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Lake of the Woods 2016

Monday, July 25th, 2016

I promise to have Linc birthday party pics up soon, but these are a) done and b) on a drive that hasn’t yet overheated so I still have access. Plus I like documenting our annual things the best, since I can go back and look at last year vs this year. (I took way more pictures last year, because I was way less hugely pregnant.)

lake of the woods 2016

lake of the woods 2016-2

lake of the woods 2016-3

lake of the woods 2016-4

lake of the woods 2016-6

lake of the woods 2016-7

lake of the woods 2016-10

lake of the woods 2016-11

lake of the woods 2016-12

lake of the woods 2016-14

lake of the woods 2016-15

lake of the woods 2016-16

lake of the woods 2016-17

lake of the woods 2016-18

lake of the woods 2016-20

lake of the woods 2016-22

lake of the woods 2016-24

lake of the woods 2016-25

lake of the woods 2016-26

lake of the woods 2016-27

lake of the woods 2016-28

lake of the woods 2016-29

lake of the woods 2016-30

lake of the woods 2016-31

lake of the woods 2016-32

lake of the woods 2016-33

My Week(288) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, May 8th, 2016

It was another very dark, very rainy week but according to my weather app the next few days should be GREAT. I am clinging to the promise of sunshine.



Very important food


Caroline might not have a career as an artist, but she sure LOVES painting


The cat is obsessed with my bump



Jurassic World was on TV so we watched it for the 200th time


New RocksBox, my favorite kind of mail (if you want a free month, use: bebehblogxoxo)


His new selfie face



He loved my dentist because of this fish


Shopping helper


Brother love



Jack doesn’t judge me when I take naps


Go awaaaaaaaaaay


Suffocating your sister is hilarious



My orchard looks terrible in this photo, luckily it looked GREAT for my shoot




He’s ready to dance as soon as Nashville plays music



Babies helping babies


No-nap baby loves coming to the bus stop


Piano lessons



Fishing tournaments are more fun if the fish show up


Linc doesn’t understand why we are standing in the rain


An excellent way to end the week

I had a very nice Mother’s Day today, with lots of sitting down and someone else doing all the baby work and children who regularly asked if I was having a good day. I didn’t get to plant any Mother’s Day flowers yet, but since this week should be warm and sunny I’ll fix that as soon as possible. I’ll also be able to FINALLY do the blue-or-pink reveal for this baby with the kids (we know what we’re having, they do not, so I want to tell them before I blog it). I’ve never bothered with a big gender reveal before, so I wanted to do it this last chance I had.

Fingers crossed for sunshine.

Fun at Burke Lake Park

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Still catching up on vacation photos, but I promise I’ll be done after this week. While we were visiting my parents, we tried to take Evan on a train ride but somehow kept miscalculating when and where they started (you’d think trains wouldn’t be that hard to predict). Eventually we settled on Burke Lake Park, even though it was literally 104 degrees out. My dad dragged out his canoe and fishing poles, we bought a few bucks worth of worms, and we splurged on train tickets, carousel rides and ice cream. It was like an entire summer wrapped up in a few morning hours.

burke lake park

Caroline is doubtful of this “canoe” thing

burke lake park


burke lake park

burke lake park

burke lake park

burke lake park

burke lake park

Despite the giant “DO NOT FEED THE WATER FOWL” signs, I suspect these guys get fed a lot

burke lake park

burke lake park

burke lake park

Evan caught his first fish!

burke lake park

But he wasn’t a big fan of the fish flopping around.

burke lake park

Caroline loved the fish.

burke lake park

Adorable mini-train

Incredibly weird and random fact: The guy driving the train was my boss 12 years ago when I worked at a campground/county park for the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college. I quit in a huff on my second-to-last day because it was 104 degrees and he was mad I wore my t-shirt sleeves rolled up. I did NOT say hello (and he didn’t recognize me).

burke lake park

burke lake park train

burke lake park train

burke lake park carousel

burke lake park carousel

burke lake park carousel


burke lake park carousel

Longest carousel ride ever – the kids loved it.

burke lake park ice cream

And then we all stuffed things in our faces. The end.

Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Favorite From June

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

I took SO many photos in June (3,906 in fact) that I couldn’t pick a favorite – so how about a really nice shot I haven’t shared yet? Mormor and Bumpa took us fishing at Burke Lake Park while we were visiting. Caroline and Evan loved it!

mormor caroline evan bumpa

It was 100 degrees, but we caught some fish!


The Paper Mama Photo Challenge