Steppin’ Out: Fancy Casino Night

So this weekend my friend Erin visited and we went…well…everywhere. I’ve got a super cool giveaway coming up from Connecticut Tourism so I’m saving three dozen (or maybe slightly more) of the photos for that post but I have a VERY pressing question for you today:

Formal shorts – A Thing or Not A Thing????

Close up of my shorts

On Suzanne:

Shirt: Dress Barn
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: ModCloth
Purse: Jason Wu for Target
Necklace: Target

I didn’t actually ask Erin to give me a rundown of her entire outfit because that would have been sort of weird. So maybe she can tell us where she got that really cute dress in the comments.

I told E I was going to wear formal shorts and he laughed at me. I say they’re just as good as a skirt except more comfortable with less of a chance of accidentally flashing my underwear when I fall off my RIDICULOUS shoes.

Either way, I like them. Unfortunately they were not lucky formal shorts. Stupid magic unicorn slot machine took all my money. True story.

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16 Responses to “Steppin’ Out: Fancy Casino Night”

  1. TheNextMartha says:

    CUTE! And I think yes, a thing. They’re nicer shorts than you would wear out in the garden. So. Formal shorts it is.

  2. AHHH love the shoes! I’ve never seen/heard/was made aware of “formal shorts” but whatever because you look fabulous!

  3. Amy says:

    I tend to defer to go fug yourself and they make fun of formal shorts. But I think that is because celebrities tend to go for more of a formal bootie short. You look adorable. Are those your sparklecorn shoes for this year?

    • bebehblog says:

      I totally got the phrase formal shorts from the fug girls, and used to make fun of them myself. But I also thought I’d never wear jeggings. And I am definitely wearing those shoes TO Sparklecorn, although I suspect I will take them off within minutes.

  4. MommaExpat says:

    Totally loving the formal shorts, you look great! And totally loving that you’re @ the better casino (IMO).

    • bebehblog says:

      My friend had already been to Foxwoods and although the new MGM part is definitely cooler/fancier/more modern than the old part it’s SO huge and cavernous and it just doesn’t feel as sparkly as Mohegan. Plus, Mohegan is literally in our town.

  5. Audrey says:

    Cute! I kinda wish the shorts were a skirt just to up the cute even more, but I think they look fine. The shoes are ridiculously awesome.

  6. I agree 100% on the formal shorts being awesome. They show off your great legs without that uncomfortable “is my butt hanging out” feeling that a short skirt gives. I need formal shorts. Plus, your bling bling is very cute.

  7. Emily says:

    I like the formal shorts… but they are definitely made fancier by those AMAZING shoes!

  8. Other Erin says:

    Feel free to amend the post with new info. Also for the record, I had a more “going-out” dress to wear. But despite lugging my whole closet up to England I didn’t have a strapless bra. So I had to improvise with leftover work meeting clothes from the week before.
    Dress: Macys
    Patent leather pumps: Nine West
    Clutch: So old I don’t remember
    Sparkly Earrings: Ebay, I think purchased for a high school dance

  9. Other Erin says:

    Also, the magical unicorn is wild.

  10. LOVE the shorts. And the shoes. And Jason Wu for Target???!!! Where have I been????

  11. Meagan says:

    I think the only time I’ve worn shorts as part of a formal outfit was in Vegas, so I’m going with “they are totally a thing if you’re in a casino” ha! Super fun outfit, and those shoes – awesome!

  12. Elaine A. says:

    You look great in the shorts, girl! And love those sassy shoes too. Sounds like a fun night out (well, except for the money gone to slot machine part.) ;P

  13. Julie S. says:

    Formal shorts are totally a thing! :) You look great!

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