Some of This, Some of That

I don’t have enough to say about anything to make these individual posts (and really, you should thank me for not even TRYING to make any of the following blurbs into 500 word essays) so you get bullet points.

– Is it possible for a kid to drink too much orange juice? Baby Evan is OBSESSED with it, to the point I’m afraid his skin might turn orange. He ate a slice of the actual fruit yesterday so I might steer him in that direction, especially if there is a reason he shouldn’t drink 30 oz of (watered down, calcium added) juice in a day (besides the ridiculous amount of sugar). (EDITED TO ADD: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGOOOOOOOD. I’m not going to tell you any more than that except I finally discovered something cloth diapers can’t contain and a VERY good reason to cut back OJ consumption.)

– The bridesmaid dress I am supposed to wear on September 5th is not going to fit on September 5th. It fit yesterday, with much pulling and sucking in, but I have officially reached the “popped” part of my pregnancy so my rib cage is getting bigger by the second. I have some material to alter it take it somewhere to be altered but with the way it’s constructed I don’t even know how they’re going to manage that. (p.s. It’s this dress, if you want to make suggestions)(p.p.s. Which is now ON SALE for for $65 less than I paid. I wonder if I can return the one I bought and buy a new one in a bigger size?)(Although it’s only available in one size larger than the size I currently have so I’ll probably still need to have it altered.)

– I’m still knitting and really enjoying it, or at least I was until I attempted to make something-adult sized and lost my everloving MIND. I’m still hoping to have my own version of this done in time to wear it to the bridal shower next weekend:
But I might stab out an eye with a knitting needle before I’m done. (Free pattern & picture from Classic Elite Yarns.) I think from now on I’ll stick to baby-sized items.

– Speaking of things to wear to the shower, I’m looking for a pretty, comfortable, CHEAP sleeveless dress (maternity or just roomy) that would match the above vest knitted in a nice shade of blue-green. And it does NOT have to be boob-accessible.  My next stop is Forever 21 but frankly that place gives me hives, despite their huge selection of trendy, reasonably priced dresses.

– Today is the last day to enter my Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag giveaway! In case you missed my edit the last time, I opened the contest up for Canadians – if you win I will mail you a bag personally. I have one more super-cute, eco-friendly giveaway coming up on Monday and then I’ll take a break on the review stuff for a while.

Gender Important developmental and birth defect stuff ultrasound for Baby Sandy is on August 4th (LESS THAN 1 WEEK). First round priority text message goes to immediate family & people who might kill me if I didn’t tell them the boy/girl news first but mere seconds later I’ll be peer to peer texting it to the Bebehblog Facebook page/Twitter so some time around 2 pm you can check in if you’re curious. Giant post to follow, of course.

– I FINALLY switched hosts from a company I was less than happy with (see here and here) to the AMAZING AND WONDERFUL Twenty70 Hosting. Kelly has been infinitely patient in transferring everything for me and even managed to find my lost posts last week. Plus she’s charging me less than the old people (shhhh, don’t tell her or she might charge more). Please let me know if you have any delays or problems loading Bebehblog so I can pass them on to Twenty70 and they can fix them with their internet magic.

Phew. I think that’s all. What’s new with you?

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15 Responses to “Some of This, Some of That”

  1. michgal18 says:

    You should try Gap Maternity. They have great dresses, that was where I got my shower dress. They have a Maternity store at The shops at Evergreen Walk.

  2. MKP says:

    That dress is adoooorbs. Maybe a real dress person will say this is not a thing, but I’d imagine that you could make that oh-so-flattering empire waistband just…narrower, depending on what it’s made out of. Like, you’d have the same dress but the belting would be more ribbon-like, and then maybe you could sneak in extra pleats in the back to give your bump…breathing room?

  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG I’m so excited for the important baby development ultrasound. After I read the first sentence I was gonna say that I expect a text before it gets posted on the interwebs….but then I read the second sentence :) I know firmly what category I fall into :)

  4. Amy says:

    I’ll have to remember the tip about too much orange juice. We had the same issue with too many black beans. EWWWW.

  5. Amy says:

    Oh, and that sweater is really cute. I feel the same about knitting/crocheting adult sized items…so complicated and they take so much longer to complete.

  6. StraderSpiel says:

    I thought you were going to wait until the 7th to find out the results :)

  7. Mom says:

    Bridesmaid Dress – You should try to exchange it for the larger size. It would be less extra material to be added when you need to have it altered.

  8. TMae says:

    I had good luck with Old Navy and Gap Maternity for dresses last summer. I haven’t looked this summer because, well, I’m not pregnant. (THANK GOD because I would have killed someone with all this heat – I don’t know how you’re surviving, except that you’re in CT and I’m in VA, so it’s probably a little cooler, or even just less humid than here. And you have a boat.)

    Exchange the dress for the bigger one – every little bit of room will help!

    And now my kid will never get OJ.

  9. Swistle says:

    I would TOTALLY try returning and rebuying the dress in the bigger size. $60 would pay for a lot of complicated altering if it still needs to be altered.

    I love the sweater!

  10. I just had a horrifying eggplant related cloth diaper mishap. Also cannot be contained.

  11. brigidkeely says:

    Too much juice can cause terrible horrible awful diarrhea… as I think you’ve just discovered. :( BOOOOOOO. (this is true for adults, too) (and it’s useful if someone is constipated. HERE HAVE SOME JUICE.)

  12. Merin says:

    The dress is so pretty and flattering. That was my sister’s bridesmaids dress but in just silk, not chiffon. I found out I was pregnant just before her wedding and about 5 seconds after I got the dress my boobs exploded and I had to have emergency alterations right before we left for her wedding. I agree with other posters-get the larger size if you can.

  13. raincheckmom says:

    I had similar issues with apple juice and one of your siblings. Horrific! On an airplane, no less…

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