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My Week(129) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

What crazy week. Thank God the gingers had no idea how crappy it was in the real world and just enjoyed their spring break.



Look! A totally uninteresting part of a 60 year old submarine! You STILL can’t see the interesting parts (where E works on the modern ones).


Running away from their BBQ pork. Obviously they were switched at birth. Both of them.


Reading with Aunt Erin



7:30 am in New London, CT


The first time I tore myself away from the news that day the moon was already out


I let the kids stay up for extra cuddles and totally mindless children’s shows



I spy ye, matey!


Even pirates need a cup of milk sometimes


Passed out with her (old) Easter hat



Good morning, this is my tongue.


The gingers are doing their best impression of a cheesy movie slow motion run


Reading hat


Meal plan + shopping list = What’s For Dinner? will be back soon



Stroller Strides at the beach EFF YEAH


The view made working out less sucky


Children’s Museum Hat





Caught red handed!


There are approximately 300 of these on my phone from this day, since the kids got the iDevices while I watched the news…


…and read ALL the Twitters.



And sometimes my view during Stroller Strides is LESS inspiring


Introducing the gingers to Moe’s


Swinging is fun

¬†And now school vacation week is OVER and I get some Suzanne-time back. I love love love my children more than life itself, but there’s a point during the day where I want to lock them both in a closet. THE WHINING OH THE WHINING. It’s amazing what a difference 5 hours a week makes to my sanity and patience. Oh and P.S. World? Try not to go totally INSANE again next week, ok?

She’s Having a Baby

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Not right now, but probably before the weekend is over. My blood pressure was still high today, combined with some elevated numbers for my liver function (I should really pay more attention to WHAT exactly those numbers are and/or mean, right? But when the doctor is frowning at me my brain goes blank) means my OB was concerned enough to send me up for a couple of hours of monitoring in L&D. I have absolutely no other symptoms of pre-eclampsia – no swelling, no headaches, no blurred vision, no protein in my urine – and my blood pressure STILL isn’t quite high enough to be official pre-e (at least according to Wikipedia) so I managed to talk them into letting me out of labor & delivery tonight. If there was a record speed for getting your pants on, I totally broke it on my way out the door.

As long as I keep feeling fine, I’m free until 5 pm tomorrow, at which point they’re starting my induction.

That’s right, I said 5 PM TOMORROW. SATURDAY. Which might even be TODAY by the time you read this. SOON. My mind is having some trouble processing this time frame, in the same way my mind would have trouble processing the entire room turning upside down and all the furniture sticking to the ceiling.

The baby, for the record, looks FINE and still doesn’t care that her mama might be sick. Girls, I tell ya, trouble right from the start.

But now I have approximately 22 hours to finish up my Super Important List Of Things To Do Before The Baby Comes, including getting these boxes of Goodwill donations out of my kitchen, organizing baby clothes, finishing the nursery and picking my mom up from the train station. Because I CANNOT have this baby until she gets back, despite the amazing collection of frozen meals now filling our basement freezer thanks to my awesome friends from Stroller Strides and E being on stand down from work. I need my mom here to feel prepared and relaxed and calm and all of the good things one should feel when bringing a new life into the world. I’m already nervous enough just hearing the words “induction” and “pre-eclampsia”, I don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the huge pile of unwashed laundry and the dirty bathrooms and the fact that I STILL haven’t been to the grocery store since I was sick. E is helpful and all but really? His idea of a clean house means you can walk from the front to the back without tripping. Mom understands CLEAN.

So, internets, wish me luck for Saturday night/Sunday. And no more guesses in the birthday pool, since it looks like the weekend is for sure. But the 19th is my mother-in-law’s birthday and also the day E and I got engaged 7 years ago so not a bad day to have a baby overall. If you want to follow along on Twitter I’ll be over there as much as I can & you don’t need to have an account. Just look at my page here and try to focus on the tweets that don’t have an “@” somebody in front of them, since you’ll only see half the conversation. That is, if you’re interested in live birth updates. If not, come back Monday or Tuesday for fresh-baked bebeh pictures.

