Breastfeeding Challenge 2009

I don’t remember where I first saw the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge, but I know it was on someone’s brilliant website. I read a lot of brilliant websites. (Ah! I remembered! It was at PhD in Parenting. Brilliant website!) Anyway, after checking out the list of locations and noticing there wasn’t one nearby I emailed a friend who works at Papoose…who emailed one of the owners, Holly…and within twenty minutes she had signed right up.

Today was the day, so at 11 am 7 other mommies and I all “latched on” to promote breastfeeding for healthy, happy babies. Of course, you can’t really tell infants when they need to eat so I don’t think the 8 of us were ever nursing at exactly the same time but we tried. It was great to see a couple of friends from support group and meet some new  moms with slightly older kids. A couple even brought their nursling’s big brothers or sisters so those kids got to breastfeeding as fun and normal. Teaching the next generation, one boob at a time!

Breastfeeding Challenge

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