Nothing to report

I was trying to write a post of all the things I will miss about being pregnant. But how can I miss it when it WON’T GO AWAY??

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  1. But you’ll be live-blogging from the hospital, right? :)

  2. ::chants, bangs fists on table::

    Live-blog! Live-blog!

  3. lalaland13 says:

    Now ladies she doesn’t have to live blog during labor. Really, now, let’s be realistic. She should, however, start blogging the moment Baby E is placed on her chest.

    Kidding aside, I hope you can find some way to tell us a baby arrived-or maybe Mr. E can? But if not, we’ll understand that you have more important issues on your mind. Whenever it happens, I hope you have a safe and relatively painless labor.

    And I have decided it would be appropriate for you to give birth during The Soup.

  4. stacyinbean says:

    I don’t see why E can’t live blog or at least Twitter the occasion, you’ve got a few days to train him and you have a laptop right?

  5. bebehblog says:

    We’re bringing E’s laptop to the hospital. I’ve been told there’s wireless internet so there will be updates, if not a real-time live blog, starting as soon as we’re sure we’re staying and I really am having a baby.

    I figure as long as I keep it on my own damn blog it’s not an overshare.

  6. stacyinbean says:

    I like this.

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