School Daze

Evan started school on Tuesday. He’s going Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, which is kind of a wonky schedule but we do gymnastics on Wednesdays and I didn’t want to have to pull both kids out just so Evan could go to pre-pre-K. Some kids attend all five days so he’ll see some of the same friends regularly. Plus at the first day of drop off I ran into TWO of the moms from gymnastics, so he already has a couple friends in his class. I’m sensing a whole new circle of mom-friends in the making and I’m kind of excited. Unless, of course, then find my blog. Then I’m sensing I’ll be shamed out of the school entirely.

first day of preschool 2012

Ideally, I will do this every year for the rest of his school days. More likely I will do it next fall and then totally forget about it. And somehow I can’t picture a 13 year old 8th grade Evan wanting to pose while I ask him what his favorite toy is. MOM. TOYS ARE FOR BABIES. I like XBox.

p.s. I pretty much died when he said Caroline was his best friend.

first day of preschool 2012

first day of preschool 2012

Someone was annoyed I didn’t want to take HER picture

first day of preschool 2012

After a successful first day of school (no one cried except me!) we met E for a quick treat  and tried to get Evan to tell us about school. He wasn’t really interested. Or, more likely, he was just really really interested in his cheeseburger and milkshake.

first day of preschool 2012

first day of preschool 2012

Caroline gets a special treat for surviving 2.5 hours without her brother.

Yesterday was also Evan’s 41st monthday. Even though I stopped officially doing updates after he fell off the Baby Center charts at 36 months, I still think about how he’s growing and getting smarter and learning new stuff every single month on the 5th. I think school is going to accelerate things to a level I’m not sure I can handle – the less he acts like a little kid the sorrier I am that those years are so very short.

I just have to keep reminding myself school is good for BOTH of us. Today, while Evan is at preschool being a big kid I get to go grocery shopping with ONE CHILD at the base commissary, something I’ve literally never done despite their dramatically lower prices because it is too far to drag two children who might melt down plus the carts and aisles are too small. I’ve been making a list for three days, I’m so excited about this shopping trip. My life may not be glamorous, but it I think it’s pretty sweet.

first day of preschool 2012

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10 Responses to “School Daze”

  1. Liz says:

    He does look rather interested in that burger … :).
    Your kids are so cute!

  2. Shari says:

    I LOVE the idea of your first-day-of-school “interview” for him. So cute!

  3. Sarah says:

    I feel like a dumbo – but what do you use to write on your photos? Photoshop? Lightroom? <— Kind of the same thing?

    Now onto actual comments about your post: I nearly died when I read that Caroline is Evan's best friends. Your babies are the cutest.

  4. Amanda says:

    Okay, I teared up when I read the part about Caroline being his best friend, and I don’t even know you guys (except in an internet stalking kind of way). I can’t even imagine how amazing that made you feel!

  5. OT and ET says:

    Happy first day to E! So exciting! You will get no straight answers on how his days go, is my prediction. Otto regularly tells us about Auden who can breathe fire and one time “Harper killed someone” (<– ha!) and he always swears he ate his whole lunch even though it comes home mostly uneaten. But they do learn so much. It's nuts. ps. the Caroline photobomb pic is so freaking cute! They are really cute best friends <3

  6. Elaine A. says:

    Isn’t shopping with just ONE amazing? Seriously, it SO is.

    Looks like he had a great start for sure! Such cute pics.

    And trust me, it only takes until about 3rd grade (my oldest is there!) when they are no longer to keen on the pics… ;)

  7. cakeburnette says:

    Yes, commissaries are NOT meant for towing two small folks…

    I have a funny story about that, though. I always went on the day that I only had one kid (Shelby always went one fewer day than Austin when they were in preschool & Austin was in kindergarten). We moved from the base in GA to one in VA and were there 3 years. We returned to GA and the first time I went to the commissary with both kids, the baggers remembered Shelby and I. And then someone asked who Austin was, and as soon as we got in the car alone, he exploded, “So you never told anyone you had a son, too??” I had to explain that they only remembered her because I only went on the days he was in preschool/K alone.

    He was still grumpy.

  8. Emily says:

    …Just a cheeseburger in paradise… Why don’t kids talk about school? I used to get parents coming to conferences all the time worried that their kid was shy or uninvolved or I wasn’t teaching or whatever, all because their kid didn’t say much about the day! I guess it’s like their private life, something of their own that Mom and Dad aren’t part of… But he’s probably having a blast!

  9. Awww! His best friend is Caroline!! I die.

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