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Dove Intensive Repair Review And $1,000 Spafinder Gift Card Giveaway

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Back in high school I used to get super bored in classes like Physics and Algebra II. Is the anything more boring than Algebra II? I imagine there’s a room at most prisons where they lock prisoners in front of and endless loop of a video explaining the quadratic equation and exponentials and logarithms. Except that’s probably considered cruel and unusual punishment so we only make 9th graders do it. So back when I was facing that kind of torture, I used to stare at the ends of my hair, find my split ends, and slooooooowly peel them apart as far as they would go. It was horrifying and satisfying at the same time.

These days I can only dream of having that kind of time on my hands. There isn’t much time for sitting and staring into the distance as a mom. And even if I did, I’d be hard-pressed to find any split ends to peel thanks to the bottle of Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair conditioner I was sent to review. I was really skeptical when I saw “Up to 95% fewer split ends!” on the bottle, since I am not gentle with my hair. It goes up in those tangly hair bands by 10 am almost every day, gets sprayed with homemade sun-in on the regular, and I haven’t had a trim since…I don’t even remember. I’m currently trying to “grow it out”, which means I’ll let it get as long and unruly as I can stand and them chop off 6 inches, after which I’ll totally regret it and begin the process all over. But since I started using the Intensive Repair, the ends are much softer, much less damaged and almost split-end free.

dove intensive repair review

p.s. Want to see your husband look at you like a crazy person? Ask him to help you take macro shots of your hair since your arm’s not long enough to do it yourself.

The Intensive Repair conditioner goes on really thick and feels super indulgent. It also does what conditioners are supposed to do – gets out and prevents tangles. (Remember when the thing you put on after shampoo was called cream rinse? This conditioner feels like that, but without the oily residue to weigh hair down.) The Fiber Active technology actually penetrates each hair strand, helping rebind damaged proteins to prevent future split ends and damage. That’s just fancy hair-care product talk for “Dude, it works.” I’m 100% planning to make this a permanent product switch and buy this on my own from now on, I like it that much.

You can enter the BlogHer giveaway below by following their directions (and get the coupon for your own bottle of Intensive Therapy), but feel free to comment on this post telling me I’m not the only weirdo who enjoyed peeling their split ends. Because that feels maybe I’m only one step away from being the strange girl who ends up in the hospital with a ball of hair in her stomach from chewing on it.

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Caroline: 20 Months

Monday, August 20th, 2012

I realized this week that twenty months isn’t really that far from twenty four months, which means Caroline’s birthday is coming up. I’m not even going to pretend I’m sad about it – I’m too excited about getting to throw a party (I’m thinking winter/arctic fairy wonderland in white and red plus some puffins and whales and narwhals because, duh). Plus she’s already seemed like a big girl for so long now it hardly makes a difference if she IS actually a big girl. The only down side is I don’t get to blow strangers away with her awesomeness, although that hasn’t been happening too much lately since I think she hit a growth spurt and has super super long legs so she doesn’t look tiny. I HOPE she hit a growth spurt, since her normal breakfast is three scrambled eggs, an apple, toast, a cheese stick and a bowl of cereal. JUST FOR BREAKFAST.

She’s still pretending she wants to potty train, but only enough to be kind of a pain in the ass – last night at dinner she INSISTED she had to poop on the potty, which she totally did, but then she pooped again. In the bathtub. On purpose. Because she thinks that’s hilarious. I think I’m going to give her through mid-September and then I’m switching to underwear and we’re going to do this more seriously. Things are just too hectic right now to do it entirely on my own. Oh yeah, and, I’m lazy.

We’ve been going to the playground a lot lately, although all Caroline does is swing. The whole time. Just swing. While shouting “HIGHER!” at me and screaming if I try to walk away for even a second to help her brother not break his arm on the monkey bars. How dare I!? Worst Mother Ever. But she loves swinging so very much I can’t stop taking her. I pushed her for an hour and a half yesterday and she still screamed when I made her leave (to go eat blueberry pancakes. Someone call CPS!!) Who loves something so boring THAT MUCH?

