Kiawah Island 2011

If a genie came out of a lamp right now and offered me 3 wishes, they would all involve going back to the beach house on Kiawah Island and never ever leaving (after the wish for more wishes. DUH.) I would need the extra wishes to cover the bazillion dollars for maintenance and the electric bill and the toilet paper delivery guy. Because people who own beach mansions on gated islands can’t be expected to purchase their OWN toilet paper. If you happen to know of any genies looking for work, please send them my way.

(Totally unrelated side note except for the genie thing: we’re watching Aladdin right now with the kids for the first time as a way to ease back into home life and I am proud to report I can still recite all of it from memory.)

Leading up to this vacation, E was kind of…what’s a nice way to say “suffering from an epic eye-rolling condition?” I would say “Yah the BEACH!” and he would say “Blah, I hate sand.” I would say “I heard they have a fully stocked liquor cabinet!” and E would say “They sell beer in Connecticut.” I would say “It will be so nice to get away!” and he would sigh and say “But we have to drive SO FAR.” He was like Vacation Eeyore.

But besides a few screamy moments from the kids in the car – truly just a FEW and pretty justified on their part after so many hours strapped into carseats – it was the perfect vacation. It took E less than 10 minutes to be totally on board with the whole thing and become Vacation Dora The Explorer. “WOW! LOOK AT THIS POOL! IT IS GREAT! DON’T YOU LOVE THIS POOL? I LOVE POOLS! AGUA!”

I already mentioned that my friends were great with my kids, but it also helped that my kids were REALLY REALLY well behaved. All my (not unreasonable) fears about the toddler escaping the house and falling in the pool or running down to the beach proved unnecessary and he was more than happy to just hang out with whatever adult’s arms were currently empty. And besides the sleeplessness related to a brand new top tooth, Caroline was a tiny ginger angel who did nothing but coo and make doe-eyes at everyone. It FELT like a vacation, even with a 2-to-2 parent-child ratio, which is pretty damn amazing.

This here is the part where I post fifty bazillionty photos of the beach and the beach house and brag until you want to punch me in the face, so if you’re currently in your third straight year of never having a vacation that doesn’t involve sleeping on an air mattress while visiting your in-laws in Tulsa you might want to click away. I would totally hate you for going on this vacation too.

Beach house - front side

Beach House - beach side

Walkway to the beach

Low tide puddle stomping

I'm not sure that couch is big enough.

Floating spiral staircase

Looking up from the ground floor

One of the bedrooms NO ONE USED (There are six total).

The bathroom attached to the bedroom Little Evan used (We put the kids on the top floor to keep them away from the noise but accidentally took the two nicest bathrooms too)

Grow-your-own-train-set capsules with Aunt Sara

Having a very serious football talk with Erin's husband Elliot

Probably going on our Christmas cards


Fun with our camera remote

Run fast!

I think I'm going to use this one for Caroline's Modern Bird art (minus my Photoshop effect)

We are smiling because the ocean was as warm as bath water

Bird chasing (taken with the super awesome paparazzi lens)

Windblown baby

Is there anything more joyful than a toddler running full speed towards someone who will catch him?


Pool area, complete with outdoor kitchen, outdoor bathroom and hot tub

Pool time

Someone loves the water

Underwater camera

Little Evan and Sara play "Jaws", where he makes you push him around the pool while he sings the theme song

We'll have her on a surf board by next summer

Is it too soon to start planning to do it again next year?

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23 Responses to “Kiawah Island 2011”

  1. Amanda says:

    I live at the beach and I am still super jealous! Looks like you guys had an amazing time. On an off note Z has the same adorable ruffly orange outfit from the 4th picture… but Z’s bottoms fall off.

  2. Leah says:

    Next time you go on vacation please take me. I promise I will be somewhere between Vacation Eeyore and Vacation Dora. Maybe Vacation Buddy the T-Rex?

  3. TMae says:

    OH MY GAH. There is nothing about that vacation that doesn’t look amazing. In fact, know that was what awaited me after a 9 hour car ride (which is what I think it is from my neck of the woods) I would leave rightthisminute.

    No, NO it is NOT too soon to start planning the next trip. Just don’t forget to send me an invitation. ;-)

  4. Cole says:

    Sigh – you achieved vacation perfection! That house is completely gorgeous, and I love the Christmas card pic – it’s so hard to get a shot where everyone is smiley and happy!

    LOLed at Vacation Eeyore.

  5. erniebufflo says:

    One of Jon’s fellow residents in CHS was…from a family of means…which had a super swank beach house on the IOP. It was THE place for the residents to party. And now, ALL I WANT, which is a big deal given my TWINS?!-induced food apathy, is a shrimp boil on the porch of a fancy beach house. I always said that if I had a beach house, I’d want a more modest one on Sullivan’s or Folly, though.

  6. raincheckmom says:

    Next year make it BYOB…bring your own babysitters (aka grandparents)…all you were lacking was freedom to ditch the babies and enjoy night-time Charleston! You KNOW we would totally make the sacrifice….right?

  7. becca says:

    i want to go to there.

    but really, what a great place! and it looks like there was plenty of room for you all to spread out and enjoy yourselves. we didn’t really get to go on a vacation this year, but i feel somewhat refreshed just looking at all your lovely beach photos. yay!

  8. merin says:

    What an incredible house! And vacation! And photos! Hope you are easing back into reality OK. It is NOT too early to plan for next year, and every year thereafter. A yearly beach vacation sounds just right.

  9. holy crap, lady. THIS IS AMAZING!!! seriously, that whole “money doesn’t buy happiness” is such a load of horse shit – LOOK AT ALL THAT HAPPINESS! that is what rich people get to have EVERY SINGLE DAY, greedy little bitches!


    seriously looks like the most incredible trip ever. your whole family is so gorgeous and these pictures are some of my favorite i’ve ever seen you take. truly beautiful! thanks for sharing! and i do hope you get to go back next year. xoxo!

  10. I officially hate you. Our vacation this year was to TEXAS. That’s right, TEXAS. It was 106 degrees and almost too hot to go into the pool. God help me.

  11. sarrible says:

    Not too soon. Let’s leave now.

  12. Kimberly says:

    Gorgeous pictures! It makes me want to start planning our next vaca!

  13. Sarah-Anne says:

    i probably should have heeded your warning and NOT looked at the pictures. because HELLO! serious beach house envy over here. wow!

  14. Nancy says:

    Oh so jealous! The house is beautiful and so are all your photos. I’m dying to go on a real vacation

  15. Shari says:

    WOW …. just WOW. What a beautiful place and what a marvelous vacation! So glad you all had such an amazing time :)

  16. Julie S. says:

    What a gorgeous place! That would be AMAZING! SO glad you guys had a good time. It was well deserved :)

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