Today’s gratuitous photo post is brought to you by the letter G


(Good news: I have antibiotics. Bad news: “My” urologist never got a referral through my insurance company so they can’t see me until I get one. Good news: I have an appointment to get one. Bad news: On Tuesday. Which is a lot of days from now when one keeps spiking a 103 degree fever. More bad news: I get to take both kids with me to my appointment. Good and bad news: My inlaws, brother-in-law and grandmother-in-law are coming to visit this weekend, which means I need to pull myself together. The good part is at least I have someone to watch the kids if I need E to take me to the emergency room.)

This is his camera face, except usually it involves more squinting.

No, I can NOT put my chalk down while I eat this apple. I'm multi-tasking.

He loves snow through the window but HATES snow touching him. He's definitely my child.


Baby fist pump!

Tiny panda feet! Adorable onesie courtesy of Emmie Bee.

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13 Responses to “Today’s gratuitous photo post is brought to you by the letter G”

  1. Anne says:


    Man your boy has some TEETH, too! Look at that grin!

  2. Anne says:

    Oh, and I hope the kidney thing turns out OK. It’s rough enough being pregnant and sick with one toddler, I can’t imagine being seriously ill with 2 young kids. Gack.

  3. Feel better! Cutest bebehs evah. Plus panda feet! And the close-up of Caroline’s face. And the top one of Little E! What am I saying, they are all cute.

  4. Swistle says:

    Dude, I have felt so awful for you about this, I almost couldn’t comment. The wince/sympathy factor was so high, it was paralyzing my fingers.

  5. I LOVE that onesie! Bubbette had it when she was a wee-bub and I put it on her everytime it was clean. How cute is that boy with his camera face? Omygosh, I love your bebehs.

  6. Oh yea, crap, I forgot to comment on the sick part because your chit-lins were just so damn cute.

    GIRL, I hope you feel better. Don’t be afraid of the emergency room. Don’t fight it. LOL.

  7. damn your kids are adorable.

    also, my little brother is currently passing his second round of kidney stones as i type. he has to get married next weekend. i wish i could fix both of you!!!

  8. these are all insanely damn precious. particularly that first smily shot of e & the sweet closeup of beautiful caroline – she’s already getting big! once again, good job on the “making cute babies” thing. ::high five::

    sorry about your freaking kidneys, mama! it totally sucks that even with insurance, anything involving a specialist is always delayed. hang in there! sending hugs from afar.


  9. Suzanne says:

    I am so sorry about the kidney stones. I think you should defintiely take advantage of having family in my letting thme watch the kids while you try to get some rest. Poor thing! But, as always, your kids are adorable!

  10. molly says:

    Boo, honey. I’m sorry the damn kidney stones won’t leave you alone! That really sucks. I hope you get better soon and I wish you luck at the appointment with two kiddos (I do not envy you in that task!).

    But look at those babies of yours. My goodness, the cuteness is almost too much! Panda feet? Why don’t you just put an arrow through my heart :)

  11. Jennie says:

    So um- I am sure there are a million gazillion peeps who would keep your kids while you go to the NACC– But I live a stones throw from the base so if you need a place to drop them off- please don’t hesitate! I hate taking the kids with me to the Dr, or a hair appointment, or the grocery store (really- I don’t think my kids should ever leave the house together- EVER! Somehow the only behave in public when it’s one on one.)
    I am sorry you feel cruddy and under the weather- AND have to entertain. That sucks! But at least you have some adorable chunker-cheek babies to stair at! Love their adorableness!

  12. Shari says:

    Your little ones are just adorable. And how cute are the tiny panda feet?! :)

    I hope you feel better soon!

  13. TMae says:

    I love E’s “camera face” I can’t get O to intentionally look at the camera. Though, as soon as he sees it HE MUST HAVE IT.

    How necessary are kidneys, really? Maybe I can give you one of mine, and you can just start over? I’m so sorry you’re sick again. Hopefully you can get something resembling rest with childminders visiting. And NOT have to go to the ER. Because you’ll have to get to know a whole new set of nurses, because you won’t be on L&D this time…how annoying would that be? Feel better, friend.

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