Her other favorite things include her pink sparkle shoes, creepy dolly, OTHER creepy dolly, Minne Mouse, both of her blankies, apples, plums, eggs, reading books, my singing voice (bless her), dancing, kitties, whales, grapes, Octonauts, napping in my bed, arguing, saying NO, running, splashing, babies, the zoo, aoudads (at the zoo), cheese and having people tell her she’s pretty.

Dislikes include having a dirty diaper, half of her clothes, not having enough eggs, not reading books and not swinging.

These pictures are kind of not great and all over the place but between the swinging and the blueberry pancakes we were Very Busy And Important today, so I had to do them right before bedtime.

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

She insisted on wearing her crown…as a garter. And then biting it.

caroline 20 months

Hi neighbors!!

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

Double trouble

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

Daredevil baby is always covered in bruises

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

caroline 20 months

Happy 20th Monthday Caroline!

20 Month Milestones (from BabyCenter, as usual)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Feeds doll – CAROLINE DOESN’T SHARE FOOD. But she could feed her doll if she wanted to.
Takes off own clothes – She can get from dressed to entirely naked in less than 30 seconds, including her diaper. I’m not sure if I should be proud or invest in snaps that lock shut.
Dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away – In imitation? No. But if you say “Hey Caroline, go throw your jammies in the laundry and this diaper in the trash and this bowl in the sink” she will do all those things correctly. When she feels like listening, she is EXCELLENT at following directions.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
Learns words at a rate of ten or more a day – Easily. Her words this week include “iPad, sound machine, penguin, puffin (she can tell the difference between those last two in her books), lion, bell, carpet, Bailey (one of Evan’s friends), soda, bacon, eggs” and “band-aid”.
Can walk up stairs (but probably not down) – Up and down. Although down still makes me nervous, so I insist on hand holding if it’s more than a couple steps.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
May start exploring genitals – There was a playdate a few days ago with a friend who was very interesting in his own, ah, areas. Now Caroline thinks putting her hand in her pants is HILARIOUS. Toddlers, they’re just like frat boys!
Draws a straight line – She loves to color but I wouldn’t call any of her lines straight. Mostly they’re just scribbles. In pen. She hates crayons.
Names several body parts – She loves body parts, but refers to everything from her neck to her thighs as “butt”. We’re working on it.

I’ve Also Been Avoiding Finishing This Post

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

I like to think of myself as quirky. Every once in a while I start to worry that my strangeness isn’t so much cute and endearing as a sign of an actual mental illness. But then I come here to the internet and find out that TONS of people are weird! And only SOME of them are crazy! Definitely not more than 60%. The rest of us are fine, really. No need to worry or keep us away from sharp objects and firearms.

So here’s the quirk I’ve found myself facing a lot in the past few weeks – I often suffer through something I dread and hate instead of fixing it, even if fixing it would take almost NO EFFORT.

Exhibit A: When we were still deep in Baby Evan’s constant puking stage (aka the first 6 months of his life) I kept a pile of old-fashioned cloth diapers around as burp cloths. In my stash was one weird cloth that must have come from a box of hand-me-downs. It was too big and not very absorbent and I hated using it AND YET every time I did the laundry I put it back in the pile. This cloth was free. I had 45 other, better cloths. I had no attachment to this cloth. WHY DIDN’T I JUST THROW IT OUT rather than spend so much time dreading the moment it was on the top of my pile?

Exhibit B: I HATE cleaning up the family room and kitchen because cleaning up means I’ll probably have to throw something away and the trash can might be full. MIGHT be full. Or close to full. Or halfway full, which means I’ll have to deal with it soon. This problem could easily be solved by simply taking out the trash…but I don’t want to. I just avoid avoid avoid dread hate worry avoid until E gets fed up with the overflowing trash and takes care of it. If E went out of town for a month I suspect we all might suffocate under piles of garbage. The saddest part is I don’t even have to go outside to throw out the trash – I can reach the cans from our side door – and yet I STILL hate it.