P.S. I would really appreciate happy, it-wasn’t-so-bad induction comments since the majority of the stories I’ve heard are not so good. Even with the drugs everyone’s labor seems REALLY long and hard – not to mention my mom’s induced labor with me which was long & hard and DIDN’T involve drugs.

P. P.S. I thought I had more time to ask for these, but if anyone would be willing to write & share their own birth stories while I take a few days off that would be awesome. You can be a blogger or not a blogger or have it written already and send me a link or write it now or write it in the next two days. Just send me an email at so I can post it here. It doesn’t have to be rainbows and butterflies or involve meadows and wheat fields (although if it does PLEASE sent it), I just want to hear your story and take a few days off to, you know, give birth myself. And everybody loves a birth story.

Giveaway Week Day 4: Peggy Ann Design

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Despite CLAIMING to be not-so-domesticated on the internets, Hannah of Peggy Ann Design sure knows her way around a sewing machine. Her aprons are so gorgeous they make me want to bake stuff just so I have an excuse to wear one and her picture frames are definitely too pretty for any of the photos I’ve taken recently. But her real genius lies in her pom-poms.

Mama size pom-pom and a NEW mini pom-pom for little fans (or for your ponytail)

Now, Hannah is a fan of something called War Eagle and is always yelling about them on Twitter. I Googled it, and discovered War Eagle isn’t actually a vicious bird but the mascot for Auburn’s football team. Which makes a lot more sense. But since she was tired of ugly ball caps and jerseys as her only options to show her Auburn love in public, she created these pom-pom pins in her team’s colors!

Since my college didn’t even have a football team (I think we were famous for…basketball? And at some point might have had the #2 tennis player in the country? or something?) I had to go with *real* sports when she asked what colors I wanted. And since I live in New England the answer is obviously red & blue – Go Sox AND Go Pats!!

OMG don't we look insanely alike in this picture?

This is Little Evan and I in our adorable pom-poms*, watching the Patriots almost lose even though they had a TWENTY POINT LEAD. Please note Evan’s vintage football sweater that simply supports an imaginary “team team”.

WTF PATS?!?!?!?!

Luckily, that last touchdown didn’t count and we won. I give all the credit to our new pom-poms.

*For the record, the pom-pom hair clippie is actually for Baby Girl, but it’s a little hard to get her to model things right now. Also, Hannah made using Evan as the model a requirement for the giveaway. True story. Oh, and the small pom-pom can also be put on a pin if you’d prefer that to a clip.

If you want to support your team with your very own pompoms, Hannah is going to give one of my readers their very own set of matching mama & baby poms in YOUR CHOICE of colors!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me what colors you want! You can see what Hannah has in stock here but your choice can be ANY team colors. Just don’t say blue and white pinstripe, because we don’t allow your kind around here. I’m not even joking.

You can also follow Hannah’s blog (which I recommend, she’s been doing some awesome giveaways) or follow her on Twitter (which I also recommend, because she’s hilarious) but those aren’t extra entries.

Giveaway will be open until November 4nd, winner will be chosen using and notified via email, so make sure you use a real email address when you comment.

Giveaway is now closed!

Disclaimer bit: Hannah sent me these pom-poms free of charge to photograph and review, but I think she really just wanted to see Little Evan in a hair clippie. No other compensation was received and the opinions expressed are entirely my own. I wasn’t even extra nice because she’s a fellow Navy wife.

Day 1 is open until November 1st! Allora Handmade
Day 2 is open until November 2nd! Uff Da Designs
Day 3 is open until November 3rd! Taradara

Five words I’d like to never hear again…and one I love

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Mommy Blogger – I wouldn’t have any problem with this term if it was purely descriptive. I am a mommy who is a blogger. A mommy blogger. But almost never in the history of mommy blogging has someone said it without the undertone of snide disdain as if writing on the internet about your kids is somehow less deserving of respect than writing on the internet about your dog or cooking or celebrities or fashion. Newspapers use the term to imply the entire genre is moms blogging about potty training and visits to the farm who will stoop to anything for freebies and sponsors and a new vacuum cleaner. (One article in particular springs to mind.) If that’s all “mommy blogger” means these days, we need a new term for the eight zillion mom blogs that DON’T fit the category.

