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House of Glass

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

When Amy over at Baby Baby Lemon suggested we do a blog hop of our collections, my first thought was that the only thing I’m collecting these days is dust bunnies. Seriously. I have quiet a variety under my couch and some of the specimens under my bed are practically antiques. They’re quite impressive.

Fortunately, I did plenty of collecting in my previous life. You know, the one where I actually read Country Living as a source of inspiration instead of laughing at the white-on-white color schemes and artistic arrangements of seashells left on coffee tables. HAHAHAHA Oh designers. Don’t you know my coffee table has been in the basement for a year? Where are the foam square play mats and bouncy chairs?

But thanks to baby gates and a certain little man’s shortness, I’ve managed to hold on to several groups of useless crap collections, even if I’m not actively adding to them. All of them are made of glass.

There are these:



Currently Useless


A tiny amount of a much larger useless collection

But I decided I should stick with something I collected deliberately, not accidentally. Something I really love and am always excited to add to. Something still totally, totally useless. And glass.

My chickens

I have no idea why I collect glass chickens. It started with a plastic rabbit, made in the same style, that I bought at Target to hold Easter candy. I think my mom mentioned Grandma used to have a glass chicken that looked like the rabbit, so when I saw one at a flea market I picked it up and put it in the china cabinet. Then I found another. And another. Then Mom gave me the ones from Grandma’s house. And then I was Someone Who Collected Glass Chickens and people started saying “oh I have one of those, do you want it?” I always kept my eyes open at garage sales and antique stores for interesting colors or sizes. I may have gone so far as to start cruising Ebay for more chickens – although I never actually bought any (the shipping was always outrageous – one of the benefits of collecting something so pointless and common is that they’re cheap).

Over the past few years, a few non-chickens have slipped into my collection…

Cock-a-doodle-doo Moo Quack Gobble Gobble

…But I try to keep the invaders to a minimum.

I don’t know what they’re for – eggs? chicken salad? candy? – or why they were once so popular but now end up going for $3 in crappy flea markets. But I do know one day my kids are going to be telling their kids that Grandma used to collect those funny glass chickens.

And then they can fight over who has to hold on to them.