Exhibit C: My underwear drawer is FULL of underwear. I hate almost all of it. AND YET I will put on a pair I KNOW are uncomfortable and wear them all day as if there was a rule saying I must wear every pair at least once before I can repeat. I could easily solve this problem by just throwing away the old/too big/too small/too itchy/too pinchy underwear but I just…don’t. Instead I just dread those pink ones with the flowers that are supposed to be “boy-cut” but really just mean front-wedgie.

Exhibit D: I keep a lot of stuff that isn’t silverware in our silverware drawer. Serving spoons, the baby’s old meshie feeders, bamboo skewers, a jar opener. It makes the drawer hard to open and close because stuff is always getting stuck and every time I’m fighting with it I think “GOD WHAT A STUPID WAY TO STORE THIS STUFF. WHAT KIND OF IDIOT PUT ALL THIS JUNK IN HERE?” And the answer of course is ME. I did it. I continue to put stuff in that drawer and then HATE MYSELF for doing it. Why don’t I just put it one drawer down where there is room and I already keep other, very similar stuff? WHO KNOWS.

Actually, I moved a bunch of stuff to another drawer last week and now every time I open the silverware drawer I think “Wow, I’m a genius! This is so much better!” and conveniently forget it took me FIVE YEARS of living in this house to do it.

OK, now you show me yours.

Abnormal, maybe

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Today I present a list of stuff that makes me anxious:

1. Wondering if I do every day things the “normal” way. Brushing my teeth, putting on mascara, folding laundry, sweeping, taking off my socks…do other people have better ways of doing these things?

2. Thinking about whether or not houses in commercials are ACTUAL HOUSES or just SETS MADE TO LOOK AT HOUSES. I think it’s probably about a 50/50 split but which ones are which??

3. The part of tv or radio interviews right at the end when the interviewer is wrapping it up and transitioning to the next part of the show. I always worry on behalf of both parties that something awkward will happen and they’ll end up talking over each other or the interviewee won’t get a chance to say “thanks for having me” in a gracious way. I actually SIGH WITH RELIEF when interviews end smoothly.

4. Parking. I have been a licensed driver for almost 13 years and yet I still get nervous EVERY TIME I have to park anywhere near another car. Also, I would rather park two miles away than turn right into a parking spot.

5. Wearing shorts. No explanation needed.

6. Watching movies/tv shows where all the characters (usually involving lots of men) look the same or reading books where all the names start with the same letter (Example movie: Lord of the Rings). Instead of just NOT WATCHING/READING them I get all sweaty palmed and confused and asking people around me “wait, who is that person related to? didn’t he just kill that other guy? or was that whats-his-name?”

7. Coming up with three more things for this list so I can have an even 10 because who does a “Top 7” list? That’s not even a thing! How can I publish a list with ONLY SEVEN THINGS?  But thinking about the first six items is giving me heart palpitations so I’m quitting now.

TUESDAY MORNING EDIT: I thought of more stuff! Because why read a nice book at 11 pm when you can instead anxiously make lists of more things that make you anxious and then worry so much you will forget them in the morning you can’t sleep?

8. Anything involving a telephone (answering calls, ordering food, calling the doctor’s office, making appointments, even calling my friends), but ESPECIALLY checking my voicemail. I get sort of nervous as soon as the phone starts to ring but the thought of letting the person calling leave a message that I then have to CHECK and maybe even RETURN THE CALL is just ridiculous. I would prefer all interaction take place over the internet.

9. Remembering specific incidents I handled badly at the time but later thought of just the thing I SHOULD have done/said. These are not usually recent incidents, but instead stuff that happened years ago, maybe in college or in high school. Something reminds me of that moment in my past and I spend ALL DAY replaying it in my head and worrying about whether or not the entire course of my life would be different if I had just said the RIGHT THING.