Let's take a vote!

Last year E bought a $400 table saw so he could build things. What he built was one of the two bookshelves that were supposed to make up an entertainment center. As part of my current need to finish all outstanding projects before this baby comes, I would like him to please build the other bookshelf ASAP. This is not just about forcing him to use that damn table saw. Really. I want to be able to use the bottom shelves for toy baskets (because somehow the promise of a toy box seems empty) and move the books and electronics out of the reach of small children. So if I have to use the internet to shame him into going to Home Depot this weekend I will.

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  1. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    How about this for Plan B! Any capenter willing to stop by and finish the project this weekend gets a FREE, barely used tablesaw out of the deal.

  2. meghanstrader says:

    Will the fact that his almost 5 year old nephew built a peg game out of wood shame him into building the bookshelf?

  3. Erin (i dont have a fake name :( ) says:

    I’m sad because it wouldn’t let me vote twice :(

    His first bookshelf is very nice though, he obviously has some skills with a table saw. (I just wanted to add that as some encouragement after I voted for yesterday)

  4. h_a_l says:

    Oh this is too funny. My husband also recently got a table saw with big plans to build all sorts of DVD cabinets and shelves. So far he’s built a birdhouse and has begun framing several of his paintings. Mind you he only got the saw for Christmas so we’re only a few months in.

  5. E says:

    Hooray for passive aggressive blogging.
    And just because I don’t build things that directly help you, does not mean that the bookcase is the only thing I have used the table saw for. And i have a small penis.

  6. stacyinbean says:

    so who is the one person who voted for you to do it yourself? HMMM?!

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