My Week(105) in iPhone Photos

Despite a stormy start to the week (and a complete lack of preschool – oh my how I missed preschool) we managed to have a pretty good week.


If our church wasn’t so pretty, I don’t think we would go nearly as often.

I lose a staring contest with this fish.

Who is ever unhappy at Five Guys?


The wind was blowing the rain sideways into our screened porch


Hey, so when can we stop watching the boring news and go play outside instead?


Weather checker

How do I look?

Time to take the baby cage down


Oh no! A dragon has invaded gymnastics class!

Look, we caught a fairy!



Block building is all fun and games until someone smashes someone else’s tower

These (in the 3rd floor master bedroom) are the only windows in the house low enough for them to look out of and they’re obsessed.

I swear I feed this child more food than anyone else in the whole house. She just burns ALL THE CALORIES.


Boss of the mall hooligans

One of Caroline’s many wonderful friend-helper-playmates #cardigansforever

I like this movie sort of a ridiculous amount


I’ve been buying 3 dozen at a time but keep running out. This is what happens when you give up carbs.

Suspicious of being dragged out in the cold to look at decorative gourds.

A mind-blowing number of decorative gourds. I got some fantastic pictures for Monday.

I spent three full hours running errands blissfully alone on a Saturday – although I had forgotten how crowded everyone is on the weekend. I also forgot how expensive it is to do two weeks worth of grocery shopping at once, and might have had a tiny heart attack at the checkout. This is our last week before E’s schedule goes back to being totallycompletelymiserable for a while, so we’re splurging on doing nothing but enjoying our extra hour of sleep on Sunday. I have it in my head I’m going to brutally clean out of my closet – everything I don’t love goes! – but I suspect I’ll only get as far as putting away half the laundry before I lose interest.

Did you take iPhone photos of your week? Link up with one or several below! I’ve been doing this for more than 2 years now, and I’m a little sad it seems to be dying out now that Amy handed the linky off to me. So PLEASE please consider joining, even if you haven’t done it before. I’ll be around to read everyone’s posts and comment.

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4 Responses to “My Week(105) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Amy says:

    I love the blue doors on your church!

  2. Alena says:

    I love your kids. That is all.

  3. um, your church is gorgeous. as are your itty bitties. and giving up carbs? please elaborate!

  4. I don’t want it to die either! I love these posts. Mine is up but a day late. I’ll have to try to do it every week instead of every other.

    Love the pumpkin festival pic! I’ve always wanted to go!

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