Changing the Universe Giveaway

My friend Nicci just launched her brand new Etsy shop where she sells handmade fabric coasters and throw pillow covers and she asked me if I’d help her spread the word. OF COURSE I said yes – I love having so many talented, crafty friends and I greatly admire someone with enough ambition and talent to throw their hat into the handmade biz ring!

Nicci sent me a set of Zen Garden coasters to try out and they’re even cuter in person than online.

I love that they’re fabric and lined with fleece to absorb drips and protect my coffee table, but also something I don’t have to keep putting out of reach from the kids. In fact, they’re perfect for teaching small people the importance of coasters!

One coaster is good!

So two coasters is better!

Everything is ready-to-ship and made in limited quantities, so if you see a pattern you like buy it quick! I think coasters would make a cute hostess gift for a neighbor or a housewarming gift for a friend – everyone uses cups! And tables! And everyone hates water stains! It’s universal! Nicci’s hoping to add new patterns and fabrics to the shop every couple of weeks. You can follow her blog, her Facebook page and her Twitter for shop updates and new deigns.

AND you can enter to win a set of your choice! Just check out the Changing the Universe shop and leave a comment telling me which item you like the best. Or you can go ahead and order yourself a set and use the code BEBEHBLOG at checkout for a 10% discount.

I’m keeping this one short since I’ll be gone next week, so I’ll draw a winner on Friday. Good luck!

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14 Responses to “Changing the Universe Giveaway”

  1. Robyn says:

    I like Sunday Brunch! So springy!

  2. sarah says:

    Sunday Brunch is my favorite too! Coming Home is a close second. So cute!

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  4. Mama Fisch says:

    I like the Coming Home coasters…chic and cute for the house!

  5. Kendra B. says:

    Love the Victorian Elegance coasters. What a talented friend you have, so fun!

  6. I love the feeling lucky coaster set. And the black and white throw pillows, but I am on a self-imposed throw pillow restriction.

  7. Kim says:

    I can’t decide between Coming Home and Zen Garden. Honestly, I love everything in her store!

  8. Amanda says:

    I loved the Victorian Elegance and the Zen Garden. So much that I might have to buy them if I don’t win.

  9. Jennifer W says:

    I love so many, but the Hard to Concentrate coasters would go best in my living room.

  10. Jen says:

    LOVE the safari animal print coasters
    fun but muted…

  11. Kimberly says:

    So cute! The Damask Dreamin’ dreaming set would go PERFECT in my living room.

  12. Suz says:

    I love the Sunday Brunch & your Zen Garden ones!

    I’m also mildy obsessed with Caroline’s who’s cute owl top! Where did you find that?!

  13. Rachel W says:

    I like the set in Hard to Concentrate.

  14. Lightness says:

    […] I TOTALLY forgot to pick a winner for my Changing the Universe giveaway before I left and I’m so sorry. I let choose for me and it picked #12, Kim from […]

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