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Valentine’s Day:


Dinner at our favorite sushi place, no reservations required, less than $50, and free ice cream for dessert. Before anyone starts lecturing me on the dangers of eating raw fish during pregnancy, you should know I only ate the non-raw pieces, including the one they deep fry and cover in that creamy orange sauce.  I started shoving it down so fast I forgot to take a picture, but I can assure you it was delicious.

The baby approved, although he kicked me every time I leaned my belly against the table. This is why pregnant women often have food spilled on their shirts.

After dinner, we played Rock Band 2 (E’s birthday present) with a little help from Brutus.


I’m hoping my mad drumming skills will be passed on to Baby E. He’s definitely going to have a good sense of rhythm from all that banging only a few inches from his head. On the drums. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Don’t worry, the beer’s not mine. I might break the rules for sushi but I can make it another 6 weeks without drinking. Piece of cake. Mmmm…cake.

We wore our going-out clothes for Rock Band because we are fancy.


It was a really good date with no flowers or chocolates in sight. Instead I got this as one of the best Valentine’s gifts ever.

That’s a 90% finished bookcase, just waiting to be stained. It’ll be done and in the family room in plenty of time to fill with baby toys. Thank you honey!



6 Responses to “Picture Post”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Congrats on the bookcase, a very nice present indeed! Brutus is such a cutie pie, glad he made the pics…. :)
    PS…You don’t look pregnant in that picture.

  2. Britni says:

    Way to be the cutest (not pregnant looking at all) pregnant woman ever! You look adorable :)

  3. bebehblog says:

    I don’t look pregnant because I am wearing non-maternity clothes. The stuff meant for pregnant ladies is ugly and expensive – normal stuff with an empire waist and in bigger sizes is cheap and keeps me from looking like a whale. Also, I am leaning forward so as to distract you with my boobs.

  4. I’ve never eaten sushi. I’m kind of afraid of it. I’ve also never played Rock Band. Sounds like you had a great time!

  5. sarrible says:

    Does E still have to feed you with chopsticks, or have you finally mastered them? We like to joke that Colin has the best rhythm in the family because Sherrie was teaching music the whole time she was pregnant with him, and so he spent nine months behind a piano. But he’s still crap at Rock Band drums like the rest of us.

    Plz tell Brutus to come visit me. I miss him.

  6. funnyface says:

    I wish you could come over and play Rock Band with me.

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