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My Week(183) in iPhone Photos

Monday, May 5th, 2014

I have almost totally completely recovered from the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta this weekend. The combination of standing/walking/dancing/flying made me swell up like a bullfrog and I was worried I might have overdone it, but things seem to be getting back to normal. But definitely no more travel for me until I have an outside baby.



Furniture in an orchard. What, that’s not how you spend your weekends?


Evan is “helping” her read a book. This definitely didn’t end well.





I was very tempted to just throw that whole pile away, but I mostly put it away. Mostly.


Captain Barnacles and Peso to the rescue!


Who knew applesauce in a pouch was THAT delicious?



Adorable shopping cart sharing.


Making herself at home.


We don’t ACTUALLY live at Target. My kids just get confused sometimes.



Swim lesson shenanigans


Her side-eye is already perfect.


If this is what happens after a 30 minute swim class, maybe summer will involve LOTS of naps.



Goodbye Providence…


Hello Atlanta!


Chocolate fountain = pregnant woman’s dream come true



No YOU cried like 5 different times during the first 4 hours of Mom 2.0


I’ve never had such amazing food at a conference. Parmesan encrusted shrimp OMG.


Fancy hairs courtesy of the Dove suite



High tea at the Ritz. Is this real life? (No)


Fancy award ceremony is fancy


My amazing, beautiful roommate Miranda who I miss so much already

I’ll write an actual conference post later (that will probably be mostly photos, duh) but it was an amazing experience. I had literally zero negative interactions with people – even people I would consider Kind Of A Big Deal on the internets – and loved every conversation I had. Even though right now the logistics of going next year (not knowing where we might be stationed, having a 10 month old) are overwhelming I already bought a ticket.

Now I am back to real life where I am responsible for butt-wiping and laundry and a severe lack of fried green tomatoes. But cuddling with the ginger babies makes me super glad to be back to life (back to reality).

BlogHer12 Recap In Photos And Bad Poetry

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

I’ve been staring at this blank page for ten minutes now, wondering how to write a BlogHer12 recap post and I’ve just decided I don’t actually want to. It’s only been a few days since I got home but the posts, tweets, threads and private gossip is coming fast and furious. Who was rude, who got pushed, who snubbed who, what super top secret parties I didn’t get invited to, whether or not bloggers who don’t use all the words count as bloggers at all… It’s amazing how other people’s experience can completely change how I view my own. I don’t want to be responsible for doing that to anyone else. If we met, I thought you were LOVELY. Truly, every single person I met was kind and welcoming, from people I’ve admired for years to brand new faces.  If we didn’t meet, I’m so so sorry and I hope we can get together soon. That’s my entire opinion of the conference besides these photos and captions…done as haiku. Please enjoy.


BlogHer12 NYC Central Park

Walked to Central Park
With Miranda in the rain
No dead bodies found

BlogHer12 NYC

Went to find some food
The sunset was amazing
But there was no pie


BlogHer12 NYC Thursday

Blographer and more
I met Ree for the third time
She did not know me


BlogHer12 NYC Friday

Sessions and Martha
The meat of the whole big thing
With fun for dessert

BlogHer12 NYC Thursday

Bright lights and good friends
Toys and swag and all the things
Can’t even compare


BlogHer12 NYC Saturday

Disney made me cry
Katie and Serenity
Too many highlights to count

My friends may be weird
But that’s why they understand
I treasure them all

Face It: #BlogHer12

Friday, July 27th, 2012

I did a post last year right before BlogHer with pictures of my face. I wanted people to recognize me and say “Hi” if they saw me, since I can be insanely awkward about approaching people. I always assume I’m going to annoy them, so I tend to just slink around in the background, being lurky and weird which just annoys people MORE. Combine that with the fact that I rarely post pictures of my own face without a filter or some photoshopping or from reeeeeally far away and I worry I will walk right past every single person I want to meet without speaking to them. So here’s a guide to my face, and the faces I will be making at BlogHer:

This is what I like to THINK I will look like at BlogHer. Happy, brushed hair, a little bit of make-up, pulled together, uneven eyebrows (DRIVES ME CRAZY).

This is what I will probably actually look like at BlogHer, when I get REALLYCLOSE to read your name tag and realize I love you and that I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for ages. Last year we called this my baby-snatcher face, but I assure you I gave back ALL the babies. I’M SO EXCITED! I’M SO EXCITED! I’M SO…SCARED.

This is me saying “HAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIII!” which is something I actually say in real life. Don’t be scared.

This is my listening face, which looks like my bitch face. It makes my wonky eyebrow look extra wonky and I get a frowny line between my eyebrows but I swear I really am listening intently and not judging anything you’re saying.

This is my nervous quiet face. I am literally chewing a hole in the side of my face because I am worried I am going to say something stupid. I usually gnaw on my cheek until it really really hurts and then disinfect it with alcohol. Speaking of which…

This is my classy cocktail drinking face. I like to order really fancy things that involve chocolate and/or sugared rims.

This is a much more accurate drinking face. My flask will probably be full of something extra classy like peppermint schnapps or Kahlua.

This is my OMG THEY’RE PLAYING USHERRRRRRRR LET’S DANCE! face. I apologize in advance for hitting you with my hair while I’m tossing it around. I will probably also run up on the stage to dance near the DJ because inside I am still 22 and cool enough to do things like that.

This is my drunk face, also known as my “Do you think I should get bangs?!” face, my “Let’s go get a TATTOO!” face and my “Where did my shoes go?” face. This face needs a bottle of water and a possibly a bucket. You are most likely to see this face at Sparklecorn.