Lactivist – A couple weeks ago a friend Tweeted a link with a comment to the effect that she thought her “lactivist friends” should check out. I am 99.9% sure all she meant by that statement was “this article is about a breastfeeding advocate and thus those of you who also breastfeed would probably find it interesting”. Of course, that’s way too long for Twitter, so lactivist was good shorthand. Unfortunately, I broke the First Rule of the Interwebs (NEVER READ THE COMMENTS) and read the comments, where the word lactivist was equated to “breastfeeding Nazi” “judgmental” and “moms who should mind their own business”. I fear “lactivist” is falling into the same pattern as “feminist” where even those who actually ARE lactivists are hesitant to use the word for themselves, simply because of the negative connotation. Until lactivist can be reclaimed, I’d rather use “breastfeeding supporter” or even just “mom who breastfed and can offer you advice if you want it.”

Awesomesauce – No offense Twitter, it’s just a stupid word. It may have been clever the first five (hundred) times but now it’s annoying. As is all other kinds of -sauce: coolsauce, lamesauce, niftysauce, awfulsauce. The only kind of sauce I want to hear about is a nice Bearnaise sauce for my eggs or a spicy red clam sauce for my pasta. Mmmmmm….sauce. See, this is what happens with food slang and pregnant women.

Tar-jay – Dude, it’s called TARGET. Their logo is a giant TARGET. They’re headquartered in Minneapolis, which may be as far away from France as you can get. If you need to change the name to make it sound fancy a more accurate accent would be the Swedish Chef, which is actually less fancy than just saying TARGET.

FML – It stands for “f*ck my life” and is usually used in such awful circumstances as “I’m out of organic Greek yogurt for breakfast! FML!” and “My kid ripped up my Vogue magazine! FML!” and “I lost a ton of weight on this all-chocolate and wine diet and none of my clothes fit! FML!” PERSPECTIVE, PEOPLE!! Even when you have a flat tire or the baby cries all night or your job sucks it’s not really worth such a dramatic statement. I may be turning into my mother, but every time I see FML I feel like saying “There are starving children in Africa who would kill for your life and your non-organic yogurt!”

And the one I love…

Douche-canoe – Copyright The Bloggess (as far as I know – maybe SHE’S the douche-canoe and totally stole it from someone else). Accurately describes everyone from the guy driving 55 in the left lane to the idiot on the internet who says stuff like “I would NEVER feed my kid Goldfish crackers, we only eat bread made from wheat we grow and grind ourselves” to your second cousin’s brother-in-law who makes unnecessary inflammatory political comments during family dinners. Douche-canoe.

Garden Party

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Did you bring your giant hat and your cucumber sandwiches? Are you wearing a conservative floral print tea length dress? Are you prepared to stand around in the grass pretending not to be just a liiiiittle too drunk for 3 pm on a Monday? Welcome to the party!

Ok, so it’s not THAT kind of garden party. In the spirit of the Twitter Home Tour a few weeks ago, Little Boy Green set up a garden/window box/house plant/flower/veggie/sand/rocks tour and of course I jumped on the bandwagon. Because hellooooo have we NOT learned that I am a)incredibly nosy and b)willing to post 80 bazillionty pictures of my house on the internet just to get out of writing about bodily functions for one day?

May is still really early for most plants here in New England. Well, really early or too late, since my bulbs and flowering trees have already faded and my actual flowers are only juuuuust starting to bloom. My goal has always been to have one of those continuous color gardens you see in the magazines but who am I kidding? I can barely identify half the crap I’ve planted in the past three years, and Google isn’t very much help with questions like “greenish yellow plant with sort of spikey leaves purple fuzzy flowers blooms in august smells funny”. And also, make sure you have safe search on if you ever need to confirm what a “grape hyacinth” looks like. JUST TRUST ME.

