ton of other awesome blogs to read from browsing that list so I’d like to stay on it. You can vote once a day, every day, so if you happen to remember without me bugging you I’d appreciate it. Oh and if you want you can like bebehblog on Facebook too – the link is over in the left sidebar. I like to make people click on things and am also very needy.

3. I have no idea how to go about this so I’m just putting it here: although I’m already committed to running the BlogHer ad banner, I would love to help promote handmade shops with ads here on bebehblog. If you have a shop (especially a newish shop you’d like to start advertising) please email me at bebehblog at gmail dot com. I have no idea what a 125×125 ad goes for on a smallish mommy blog but I can assure you I am willing to work with ANYONE’S budget.

4. Ditto everything in number 3 but instead of “blog” substitute “BlogHer conference in San Diego”. Can I wear your product? Can my baby wear your product? Would you like your name on the back of my business cards? Conferences are expensive y’all, and even if you’re thinking “I’m a tiny shop! I can’t afford to sponsor someone!” you should email me. I’m not looking for someone to cover the whole cost, just maybe a couple of frappuccinos.

5. Last year I participated in the March of Dimes and thanks to the generosity of my friends, family and blog readers I raised over $500 for our team. I didn’t get my act together early enough to do my own fundraising this year – although I’ll probably still walk with our Stroller Strides team as moral support – but many of my internet friends have formed their own teams and are trying to raise money for MoD. If it’s a cause you like to support, please consider donating to one of them – especially Jenny, who gave birth to TRIPLETS at 28 weeks and credits the work MoD does for preemies with having all three adorable babies home and healthy now.

6. If you don’t mind, can you leave a comment telling me what kind of post you like best? Do you like the ones with lots of pictures? The iPhone linky? Wordless Wednesday? The “what’s for dinner” posts? Everyday motherhood crap? Baby & toddler updates? Crafty stuff? I’m sort of an all-over-the-place blogger because, well, I’m not interesting enough to write about just one thing all the time but if there’s something you wish I’d write about more I can try to make that happen. Sigh. There I go, acting like someone besides my mother CARES what I write about. And even she hardly ever comments so I’m not even sure she read anymore.

Ok, I promise that is all the bloggy business I’m going to shove in your faces this month. Or next month. I may be annoying again in April but it’s my birthday month so you can’t be mad. It’s in the blog reader’s handbook. What, you didn’t get one of those? I’ll mail it right out.

Special Snowflakes of The Internet

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

The other day I saw a comment on Twitter that said something like “Before you post a craft tutorial or idea on your blog, always Google to make sure someone else hasn’t already posted one.”

And then my head exploded.

To be clear, the tweet wasn’t directed at me. Crafting is only a teeny tiny part of my blog and definitely not my area of expertise. I have never gotten a nasty email or comment about the originality of my projects. And I try very, very hard to keep it that way. There is no reason at all I should have taken the kind of offense to the remark that caused my brains to splatter all over the wall behind me.

I understand that people copying each others work is a big problem in blog land. There was the cooking magazine that reprinted a blogger’s post without her permission and then told her “Well the internet is free, so technically we can print anything we want! Plus, we edited your crappy writing so much, YOU should really pay US!” (No, really, this just happened.) And just this week Jill found her recent craft tutorial on a site that claims it “collects” posts from across the internet and republishes them – without giving her byline. But they’re doing it to help you! You’ll get tons of traffic! From this site no one has ever heard of and has no valid contact info!

I also know stealing someone’s design/craft can be a huge problem for handmade businesses, since there’s really no way to copyright something like a ruffle or a rosette. That’s not cool. Don’t rip off creative people you admire – SUPPORT them.

BUT. Posting a recipe for, say, zucchini bread even though there are already a zillion recipes online for zucchini bread is not plagiarism. Neither is posting a how-to on a ribbon mobile or felt flowers or using an empty frame as a whiteboard, although if you Google any of those you get dozens and dozens (hundreds)(sometimes thousands) of responses. Demanding no one ever use an idea someone else has had is like saying “OK, Mommy bloggers, since I’ve already read posts about cloth diapers, potty training, making your own baby food, pooping while giving birth and cute kids, ALL THOSE THINGS are off limits.” If we limited the internet to only 100% original thoughts it probably wouldn’t exist. Neither would most books, movies, art, music, etc. Have you ever read the New Testament? Some of those dudes totally tell the same stories, even though they were told before!!

How about instead of assuming you are such a special snowflake all YOUR ideas are one-of-a-kind and it’s everyone else who’s stealing we agree to some rules for polite blogging?

1. If you are “inspired” by someone else’s idea, link to them in your post.
2. If you flat out USE someone else’s tutorial, link to them in your post, and maybe stick to just posting pictures instead of your own “how-to”.
3. Changing the NAME of a recipe is not the same as inventing a new recipe. You have to actually modify the ingredients/instructions to make it new.
4. Use common sense – don’t be a douchecanoe. When in doubt, link link link.

But for the record, the internet is a really huge place. I promise there is more than enough room for everyone’s yarn wreath tutorials (coming soon to bebehblog!)

Like I said, I didn’t really need to get so pissed off about this – I’m just having a pissed off sort of day and angry blogging is the pregnant woman’s equivalent of drinking a bottle of wine.