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Giveaway Day 8: Hugs & Kisses Designs

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Bet you didn’t know a bebehblog week had EIGHT days in it. But I absolutely positively could not hold any kind of handmade giveaway without bringing you something from the lovely and talented Becca from Hugs & Kisses Designs. I have absolutely no idea how I wandered over to her corner of the internet but I stalk read her blog every day and love seeing her pretty face pop up in my Twitter. She has an adorable son named Cayden who is almost the same age as Little Evan so I think of them as growing up together…even thought they’ve never actually met. And neither have Becca and I. And there’s no plans for that to happen any time soon. Ahem.

But how can you not feel like BFF’s with someone who sends you this?

I literally made a "squeeee!!!" sound when I opened it

I once commented on Becca’s blog that this fabric she uses is my absolute favorite, because it matches my hummingbird tattoo. Obviously she READS her comments and has a fabulous memory, since when she said she was going to make me something special she went straight for this stuff!

She even used the fabric for the inside pockets, so I get to look at it every time I have to grab a diaper.

Because that’s what this is: a beautiful handmade diaper bag. At first I thought it was going to be a little small but after jamming a whole day’s worth of snacks, two sippies, my day planner, my keys, my wallet, three diapers, a wipes case, a toddler-size change of clothes AND my DSLR in there, I can assure you it is LARGE.

Adjustable strap? LOVE. It goes over the handle on my stroller or over my shoulder, or across my body when I'm hauling the baby around too.

But besides the brand new diaper bags available NOW from Hugs & Kisses, Becca also makes a ton of other beautiful fabric items from paci clips to clutches to wet bags. Personally though, these are my favorite:

Custom silhouettes of your kids?!?! AWESOME. (She also does pets!!)

Custom prints of your wedding date or your children’s birthdays?!!?!?! So cute as a gift or for yourself! And for the record, I take 100% of the credit for those wedding date prints. I asked her to make one for me for my friend Erin’s bridal shower and now they’re in the shop!

And because she rocks, Becca is offering one lucky reader a $25 credit to Hugs & Kisses Designs!

To enter, just visit Hugs & Kisses (either here on Etsy or here on Big Cartel – Becca is switching over to BC so she’s got stuff in both shops) and leave a comment telling me what item you like best!

Giveaway open until November 8th, winner will be chosen using and notified via email so make sure you use a real one when you comment.

You should also check her out on her blog and The Twitter, because she’s wonderful, her kid is cute and she’s adding new stuff to her shop all the time.

Disclaimer bit: Becca sent me the diaper bag free of charge to photograph and review, but also because she likes me. For the record though, I’ve purchased from her shop before and plan to again as soon as I can get Little Evan to sit still long enough to take a good profile shot. I NEED one of those silhouettes!!

THAT’S IT! ALL MY GIVEAWAYS ARE UP! You can enter as many of them as you want!

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Day 7 is open until November 7th! A knit Phoebe Mouse…by ME!

Giveaway Week Day 7: Phoebe Mouse

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

There are no super-nice things to say about the person who made the item for today’s giveaway, since that person is me. I CAN, however, say a ton of nice things about my friend Megan. Megan taught me to knit, encouraged me to stick with it when I was frustrated and was unbelievably patient when it came to helping me undo my mistakes.

Megan taught me to knit almost exactly 1 year ago and this scarf is the first thing I ever finished. I thought it was the greatest knitting project ever. (Also, Little Evan totally wore those jammies last night. Time to go jammie shopping.)

And in March of this past year, one of Megan’s dreams came true and she opened a yarn store here in Connecticut.

Megan’s Shop: Mothers of Purl Yarns

As a gift for Baby Girl, Megan gave me what might just be the most adorable knitting pattern ever: Phoebe’s Sweater. Not only is it a knitting pattern for a little girl’s sweater, a stuffed mouse, a dress for the mouse and a mouse-sized sweater, it also has a very sweet, beautifully illustrated story about how Phoebe Mouse’s mom knits her a new sweater while she waits for her new baby to come, so even if you DON’T knit it’s a lovely children’s book. To go with the book Megan gave me enough yarn to knit 2 Phoebe Mouses (Mice? Meeses?) with instructions to give one away to you lovely people. And so I did.

Hi, I'm Phoebe

And then because I love knitting, I also made each Phoebe a mouse-sized jacket out of beautiful red tweed.

Your Phoebe will have gold buttons. It's embarrassing how long I stood in the button aisle picking out exactly the right ones for a MOUSE DOLL SWEATER.

But Phoebe really is cuter if you have the book (plus, if you do happen to knit you can make MORE dresses, in different colors! Or the little girl sized sweater!). So I bought a second one from Megan to give away.

You may win everything you see here! Besides the throw pillow. I bought that at Walmart. But you do get the jacket.

The book is even signed by the author and the illustrator. I can't be the ONLY person obsessed with signed books, right?

And in case you think this kind of thing is cute, your Phoebe Mouse will have been hugged by Baby Girl's Phoebe Mouse.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. THAT’S IT.

Tell me who you would give the mouse to (you can say you would keep her)! Tell me what you had for dinner last night. Tell me that even though I’m 32 weeks pregnant today I don’t need to freak out yet about having ANOTHER baby.

Giveaway open until November 7th, winner will be chosen using and notified via email so make sure you use a real one when you comment. I’m willing to send Phoebe and her book anywhere, so giveaway is open to EVERYONE.

Disclaimer bit: Megan gave me three balls of yarn and 1 copy of Phoebe’s Sweater so I could make a mouse for my baby and a mouse for you. Little Evan ruined the first book with…I don’t even know what. Something sticky. Plus I still need  a copy of the pattern to make Baby Girl a child-size sweater. So I bought the book I’m giving away. Plus I put in many many hours of knitting time when I should have been playing with my kid, so the giveaway is literally priceless. How’s that for the most unclear disclosure statement ever?

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Day 3 is open until November 3rd! Taradara
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