Dove Intensive Repair Review And $1,000 Spafinder Gift Card Giveaway

Back in high school I used to get super bored in classes like Physics and Algebra II. Is the anything more boring than Algebra II? I imagine there’s a room at most prisons where they lock prisoners in front of and endless loop of a video explaining the quadratic equation and exponentials and logarithms. Except that’s probably considered cruel and unusual punishment so we only make 9th graders do it. So back when I was facing that kind of torture, I used to stare at the ends of my hair, find my split ends, and slooooooowly peel them apart as far as they would go. It was horrifying and satisfying at the same time.

These days I can only dream of having that kind of time on my hands. There isn’t much time for sitting and staring into the distance as a mom. And even if I did, I’d be hard-pressed to find any split ends to peel thanks to the bottle of Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair conditioner I was sent to review. I was really skeptical when I saw “Up to 95% fewer split ends!” on the bottle, since I am not gentle with my hair. It goes up in those tangly hair bands by 10 am almost every day, gets sprayed with homemade sun-in on the regular, and I haven’t had a trim since…I don’t even remember. I’m currently trying to “grow it out”, which means I’ll let it get as long and unruly as I can stand and them chop off 6 inches, after which I’ll totally regret it and begin the process all over. But since I started using the Intensive Repair, the ends are much softer, much less damaged and almost split-end free.

dove intensive repair review

p.s. Want to see your husband look at you like a crazy person? Ask him to help you take macro shots of your hair since your arm’s not long enough to do it yourself.

The Intensive Repair conditioner goes on really thick and feels super indulgent. It also does what conditioners are supposed to do – gets out and prevents tangles. (Remember when the thing you put on after shampoo was called cream rinse? This conditioner feels like that, but without the oily residue to weigh hair down.) The Fiber Active technology actually penetrates each hair strand, helping rebind damaged proteins to prevent future split ends and damage. That’s just fancy hair-care product talk for “Dude, it works.” I’m 100% planning to make this a permanent product switch and buy this on my own from now on, I like it that much.

You can enter the BlogHer giveaway below by following their directions (and get the coupon for your own bottle of Intensive Therapy), but feel free to comment on this post telling me I’m not the only weirdo who enjoyed peeling their split ends. Because that feels maybe I’m only one step away from being the strange girl who ends up in the hospital with a ball of hair in her stomach from chewing on it.

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4 Responses to “Dove Intensive Repair Review And $1,000 Spafinder Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. So now I am twisting around to try and view the ends of my hair to see if they are split. Can I borrow your husband? Mine would stare at me blankly if I tried getting him to take a picture of the ends of my hair. I may have to try this only because with longish hair the ends do get dry and I need lightweight repairing conditioner for my thin flyaway hairs. I regularly cut it short and then let it grow long (9-12 months) and then chop it off again. Many pony tails occur in between.

  2. lou says:

    When I had long hair I always obsessively cut my split ends off with house scissors until everything was uneven.

  3. Courtney says:

    Before I finished reading, I thought “YAY! I’m not the only weirdo that peels her split ends.” And my obsession with it started in high school, too.

  4. Miranda says:

    Nothing in the world is more boring and painful than Algebra II. Not even root canals.

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