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While We Were In Ohio: Richland Carrousel Park

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

We realized this year that because of the way our summers play out, we’ll probably always do warm weather vacations with my parents and the holidays with E’s parents. That means that when we’re in Ohio it is probably always going to be cold, raining and/or snowing, and dark. We’ve made it our goal to find as much kid-friendly indoor stuff as possible. Luckily, Ohio KNOWS it is cold and dreary in the winter so they’ve made an effort to provide us with lots of options.

We visited the Richland Carrousel Park*¬†on Monday I think. After a brief mix up with what time exactly they opened (11 am, not 10 am) we had a really fun time. A book of 50 ride tickets costs $35, so not only did all the kids (mine plus two cousins) get to ride as many times as they wanted, the grown ups got to ride too. By the end Caroline wasn’t even saying “JUST ONE MORE PLEEEEASE ONE MORE??” There were a few other people there at 11 am during school vacation but not a lot, so the kids got their pick of fun animals. It’s a really nice wooden carousel, not the ugly plastic kind we get at the local fair, which made ME like it a lot more even if the kids didn’t care.

I took way too many pictures, as usual. Between the huge windows and the lights on the carousel and the Christmas decorations still up I couldn’t stop myself.

*Their website and signs say “carrousel”. My spellcheck tells me that is not a work, and perhaps I mean “carousel”. I did, in fact, mean carousel, so I wrote carousel everywhere else in the post but I can’t do anything about their official name. According to the internet, that’s the French spelling. I guess Richland, Ohio was feeling pretty international.

richland carrousel park

richland carrousel park

richland carrousel park

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