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Wordless Wednesday: Antique Dress Edition

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Caroline models my mother’s baby dress:

vintage dress-2 BW

vintage dress-10

vintage dress-17 BW

vintage dress-20

vintage dress-21

vintage dress-26 BW

vintage dress-27

vintage dress-29 BW

vintage dress-31

vintage dress-32

vintage dress-33

vintage dress-35 BW

p.s. Here’s my mom in her dress (on the left) –


Trash/Treasure V. 2

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

This is my haul from two separate shopping days in the past couple weeks. Actually, the flea market was a “shopping day” but the garage sale was “30 minutes of chasing two kids around a school gymnasium while also shopping”. Whatever you call it, I was pretty please with my finds.

First, the Jewett City Flea Market:

flea market finds little golden books tonka chineese checkers

Total cost: $7

Metal Tonka fire truck
3 Little Golden Books
Chinese Checkers board

flea market finds tonka fire truck

flea market finds little golden books

caroline reading

flea market finds vintage chineese checkers

flea market finds vintage 1939 chineese checkers

Printed in 1939!

flea market finds vintage 1939 chineese checkers

I replaced three little white plates with the fun board and I love it! I can still take it down to play :)

That Chinese Checkers board was a super lucky find. I grabbed from the floor in front of a booth and asked the lady in charge how much she wanted literally 20 seconds before a guy came running up saying “Whoa! That’s so cool! It’s a collector’s item! It’s old and in such good shape!” He went on and on about how it might be valuable until I said “I’ll give you an extra dollar for it if you want” but the lady told me she got it for free somewhere so she didn’t care.

And this is what I found at a giant indoor garage sale at the local charter school on Saturday:

Total: $4.50

Three milk glass vases (for my collection!)
Two children’s books
Vintage short sleeved baby sweater
CAT digger toy
1973 edition of BH&G Baby Book

This digger lights up and makes sounds too!

Once I get a chance to read this, I'll share some of the "best" advice. (Sample: Your husband should just go back to the office while you're in labor, since it's going to take a long time.)


Friday, March 23rd, 2012

I’d like to believe my vacation was so magical it totally changed my life, but I suspect daylight savings time and the freakishly warm weather we’re having is to thank for my good mood. There’s nothing like tiny dirty bare baby feet to help me not care at all about the laundry I still haven’t put away. Heck, I can’t even be bothered to care about putting on real pants since we’re too busy swinging on the porch to leave the house.

Caroline has decided she hates clothes and rips them off while screaming bloody murder every morning…but hey, that’s fine! Whatever! Be free, naked toddler, run and feel the breeze against your chubby belly! Enjoy it while you can, since it will probably be 35 degrees next week. Damn you Connecticut.

I did convince her to wear one of my old sundresses today, so of course I documented it with 200 pictures. Ok, I’m lying, 248 pictures. She might be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If we could figure out how to power cars using squeeees of cuteness, Caroline could solve this gas price problem in a single afternoon.

(Pictures are unedited except for size – I’ve been inspired by Mandy and Jill to work on my shooting-in-manual skills again.)

Uh oh, dirty feet


P.S. I TOTALLY forgot to pick a winner for my Changing the Universe giveaway before I left and I’m so sorry. I let choose for me and it picked #12, Kim from Try It Mom! Congrats Kim, I’ll send Nicci your email so she can help you collect your winnings. And if you didn’t win, may I suggest heading over to the shop and buying youself a special treat to cheer yourself up?

Linking up with Miss Elaine because it’s her birthday and she’s awesome!

Easter Fashion Flashback

Friday, March 9th, 2012

My best internet friend Amy and I had such a good time checking out everyone’s childhood Halloween costumes we decided to do another vintage link-up for Easter. Did you wear white patent leather shoes? Did you insist on a spring dress even though it was freezing cold? Were you a fan of the traditional Easter bonnet? Did your mother dress you up as a bunny? (PLEASE, someone, share that picture!)

Matching dresses and bonnets. Doesn't my sister look THRILLED?

We’ll be posting photos of our best Easter outfits on April 2nd and will leave the linky open until the Monday after Easter, so you have plenty of time to track down your old albums or ask your mom to drag them out of the attic. I hope you’ll join us!

Vintage Halloween Link-Up on Friday!

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Halloween, 1993

I’m the one in the fabulous vintage dress, leopard hat and real fur stole – all of which I bought at a yard sale. PROOF I was thrifting WAY before it was cool. My costume is “movie star”. My elementary school BFF is Tiger Lily, my little sister is Alice in Wonderland and my brother is the fire fighter and also dying of embarrassment I just posted this picture of him on the internet.

I bet you have a picture just like this in a photo album somewhere too.

Amy from BabyBabyLemon and I are hosting a linky on Friday for all your vintage Halloween cuteness – costumes, pumpkin carving, hayrides, whatevs. Call your mom tomorrow and see if she’ll scan in some photos you KNOW she’s got in that album on the bottom shelf. (Confidential to my mom: Can you see if there are any more Halloween costume pics in those albums on the bottom shelf? Love you!) Bonus points for the first person in a cardboard box-turned robot costume.

See you Friday!

p.s. If you want to participate but don’t have a blog, I’d be happy to post your photo here. Just email it to