Our family of 6

So besides E and Baby Evan and I, three other family members live in our house.

First is the oft-photographed Brutus, the world’s most patient dog. E and I adopted him in Ohio in December 2006. He’s part lab, part German Shepperd, part mutt. His favorite activities include sitting on furniture, shedding, eating baby spit up, belly rubs, and tricking unsuspecting house guests into taking him for walks.

Patient dog is patient with Babyzilla

I’ve also posted pictures of Blushes, my cat since college. I adopted her in October of 2002. Blushes was supposed to be named Lady Katrina Von Mousington, but the ladies at the animal shelter in South Carolina asked me to keep they name they had given her. Her favorite activities include torturing the dog, sneaking into laps, shedding, throwing up in unfortunate places, “escaping” from the house only to discover outside is too cold and scary, eating people food and letting the baby lie on her.

Babyzilla stalks another unsuspecting victim

And finally, meet Rabbit (named as such because she’s jumpy). E and I thought Blushes would be happier with a friend (she originally had a brother but he belonged to my ex). We adopted Rabbit in 2004 while living in a tiny apartment in Virginia Beach. We thought she loved petting and cuddles but it turns out she was just so PARALYZED WITH FEAR she couldn’t run away. In reality, she’s evil. Possibly possessed. And she hates E with the burning fire of a thousand super novas. Since we brought the baby home she barely ventures downstairs any more and spends 99% of her time sleeping on the guest bed. Her favorite activities include peeing on E’s pillow, catching and torturing mice by chewing off their feet, eating rubber bands, drinking from the toilet, sleeping, shedding and plotting our deaths.

Welcome to your DOOM.

So if you ever come to the house, please excuse the pet hair.

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5 Responses to “Our family of 6”

  1. How cute! We are a two cats an a dog household as well although none of ours are explicitly evil. Fat and stupid, yes. Skinny and stupid, yes. Skinny and indifferent, hell yes. But no evil. We are fortunate ‘tho is doesn’t stop the barfing.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    How adorable!!!

  3. sarrible says:

    I miss Brutus. Please send him to visit me.

  4. breamworthy says:

    I have a Rabbit too, only mine is called Lola. She is also incredibly skittish and eats rubber bands – which, unfortunately, is immediately followed by having emergency stomach surgery to remove them from her intestines. After two such episodes, anyone bring anything bunch-like into my house (broccoli, flowers, etc.) is immediately greeted with “DID THOSE HAVE A RUBBER BAND AROUND THEM? WHERE DID YOU PUT IT?”

    Since we got the dog, she rarely leaves the laundry room. It makes me sad, but I think she is destined to always be kind of miserable, whether she’s doing it in the laundry room or in the rest of the house.

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