But I’ll leave you with my hair in a pony tail, kind of shiny, smiley face, because it is the one I HOPE gets to meet you next week. SO EXCITED.

This year, a bunch of us decided we would all do faces posts and link up. It’s not too late for you to join in!

Obligatory BlogHer Advice Post

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

If you are not a blogger and couldn’t care LESS about blogging conferences (which you imagine are pretty much like Star Trek conventions without the awesome dorky costumes)(you’re wrong, by the way, blogging conferences are MUCH more uncool than Star Trek conventions) feel free to skip this one. I’ll have more ginger baby pictures up in an hour or two.

blogher 11 photos

I saw lots of people and did lots of things

I started writing this post days after coming back from BlogHer’11 in San Diego, when the whole experience was still fresh. I added to it for a few weeks as I gained some perspective and finished it up just yesterday when I was talking to some of the friends I made last year. Since I’ve only been to one BlogHer I am by no means an expert, but I hunted down and read every single one of these posts I could find last year so I thought I’d throw my hat peacock feather fascinator in the ring.

Pre- and At BlogHer Advice

1. The fun actually starts long before the conference. Last year, almost everyone I knew got into town on Wednesday night, so they had all of Thursday to hang out and/or attend Pathfinder Day. I didn’t want to leave my nursing baby for an extra day so I skipped it – and regretted it (well, not the part about missing the baby, the part about missing the fun). I’m going to make sure I’m in NYC for a long time.

2. Don’t be afraid to call your friends. Even the ones you previously only talked to online. I did a lot of texting and tweeting and Belugaing (a free app that’s like texting), but would miss people because of lag time and I ended up being alone more than I wanted to. But the women who were brave enough to just dial a number and say “Hey, where you at?” met up with their posses much faster.

3. 200 business cards is too many. I handed out a LOT, even to my friends, just because my cards were super cute but I still came home with at least half of them, even after dropping a bunch in bowls for giveaways.

4. Nobody cared what I was wearing. I spent tons and tons of time worrying about it but in the end all that mattered was having comfortable shoes. If you’re a fashion blogger, you’re already good at wearing cool clothes. If you’re anyone else, just wear clothes.

5. Don’t commit to things that will keep you away from your friends for too long. Sure, private parties and invites and appointments and swag suites are AWESOME, but your time is precious and if no one you came to BlogHer to see is invited to your super secret event you’ll be there alone. One of my roommates last year went to a private party that was incredibly cool but took place on an island after a boat ride and she missed a ton of fun (SPARKLECORN) because she was there.

6. Put away your phone. I had SUCH a hard time doing this, but my best conversations happened after my phone was dead and I was forced –FORCED I TELL YOU – to focus on the people I was actually with.

7. Send some emails. Start a Facebook group. G-chat. Really get to know the people you are hoping to hang out with. EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT, and if you let your social anxiety prevent you from talking to your friends’ faces through the internet it will be a lot worse when you try to do it in person.

8. The Expo Hall is a great way to connect with brands but it is not the ONLY way to connect with brands. A lot of companies send representatives to the actual conference, so it never hurts to chat with the strangers at your table. The first company to contact me after BlogHer with actual stuff I was actually interested in using was because I put on my best brave and friendly face and sat with strangers during lunch.

9. Come up with a brief summary of your blog so that when people ask what you blog about you don’t say “Oh just my kids and stuff”. Sometime this is called an elevator pitch, but that name totally put me off. I thought “Naaaah, I’m not going to pitch my blog to everyone I meet! Imma just be ME”. I somehow forgot the ME the people (might) know IS my blog – and the ME brand representatives and sponsors want to get to know is my blog too. Since I’m slightly awkward in person (SHOCKING I KNOW) I’m going to plan ahead a little better this year.

10. Have a good time. Let your hair down. Dance on the stage with the DJ. But remember: falling down and throwing up are no fun, so don’t let “Open Bar” mean “Super Drunk”.

Post-BlogHer Advice:

There will be a LOT of posts about BlogHer and what people thought and where they went and how they loved seeing their friends. Sometimes they will mention you. Sometimes they won’t. Don’t let their memory of the conference skew your memory. If you had the Best Time Ever then it WAS the best time ever. If you were a little disappointed then it was a little disappointing. Stay in contact with the people you met and enjoyed. Don’t feel obligated to add every single blogger to your Google Reader, but it might be worth adding them all to your Twitter for a few weeks to see if you have stuff in common (Pro tip: go through the pile of business cards you collected while waiting for your flight/train home and everyone is still fresh in your mind. It’s a great time to tweet “It was great to meet you!” so they can follow you back).

To be 100% honest with you, I spent way, way too much time last August worrying everyone I had met secretly hated me or thought I was fat and ugly and lame and boring. I’m sure I won’t be able to avoid some of those same feelings of doubt (hellooooo, I’m a blogger because I am insecure and awkward and you probably are too) but it’s a full year later and since most of the internet friends I met at BlogHer11 are STILL my internet friends, I’m assuming they don’t dislike me too much.

If you’re going to BlogHer in NYC and we aren’t already friends, let’s start now. Tweet me, email me, comment here, or just come find me (I’ll be hosting at the Serenity Suite on Saturday from 2pm-4pm) and we can go get some free humus or cottage cheese together. One month! I’m so excited!

sesame street panel blogher 11

That’s real Elmo, not some cheap knock off.

p.s. If you’re looking for me this year, I’ll be wearing pretty much ALL the same clothes as I am in the above photos. Just to make it easy for you.