My Week(166) in iPhone Photos

Late. As of this morning my productivity/desire to write stuff on the internet seems to be back (you know it is when you actually consider commenting on a post on Jezebel) so hopefully my blog won’t totally fade away.


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Important blizzard food: hot dogs and eggs.

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I still think playing football in the snow/freezing cold is crazy

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That’s how Sundays make me feel too


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Sheet washing day is also bed bouncing day

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Santa baby


They ask me to take this picture during every bath


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In my first few weekly iPhone pics, Evan could only reach the bottom row. (And Caroline was an inside baby)

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The fox is unimpressed with the rays

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Technically that was Wednesday, but it didn’t feel any different. Unimpressive, 2014.


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These people are playing HOCKEY outside in the snow. EVEN CRAZIER THAN FOOTBALL.


Princess/Engineer Tiana


More baby photos. I love baby photos.


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Earning his keep

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Mark it in the baby book: First time I showed up at preschool pick up in ACTUAL pajamas.

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(Fake) sleeping with the (fake) cat whiskers


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Ancient iPod is ancient

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She’s like 80% legs


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Baby toys are fun when they belong to other people

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Ignoring the donut holes, eating all the strawberries

We had warm weather today before the POLAR VORTEX hits us tomorrow, so we went outside and ran as many errands as possible. Tomorrow I’m hoping to put all our hot chocolate, throw blankets ¬†and Disney movies to good use (although so far the kids still have regular school).

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6 Responses to “My Week(166) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Liz says:

    I was in Ann Arbor on New Years Day … Even crazier than the hockey players were all the people going to that game! 100k people.

  2. Brigid Keely says:

    Is Caroline clutching a white mini pumpkin in one of those photos?

    If so, I think she and Niko are heading toward being Gourd Buddies.

    • bebehblog says:

      A white mini pumpkin she’s been refusing to throw away since BEFORE HALLOWEEN. I finally forced her to give up the other ones that were rotting but that damn white pumpkin is going to last forever.

      • Brigid Keely says:

        LAAAAAAAAAAST Halloween, Niko admired someone’s front porch display of hay bales, corn stalks, and one million gourds, and tried to invite himself into her house. She responded by calling him cute and letting him select one gourd to take home. He selected a white bumpy one which luckily for us dried out completely and now rattles slightly. It is his SPECIAL GOURD and IT IS PRECIOUS TO HIM and he sleeps with it sometimes. I’m so, so glad it didn’t start to rot.

  3. The Funster says:

    These are great iPhone pictures! I especially love the “feet in the bathtub” picture. How cute! Thanks for posting such really nice pictures!

  4. Audrey says:

    Your newborn photos are envious, lady.

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