Our very tiny front lawn

My mother once told me my grandma doesn’t believe in planting flowers in front of your house. Something about it being gaudy and tacky and the only things you should see from the curb are evergreens or bushes. Apparently the previous owners also subscribed to this school of thought, since the front of our house is kind of boring, other than the ten minutes that the rhododendron is blooming. I usually make up for it with half a dozen flower pots on the front steps and some impatiens in the stone flower boxes in the front but it’s a) too early for most annuals and b)I can’t afford flowers right now because of something called MY MINIVAN. (Sidenote: I talk out of my ass a LOT when it comes to gardening. I know just enough to be dangerous and just little enough to blow a couple hundred bucks a year on plants I have nowhere appropriate to grow. Please don’t take anything I say seriously.)

Facing the house, this is the right side. The left side has an ugly chain link fence and the tiny side yard where we keep the trash cans and dog poop. You won’t be seeing that.

The vine on that arbor is a wisteria, which makes beautiful purple flowers. Or at least it WOULD if someone could remember to prune it before it uses all it’s energy double it’s size and attempts to strangle the rest of the plants. I do this almost every year.

Despite the fist-shaking I did at the previous owners regarding the inside of the house, I can’t complain at all about their landscaping. They spent THOUSANDS of dollars putting in a ton of perennials that require no effort on my part and creating a beautiful, mostly private yard in a crowded neighborhood. To tidy it up, I just use the most efficient pieces of gardening equipment ever which can be found on archute.

View through the arbor. Also, I TOTALLY photoshopped that grass to hide the big dead spot. And spelled echinacea wrong.

There’s also a hardy hibiscus plant over by the poppies. It makes huge tropical pink flowers even though it looks dead every spring. The rest of the stuff is weeds. This side is sadly neglected.

Clockwise from top left: rhododendron, bleeding heart, wisteria, honeysuckle

Worst place to plant a rose bush ever. Despite pruning the CRAP out of the hydrangea every year it keeps getting bigger.

One of the best things about my landscaping is the large number of cutting flowers – lilies, hydrangea, irises, roses, lilacs, daffodils, tulips. I can almost always have a bouquet or two in the house without spending a dime.

More honeysuckle, lily of the valley (one of my favorites, my name means lily-of-the-valley) and irises

This bed was originally totally empty (previous owners used it for veggies) but I like flowers too much to dedicate that much space. I planted the blueberry bushes in honor of Baby Evan just a few weeks after he was born.

I planted the radishes to mark the rows for the carrots, as suggested on the package. They’re the only thing I’m attempting from seed this year – seeds and I don’t really get along.

The previous owner told me this was his “friendship garden” because the plants were all gifts from friends or cuttings from their gardens. I’ve added a few but mostly left his work alone.

View from the back steps. Please excuse the EIGHTYBAZILLION helicopters (seeds from the tree) on everything.

Damn tree. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice enough tree, it just shades a lot of my garden and drops helicopters everywhere.

From top left: Poppy, rose (I BEGGED it to open), columbine, herbs, sweet william

LOVE my clothesline, especially now with all my diapers to sun-bleach.

The dead grass and empty space on this side of the yard is going to be a patio. Some day. It was supposed to be this year’s project but the cost of the materials might be more than we can afford this season. Luckily I have a wonderfully handy father who will come and do all 50% off the labor for free and who knows how to build patios.

This space – the back edge of our property – gets forgotten a lot. Luckily it’s pretty self suficent.

I REALLY REALLY wish I could afford a garndener, just once or twice a season, who would come in and clear out all prickly stuff.

Sad, forgotten herb garden behind the garage. My mom and I cleaned it up a couple years ago but it gets overgrown REALLY fast. I only go back there now to hunt down chives.

And just in case you needed proof my garden is just as messy as my house, here’s the back steps, “vintage” wagon, dirty grill and sad empty hanging baskets.

So there you go! My garden. And I always refer to it as “the garden”, just because I feel like “yard” is sort of a lie and, truthfully, “garden” just sounds nicer. Have you seen the cat? Oh she’s in the garden. Honey, I’ll be out in the garden reading. No Baby Evan, stop ripping up the garden! Besides what you saw, there’s also a grape arbor over the ugly trash can side yard (although it didn’t make any grapes last year) and two kinds of clematis on the ugly chain link fence. Plus probably a bunch of other flowers I forgot about/don’t recognize/can’t remember.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit the rest of the Garden Party participants!