Evan’s First Birthday: Photo Booth

I couldn’t find a good spot for the photo booth so ended up hanging it in front of my china cabinet. The lighting was not the best and I didn’t manage to get everyone but it was still a super cute idea. I would recommend assigning someone to catch all the guests as them come in the door and forcing them to engage in your fun photo opportunity. Including the noses!!

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6 Responses to “Evan’s First Birthday: Photo Booth”

  1. meghan says:

    LOVE the picture of Granny :)

  2. Yes, granny is rockin’ it! Love this. So. Much. Fun.

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  5. Jenn Smith says:

    Okay so I am just now seeing this. I love the picture of Granny. I definately shows you can still act like a kid when you are 86 years old. Got to love our fiesty Granny. Suzanne hope you don’t mind if I save this picture to us in a Granny scrapbook page.

  6. Photobooth says:

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