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Caroline: 2 Months

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

We are still in the sleepy infant stage of Caroline’s babyhood and I have to say it’s such a nice, peaceful time. She likes to sleep, will sleep anywhere, sleeps through noise, sleeps in your lap, sleep sleep sleep. Every once in a while she has an ESPECIALLY sleepy day and I sort of…forget I have a baby. I’m secretly scared I will actually forget her one of these days and drag a the screaming toddler, giant diaper bag, four hundred bright plastic musical toys and enough snacks for a pack of rabid wolves off to Stroller Strides…only to realize Caroline is still at home strapped in her car seat sleeping soundly. The chances of this happening are greatly reduced by my slightly obsessive worry that it could happen – it’s hard to forget a baby when you check to make sure you didn’t 40 times for a 10 minute car ride.

When she’s not sleeping like an angel, Caroline is happy to just look at people. Smiling is her favorite. Even when she’s upset if you just smile at her face enough she’ll mirror it back. I don’t remember Little Evan ever caring this much about my attention – maybe it’s a second child thing – but it makes me want to spend hours and hours just staring at her and smiling. It also makes the daily 5 am feeding a lot less sucky.

For a 2 month old, she’s put herself on a pretty strict schedule. I swear I am an on-demand type of parent (mostly because I am too lazy to enforce anything else) but she is a baby of habit. She’s awake for an hour or so in the morning, sleeps through Stroller Strides, wakes up around 11:00 for a snack and some smiling, goes back to sleep around 12:00 (just in time for Little Evan to take his nap – HORRAY FOR DUAL NAPPING) wakes up a few times in the afternoon for eating and pooping and then spends the evening throwing a baby party. Sometimes it’s a loud party, but even at her worst she’s no where NEAR colic/reflux/omg whyyyyyyyyyy levels of screaming. She’s down for the night around 11 and usually sleeps SIX FULL HOURS until that 5 am feeding/diaper change. It’s so…predictable. I like it.

Stats from last week’s appointment:

Height: 22 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 11 pounds 15 oz (75th percentile)
Head circumference: 40.3 cm

So that’s what Caroline is up to at 2 months old – Sleeping, smiling, pooping, sleeping. And get ready for a zillion pictures (scroll down for milestones if for some reason you hate adorableness):

Thigh rolls! Finally!

Jeez Mom, enough already!!

2 Month Milestones (from BabyCenter, as usually)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Vocalizes: gurgles and coos – I swear she says “goo goo gaga” just like a freakin’ cartoon baby.
Follows objects across field of vision – Yes, with BIG GIANT EYES.
Notices her hands – She’s always been amazed at her hands but she’s still not doing anything with them.
Holds head up for short periods – Up from what? My shoulder? This permanent bruise on my cheek where she keeps whacking me while trying to look around says yes.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
Smiles, laughs – Smiling’s her favorite! No laughs yet but we’re close.
Holds head at 45-degree angle – Maybe they mean from the ground? Then no, I don’t think so.
Makes smoother movements – Ehhhhh, she’s still got a lot of that OMG WHUT? jerkiness to her flailing.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
Can bear weight on legs – Sometimes. I’d actually forgotten babies didn’t always do this.
Lifts head and shoulders when lying on tummy (mini-pushup) – Uh, I dunno? I guess we need to do some tummy time. Evan HATED it so much we almost never even tried but maybe Caroline will tolerate it better. Yes! I put her on her belly. She does better push-ups than I do!

Good thing I can’t violate my own patient privacy

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Two big medical things happened so far this week: I finally saw a specialist about my kidney stones (read more about THOSE here or here) and Caroline had her 8 week check-up.

On Monday I finally got my act together and called to make an appointment with the urologist who treated me in the hospital over Thanksgiving. It took until now because a) I needed a referral and getting an appointment at the Navy clinic takes approximately a zillion years and b) the only time I ever feel really sick is after 5 pm and it’s hard to make appointments with a closed office. After all that time I spent procrastinating the nurse was like “OK, can you be here at 3:45?” Unfortunately, the only reason they could see me so soon is because it was just a consult, not an actual make-the-stones-go-away appointment. The doctor ordered a CAT scan to get a better look at the stones (I couldn’t have one when I was pregnant), blood work to determine what was causing the stones and a giant bottle of pee. Yeah. I’m supposed to collect ALL MY PEE for 24 hours and bring it to a lab for testing. I’m pretty sure I have to keep it in the refrigerator while I’m collecting it too. I think I’ll put off buying groceries until I’m done with THAT. The CAT scan is next week and my follow up with the urologist is in a month, but now that I have been officially, uh, referred, I can go in for instant testing to diagnose an infection and get the drugs anytime my fever comes back. Thank God.

In happier news, Caroline is doing beautifully.

Height: 22 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 11 pounds 15 oz (75th percentile)(damn 1 oz short of 12 pounds!! I should have fed her and weighed her again)
Head circumference: 40.3 cm

I had to bring Little Evan to the appointment and although I was prepared for the worst – complete with candy hidden in the diaper bag OH NO I AM NOT ABOVE BRIBERY – he was an angel. I’m lucky that Caroline is so easy-going because she was happy to lie on the table and just kick her legs while Evan climbed in my lap and we read Big and Little (Today’s Random Fact: There are 5 different books on Amazon with that title and none of them are the one that I own. It must be out of print) because we are working on our opposites. TAKE THAT BABYCENTER.

Even when I had to put him down to hold Caroline for her shots he just stood quietly and waited. Or maybe he was too terrified by her ear-splitting screams to run away. She was red-faced pissed from the second I pulled her leg out of her pajamas until I got her back in the car seat. I swear she knew what was coming. I hoped some milk might make her feel better trying to nurse her while she’s that mad is about as effective as trying to nurse a rabid weasel so I gave up. In other news, my boobs are 2 seconds from actually exploding, thanks to the combination of crying baby and failed latch attempt. I’ll be adding at least 10 oz to my freezer stash while Caroline sleeps off her anger.

We saw the doctor I liked (aka the one I don’t feel like I need to answer “correctly” instead of always honestly) and he made sure to give me lots of time and prompting to ask questions. Since this isn’t my first time at the baby rodeo (are you now picturing a baby rodeo? No? Just me then)(But would the babies be doing the lassoing or would people be lassoing the babies?) I didn’t have anything to ask – but knowing he would take the time to listen if I did is reassuring. The only tiny bit of contention was when he told me I should “keep trying” to give her a pacifier even though her reaction to them is similar to what yours might be if someone tried to shove a dirty sweat sock in your mouth. Thanks Doc, but we’ll pass on the paci’s, even if this week they’re a “do” – because next week they’ll probably be a “don’t”.