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My Week(299) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

It’s only Sunday and I’m getting this done! Because it is too hot to do anything besides sit very still!



That looks safe


Middle of nowhere


Apparently, some of my relatives are buried at this obscure graveyard in Ohio (that’s my maiden name)



Waking up at the lake means 8 am swim call


Books books books


Future captain



The lake has a menu


My baby is on that tube


Chips are very exciting



Everyone loves the swim platform


I guess that’s fair


He likes the boat a lot more than this face implies



Tired, hot, filthy children are finally home


That “mild” sunburn hurts A LOT more than it looks


I taught them how to send FB messages



Back at our own lake


Recital in two weeks!


Catching Pokemon from our front porch



Caroline the Bond Villian


Camp food!


The birthday boy was not in the mood for pictures

All the kids had a great time at Linc’s party and no one died of heat stroke. This week is going to be busy with making up appointments and commitments we rescheduled when we went out of town, plus it’s my last busy week of photo sessions before I start telling people I’m too pregnant. I mean, I’m ALREADY too pregnant, but I still like working. I’m going to “take it easy” from now until the end of August (which will more likely be the middle of September, since I always have boy babies late). It will be easier to take it easy once it is not 95 degrees every day. When can someone work on that?

My Week(297) in iPhone Photos

Monday, July 11th, 2016

This summer is going by really fast. I’m mostly ok with that (because at the end I get a baby!) but I’m starting to feel the pressure of doing-all-the-fun-things-quick-before-we-run-out-of-time.



Man, I hate when the beach is crowded




Spying on my children who are playing nicely



Patriotic New England Children


Counting frogs


Shut down the lake at 8 pm




Really excited about Seaport Camp


You baby judges you


Evening swim



More playing nicely. Have they been body snatched?!


Private Seaport


The lake is the only thing keeping us all from dying of heatstroke



Trying to sit in my lap




Reading time



Less hot, still at the lake


Caroline telling us about her favorite boat, which is a party boat because she likes parties


One month until her recital!



Went for a walk to look for Pokemon


Linc likes to give hugs


Game night!


All my photos this week are going to be of Pokemon, because the kids are always carrying my phone around and it’s hard to take iPhone photos when I don’t have control of my iPhone. But I’m not really mad, Evan is super good at catching them. Priorities.


Kiawah 2016 (Part 2)

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Our Kiawah trip each year is fun for a lot of reasons, but the number one reason is I LOVE the people we go with. These are my oldest friends, I have known them longer than I have known my husband (although some of them have their own husbands now), and somehow they still like me. They’re basically family, so the kids call them Aunt and Uncle, and they are the kind of people who let Caroline “help” crack eggs or read Linc the same book 15 times. My life would be¬†1000% less awesome if they weren’t in it.

There is a small…medium…maybe slightly larger than medium chance that we (the Davis family) will be moving in the next year, which means we might also miss a year or two at the beach house. All I can do is make everyone promise they will still go, so when we eventually move back to the east coast we can pick right back up with our favorite week of the year.

In case you haven’t seen all the previous years (here: 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011) and are wondering about The Beach House, it is the vacation home of a friend’s uncle who is incredibly generous and kind and amazing and allows us to use it for a long weekend each year. It’s nicer than any other house I have ever been in, on an absolutely stunning stretch of Kiawah Island off the coast of Charleston. There is a bunk room for the big kids to share, separate bedrooms for each adult/adult couple, and approximately one million bathrooms. The toddlers sleep in closets that are actually bigger than some of their rooms at home. It is air conditioned to a perfect 72 degrees, the pool is heated to 88 degrees (I know because the pool guy came to clean it and check the temp for us), and there is a house-keeping staff that scrubs the whole thing right before we get there and right after we leave. It’s basically heaven.

