Kiawah Island 2012

Amazing. Beautiful. Super fun. The usual. It would have been better if E had been able to take off of work and come with me, but I managed the trip down to South Carolina and back on my own pretty well despite TWO car puke incidents and some really hectic bathroom stops.

This year all THREE of my BFF’s – Erin and Sara from high school and Erin from college – came to the beach so it was extra special. College Erin, the one with the toddler who takes amazing photos, brought her camera and took amazing photos so I’ll have those to share later (and probably add to my header and my headshot and my Facebook profile and my Twitter avatar…) but for now, here’s what four days in the low country looks like.

kiawah island 2012

Enjoying some of the 17 throw pillows (no exaggeration) from my bed

kiawah island 2012

Making a run for the beach

kiawah island 2012

Digging for treasure

kiawah island 2012

Helping Aunt Sara squeeze oranges for sangria

kiawah island 2012

Sunset on the beach

The last known picture of Original Ugly Dolly before Caroline left her in Charleston the next day (I bought her an exact replacement on Ebay and she hasn’t even noticed!)

kiawah island 2012

Moon, sunset, beach

Me taking a picture of Elliot taking a picture

kiawah island 2012

What, isn’t your town full of Civil War cannons for kids to sit on?

kiawah island 2012 charleston

Rainbow Row

kiawah island 2012 charleston

Tristan – Where E and I got engaged

Best wings ever

Playing in the fountain at Waterfront Park

Maybe eating the fan ISN’T such a good idea Caroline

angel oak

The Angel Oak tree – one of the oldest living things East of the Mississippi

Someone doesn’t WANT to post for pictures by the Angel Oak

angel oak

As usually, someone else LOVES having her picture taken

kiawah island alligator

kiawah island alligator

Alligator story: Erin and I decided we needed to make up for eating all the things by going for a run/jog/walk/trudge around 8 am. We had just started running when a guy jogging towards us started shouting “STOP! STOP! STOP!!” and pointing frantically at the path in front of us. It took us a full 20 seconds to see the GIANT ALLIGATOR lying right across the sidewalk we were running towards. We would have almost hit him with our strollers. We hopped off the path and crossed the road and THEN took pictures from a nice, safe distance with zoom lenses. After posing for a minute the alligator stood up and lumbered off into the marsh on the other side. Despite the signs everywhere that say “DANGER ALLIGATORS” and actually seeing an alligator last year I was totally unprepared to actively avoid them while walking on a sidewalk. We watched MUCH more carefully on the way home.

And now, a brief interlude of nature/macro photography:

The house has two Nikon lenses I can borrow – both take photos like this.

white flowers

sea weed

And I took this with the Sigma lens I bought last year after seeing Elliot’s at the beach


Tiny (dead) crab Reid insisted I hold in my lap



Fancy clothes for a beach photo shoot

Sara and Evan explore the beach

And then I dressed my children up. Evan in a sailor suit…


And Caroline in a tutu…


angel oak

GIANT TREE small sara and evan

Caroline, Evan, Mommy footprints with the date – it was WAY cuter on Pinterest

Getting the kids to look at me after writing on the sand is an impossible task

Working together to pop the bubbles

future Gap model

Look at all these sticks on the beach! Unacceptable!!

On Monday there was a tropical storm heading in so the waves were huge and the birds were going crazy. Monday night it POURED all night.

tutu baseball hat

Am I ridiculously cute or am I ridiculously cute?

tutu baseball hat

Ok Mom, YOU can pack up and go home. We’re staying here.

And a few more (I KNOW) from my Panasonic water-proof camera:

Pool/beach facing side of the house at night, from the hot tub (obviously)

Drinking Malibu and Diet Coke in the pool

Toes in the water

evan boogie board

He was pretty good at boogie boarding! He’ll be doing it on his own next year.

kiawah island

Practically a private beach

It took some convincing but he decided the beach was OK

LOVES the pool

sunglasses baby

Too cool for school

Waterfront Park Fountain

Splashy splash!

baby tutu bathing suit

Whoa, this water is AMAZING!

Chubby tutu legs

Imagine the Jaws theme song

Sharing a yogurt. Awwwwwww…

Attempting to part the sea?

This is his “What do you mean we have to leave?” face

I totally can’t believe my luck that we got to go on this vacation AGAIN – and that we’re currently looking at dates for next year’s trip too. Hopefully we can find a time when E and Erin’s husband can both come too, but also when no one is so pregnant they’re in danger of having an unintentional home birth. Plus if the husband’s come we can abandon them with the children for dessert night in town. I’m already counting the days!!

Helpful links! So servicey!

Surprisingly inexpensive Sigma lens: Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 SLD DG Macro Lens We obviously bought the that fits our Nikon but they make them to fit other cameras too.

Adorable beach coverups: I bought them on MamaBargains but they’re from iPlay (also have matching towels!)

Water-proof camera: Mine is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 but the newest model is the TS4, and the price on the new one is better. (Despite a bunch of people on Amazon complaining their cameras leaked, mine it still in awesome shape after 4 years, lots of pools, lakes, rivers and the cruise.)

Caroline’s tutus: Handmade by Chelsea’s Pretty Things (Facebook) and Etsy shop. She lives in my town!

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9 Responses to “Kiawah Island 2012”

  1. Jess Judkins says:

    I love all the pictures!!!!

    Okay alligator…Scary! But besides that I just adore Caroline she really is ridiculously cute! Also where did you get that Sailor suite for Evan!

  2. Shari says:

    What a beautiful place … it looks like such an oasis of calm and inspiration. So glad you all had a wonderful time!

    (Also – love the Rainbow Row picture! It was my favorite part of Charleston when I visited a few years ago).

  3. MommaExpat says:

    They really do have the best wings. And can you please get a round of applause for trekking two kiddos alone on a road trip? COMPLETELY IMPRESSED!!

  4. Love all your pictures! Now I want to go stay in a house by the beach.

  5. Audrey says:

    Great pictures! Love that tree. I’m totally jealous of your girls vacation. :D

  6. Kimberly says:

    I love every single picture :)

  7. Jennie says:

    Josh would be so jealous of the Wild Wings. I was a mean wife that wouldn’t let him cut out on a funeral early to have dinner.

    Next time though….

  8. Neat says:

    That angel oak tree looks familiar. I think my mom has a picture in front of it from when she went to charelston years ago with her friend(we live in Iowa)

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