My Week(10) in iPhone Photos

With some help from my parents I actually managed to leave the house quite a bit this week! But as of today it’s just E and I with two kids so we’re probably not going anywhere again. Ever.


BEST TARGET FIND EVER. They were on sale for $1. I also bought myself a cherry one.

Nursing this baby puts her right to sleep almost every time. I don't even mind being trapped under her...

...because it means I have lots of time for knitting.


Mom and I took Little Evan to the aquarium (I wore Caroline in the Maya sling)

I like the fish a lot more than my kid, but since the place was almost deserted he just ran around burning off energy.

Although his FAVORITE exhibit at the aquarium is...the drinking fountain. EPIC tantrum when I pulled him away.


Waiting for the doctor at Caroline's 2 week check up. She's up to 8 lbs 15 oz & doing GREAT.

My new camera lens!! I love it - it's making me excited to learn more about my camera.


My mom organzied our panty. I took a picture because it's never going to look this good again.

Family time!



Toddlers Gone Wild

My parents took all four of us to dinner (Chili's!) without incident. Thank God for toddler-sized cups of lemonade.

Someone's pants are too big, which means he can take them off on his own.

I made impromptu brownies, which means I didn't have the right kind of chocolate. They were still delicious.


We woke up to a winter wonderland!! Later that day, E bought a gigantic snowblower.

Probably the last time he ever stares longingly out at the snow, since our sledding adventure ended with one very cold very wet very unhappy child.

My Keurig makes sweet tea. Did you just die of jealousy?

If you did a week in photos, you can link up below and grab the code for your own linky from Amy over at A Good Life. I know I’ve been doing tons of photo posts and almost no writing but it’s a lot easier to take pictures than think of…uh…those things…you know…um…WORDS. Yeah, words. Those are hard these days, but I’m going to better next week!

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11 Responses to “My Week(10) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Kimberly says:

    ooooooo seeing that Hostess Fruit Pie almost makes me want to pack up the kids and go to the store to get my own (but who am I kidding- that would require getting out of my PJs). Those were my favorite treat when I was a kid! Brings back a lot of memories :)

  2. Cole says:

    Can Mommy and me (and Henry, of course) just come and live in your attic? I could play with Evan, Henry could be BFFs with your dog (Brutus? Am I stalker now because I tried for like 10 minutes to remember your dogs nbame? Or maybe because, ummm, I asked to move into your house?), and Mommy could stare at baby Caroline while you teach her how to knit and possibly how not to suck at life every time she tries to throw a party. I have toddler skis that I could share and *maybe* we wouldn’t end up as TWO cold, wet, miserable toddlers – we probably would, though and we could all take day trips to visit the aquarium and Steppin Stones.

    And, oh my gosh, have I frightened you with that very detailed plan?

    I have daydreams of meeting all my favorite bloggy families, but you guys live close enough that it could actually happen! (That was in no way meant as a threat. If you prefer, Mommy and I will keep our safe internet distance.)


  3. Randalin says:

    OOOOOOHHHHH! I’m jealous of your new camera lens AND the Keurig!!

  4. amylee says:

    you crack me up… every single time! yay for your new lens!! can’t wait to see what you do with it. sorry your on your own again, but it will get easier eventually! like when C is 18. (that’s years old, not months. i’m counting down already for parker’s 18th).

  5. Is he making ta-da hands in the pants-off picture? Adorable.

  6. E says:

    It sounds like you love the fish more than your kid in that caption….
    Recommend the following change to the caption for the second picture in the Monday section:
    “I like the fish a lot more than my kid DOES…blah blah blah”

  7. Veronica says:

    You had an adorable week! I told my husband your Keurig makes sweet tea and he is effing dying of jealousy.

  8. Ellen says:

    Caroline is the height of adorable! Her sweet little cheeks and sleepy milk face, just too precious.

    And the pants-dropping photo is hilarious.

  9. jill says:

    if it werent nine o’clock at night and i didnt live thrity minutes from a target i would so be rushing there to buy one of those pies. but you betcha im headed there first thing tomorrow morning. oh my goodness im craving one!!! i love the little e aquarium pics and baby carolines wittle socks. looks like you had a fun week! :)

  10. becca says:

    um, can i just say that i love these weekly photos a ton? and also? i love that you’re making your tea in a mason jar! that’s awesome!

  11. Shannon says:

    Fun week! I have that lens, and it is fabulous. Have fun with it!

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