I promise these are the rest of the pictures. I won’t make you sit through a third post.

kiawah 2016-273

kiawah 2016-274

kiawah 2016-277

kiawah 2016-278

kiawah 2016-280

kiawah 2016-283

kiawah 2016-285

kiawah 2016-287

kiawah 2016-290

The first floor (the one that walks out to the pool, not the basement with the cars) is the movie room, where the kids can control the TV and no grown ups have to watch it.

kiawah 2016-291

kiawah 2016-293

kiawah 2016-294

kiawah 2016-295

kiawah 2016-297

All the kids, wearing Hanna stripey jams! Almost all looking at the camera!

kiawah 2016-303

kiawah 2016-310

kiawah 2016-315

These are from our first, not-s0-good family photo session. It was very dark and I messed up my settings and I don’t like my dress and Linc got soaked within 10 minutes. But I still edited all the decent ones.

kiawah 2016-322

kiawah 2016-329

kiawah 2016-332

kiawah 2016-336

kiawah 2016-354

kiawah 2016-356

kiawah 2016-359

kiawah 2016-370

kiawah 2016-372

kiawah 2016-377

kiawah 2016-378

kiawah 2016-379

kiawah 2016-381

kiawah 2016-382

kiawah 2016-385

kiawah 2016-388

kiawah 2016-394

kiawah 2016-401

kiawah 2016-403

kiawah 2016-404

kiawah 2016-408

kiawah 2016-411

kiawah 2016-413

kiawah 2016-416

kiawah 2016-420

kiawah 2016-422

kiawah 2016-423

kiawah 2016-424

kiawah 2016-426

kiawah 2016-428

kiawah 2016-429

kiawah 2016-431

We bought an inexpensive underwater camera for the trip, since we’ve had fun with them in the pool before. When this one eventually breaks we’ll spring for a much nicer underwater camera, because this are not what I was hoping to get. I really need something that shoots RAW so I can edit them nicely.

kiawah 2016 underwater camera

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-5

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-6

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-8

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-10

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-13

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-19

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-22

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-26

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-30

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-36

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-43

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-45

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-48

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-53


kiawah 2016 underwater camera-54

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-58

kiawah 2016 underwater camera-62

And the rest are our family photos – the good ones! – from the second try. Instead of a tripod I got my friend Erin (who is also a photographer) to press the shutter button when I wanted the whole family in the shot. MUCH better than a timer or a remote. I am so happy to have these.

  kiawah 2016-432

kiawah 2016-435

kiawah 2016-438

kiawah 2016-440

kiawah 2016-444

kiawah 2016-446

kiawah 2016-447

kiawah 2016-451

kiawah 2016-453

kiawah 2016-455

kiawah 2016-456

kiawah 2016-459

kiawah 2016-462

kiawah 2016-465

kiawah 2016-466

kiawah 2016-467

kiawah 2016-470

kiawah 2016-473

kiawah 2016-476

kiawah 2016-483

kiawah 2016-484

kiawah 2016-488

kiawah 2016-503

kiawah 2016-506

kiawah 2016-511

kiawah 2016-518

kiawah 2016-523

kiawah 2016-524

kiawah 2016-526

kiawah 2016-534

kiawah 2016-541

Is it too early to start the countdown to NEXT summer??

My Week(286) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

This week was SPRING BREAK WOOHOO! We did a ton of stuff, none of which involved keeping the house clean or doing regular up-keep things like grocery shopping. Tonight when I made up for it at the store, the cashier said “Did you have a good spring break?” and I said “Oh, yes, it was really fun.” Then she said “I bet, you look exhausted.” She was absolutely not wrong.



The Velvet Mill is a super cool place


Girl date for mani-pedis


Doing important baby work



Our day at the zoo was more insane than these children


That used to be a really nice dress


Brothers are helpful





Family game time at Foxwoods


What nice polite children these are at this exact second



They would have just moved in here if I let them


First nap of the whole week


Caroline is REALLY sure her next pet should be a duck



We love our friends


Respect the style


I’m not sure WHY, but they carried her around for half the day



Back for a second day because they loved it so much


That’s 2 out of 3 looking at the camera


Not sure about this knot tying nonsense



5:30 wake up pleases NO ONE


Linc is READY for the pool


Summer can’t come soon enough

I am both totally ready for the kids to go back to school tomorrow and not at all looking forward to our regular schedule. Waking up early is not my favorite, especially since the earlier I get up the worse my morning sickness is. This weekend was all early mornings so it was really rough.

