Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Tall Ship in Norwich

So, this happened about a zillion years ago in blog years but as I go through and resize and organize all my beach and vacation photos I figured throwing in a few more summertime fun events wouldn’t hurt.

Our town had a bunch of events a couple weekends ago, including a street fair and a visit from the Amistad tall ship. E had to work so I stuffed the kids in the stroller and hustled them down for free fun (spoken: lollipops and cupcakes).

caroline orange balloon

Orange balloon, red lolly, worried about thieves

Oh no, Caroline has turned into a balloon!

The Amistad (not the real one) (or the one from the movie) (BUT my friend Sarah helped build it!)

Thinking deep, boat-like thoughts

More deep thoughts

Evan and a new friend checking out the ship

She’s the girliest tomboy ever

Dear Town of Norwich, I apologize for your June water bill

Casting the town’s new bell

Abraham Lincoln! Because, why not?

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5 Responses to “Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Tall Ship in Norwich”

  1. Amy says:

    I frequently get jealous of your new endlanderness, but now I am super jealous. I want to live somewhere with a shiny new town bell.

  2. Sarah says:


    I kind of want to yell this every time you post photos. Love them. And, I’m with Amy – I’m jealous of your New Englandness. Unless Endlanderness is a thing. In which case. That.

  3. Barbra says:

    You live in the neatest little town. I live in a nice and tiny town, but it is not as neat and cute as yours.
    I love Evan’s deep thoughts photos – Knox frequently has moments of deep thinking and I just stare at swirly on the top of his ginger head and wonder what he is thinking.

  4. Cheney says:

    I was brought to your blog today when I clicked on a BlogHer ad for the Connecticut trip – turns out I live a few minutes away from you in Waterford, so I wanted to say hello! I don’t often find other local bloggers, so I thought it would be neat to connect with you. I’ll be back! I’m trying to build blog readers, so perhaps will consider buying an ad from a neighbor!

    • bebehblog says:

      That’s amazing! I’ve been doing this almost 4 years and I only know of a couple other local bloggers – I think we’re few and far between in this part of the state. I hope we can connect!

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