The good news is if the big kids go to school Linc might actually take a nap so I can too. Or at least I can eat chips alone while I watch child-inappropriate television and finish editing my last photo session. Both of those would be a good Monday.

Lake of the Woods 2015

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

My parents lake house/future retirement house is pretty awesome. I mean, it’s no beach mansion, but it does have boats, a swim platform AND grandparents, which completely makes up for the lake of bathrooms. Not that there are NO bathrooms. There just aren’t 9 bathrooms. But it’s ok, since we taught the kids they can just pee in the lake.

Please don’t judge me for, well, any of this. Lincoln loves everything about the water, he was always in a life jacket when he was on boats/tubes and we didn’t go fast if we were towing him. We’ll wait until he’s at least 3 before we make him try water skiing.

lake of the woods 2015 web_

lake of the woods 2015 web_-2

lake of the woods 2015 web_-3

lake of the woods 2015 web_-5

lake of the woods 2015 web_-8

lake of the woods 2015 web_-10

lake of the woods 2015 web_-14

lake of the woods 2015 web_-17

lake of the woods 2015 web_-20

lake of the woods 2015 web_-21

lake of the woods 2015 web_-23

lake of the woods 2015 web_-24

lake of the woods 2015 web_-25

lake of the woods 2015 web_-27

lake of the woods 2015 web_-28

lake of the woods 2015 web_-30

lake of the woods 2015 web_-32

lake of the woods 2015 web_-33

lake of the woods 2015 web_-34

lake of the woods 2015 web_-36

lake of the woods 2015 web_-37

lake of the woods 2015 web_-38

lake of the woods 2015 web_-39

lake of the woods 2015 web_-42

lake of the woods 2015 web_-43

lake of the woods 2015 web_-45

lake of the woods 2015 web_-46

lake of the woods 2015 web_-48

lake of the woods 2015 web_-50

lake of the woods 2015 web_-51

lake of the woods 2015 web_-55

lake of the woods 2015 web_-58

lake of the woods 2015 web_-59

lake of the woods 2015 web_-60

lake of the woods 2015 web_-61 lake of the woods 2015 web_-64

lake of the woods 2015 web_-66

lake of the woods 2015 web_-68

lake of the woods 2015 web_-70

lake of the woods 2015 web_-71

lake of the woods 2015 web_-73

lake of the woods 2015 web_-74

lake of the woods 2015 web_-78

lake of the woods 2015 web_-80

lake of the woods 2015 web_-82

lake of the woods 2015 web_-84


lake of the woods 2015 web_-90

lake of the woods 2015 web_-91

lake of the woods 2015 web_-93

lake of the woods 2015 web_-94

lake of the woods 2015 web_-97

lake of the woods 2015 web_-98

lake of the woods 2015 web_-99

lake of the woods 2015 web_-100

lake of the woods 2015 web_-103

lake of the woods 2015 web_-105

lake of the woods 2015 web_-106

lake of the woods 2015 web_-109

lake of the woods 2015 web_-111

lake of the woods 2015 web_-112

lake of the woods 2015 web_-114

lake of the woods 2015 web_-116

lake of the woods 2015 web_-118

lake of the woods 2015 web_-123

lake of the woods 2015 web_-126

lake of the woods 2015 web_-127

lake of the woods 2015 web_-130

lake of the woods 2015 web_-133

lake of the woods 2015 web_-134

lake of the woods 2015 web_-135

lake of the woods 2015 web_-140

lake of the woods 2015 web_-141

lake of the woods 2015 web_-144

lake of the woods 2015 web_-150

lake of the woods 2015 web_-151

lake of the woods 2015 web_-154

lake of the woods 2015 web_-157

lake of the woods 2015 web_-160

lake of the woods 2015 web_-162

lake of the woods 2015 web_-171

lake of the woods 2015 web_-172

lake of the woods 2015 web_-176

lake of the woods 2015 web_-178

lake of the woods 2015 web_-180

lake of the woods 2015 web_-185

lake of the woods 2015 web_-187

lake of the woods 2015 web_-189

lake of the woods 2015 web_-191