Big Boy Bed, Take 1

After trips to three different real furniture stores and a few half-hearted searches on our local Craigslist we ended up buying a twin sized bed for Little Evan at Ikea. I don’t know why we even bothered looking anywhere else when the bed I had pictured in my mind was clearly modern, minimalist and Swedish while all the furniture at the traditional stores was heavy and tall and wooden. The salesman at our local store tried to convince me we shouldn’t get a twin bed at all, because eventually he’d need a full sized bed anyways so why not buy one now? Along with the matching dresser? And hey, how about this $400 mattress too? I tried to point out that 99% of college students I know sleep in twin sized beds so Little Evan’s “need” for a full sized bed was sort of subjective single bed with tv. Besides, my little 27 lb toddler still fits just fine in his crib. It’s not like he needs the space of a full. Heck, I can lie in the twin WITH him and we both fit fine. So basically, I told the salesman to shove it (politely) and we went to Ikea. Besides, I had already ordered super cute sheets from Garnet Hill in twin and I hate returning things. Flawless logic, that.

We bought this bed:

ODDA bedframe with drawers

I love that it’s low enough for him to climb in and out himself and the extra storage space underneath. You can NEVER have enough places to hide toys and stuffed animals. So we bought the bed frame and the least expensive mattress they sell (my theory is between now and full potty training it’s going to get so gross we’ll end up tossing it anyways) and E swore his way through their wordless Swedish instructions and now it’s all set up and ready for Little Evan to start sleeping in it. Which is going…not so well.

Sunday night he lay on the bed but asked to sleep in the crib when it was time to turn the lights out. But for Monday nap time he climbed right up, lay down, asked for his milk and and kiss and told me night-night. I tucked him in, made sure he had his eight zillion different blankets and stuffed animals and left the room.

I listened outside the door. All was quiet. I came downstairs and listened over the monitor. I could hear him babbling a little and rustling his sheets. Then there was complete silence and I did a little happy dance of joy.

I texted E to tell him how I was AWESOME and that our kid was a big-boy bed genius and that when he got home we could totally take the crib apart for good because who needs it?! I made plans to hem curtains and move bookcases and blog the awesome new toddler room because the redecorating was totally going to be done super soon!

Ten seconds later, a little voice said “Hai!” and Evan peeked around the corner of the kitchen.

My heart totally stopped. My genius big-boy bed sleeping toddler was instead a genius room escaping (EVEN THOUGH there’s a child-proof cover on the door handle) toddler who managed to get out of bed and climb down the stairs in complete silence.  I am TERRIFIED of letting him climb down the stairs on his own so the thought of him doing the whole flight without anyone there to spot him almost made me pass out.

So. No more big boy bed until we get a gate for the stairs. And any recommendations for door handle covers that ACTUALLY KEEP CHILDREN FROM OPENING DOORS are appreciated.

Adorable bebehs in the adorable bed

Final room makeover results have been officially pushed back until we can take the crib down for good. I’m hoping some time before June.

He asked to have Caroline lie in bed. I think he’d sleep with her all the time if I’d let him.

Uh, ALSO needed: a way to make that outlet/cords a little less dangerous. Because right now I can imagine about 4000 ways he could kill himself either accidentally or because he’s a toddler and doesn’t seem to remember playing with outlets is danger! no matter how many times I scream it at tell him. Unfortunately, that’s the outlet that the light switch works not using it at all is the worst possible option. Well, worst besides some sort of terrible tragedy, so maybe not really WORST worst. I’m just hoping there’s a solution besides never having light in Little Evan’s room.

“OK Mom! Go away! We’re good without you!”

Yeah kid, that’s what YOU think.

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24 Responses to “Big Boy Bed, Take 1”

  1. Molly says:

    Awwww, they both look so cute in the bed! We’re still in a toddler bed but soon to be in a full in our new house. But only because my mom is giving us furniture she already has. Otherwise, we would have gone with a twin too.

    No advice on the outlets, sorry.

  2. Leah says:

    We have these outlet cover thingies that cover the whole thing, plugs and all. Only the cord protrude. Unfortunately my mom got them at a tag sale and based on the packaging they came in, they were the height of baby-proofing technology in the 80’s.

    This seems to be the modern-day equivalent.

    Also, LOVE the sheets.

  3. Denae says:

    I have heard good things about that outlet cover (they sell it at Babies R Us too). For door solutions: Its so great that he gets along with his sister.

  4. Amy says:

    I have nothing valuable to offer, but seriously… can your kids get any cuter? No. No, they can’t. In the bed together, I think Evan’s teaching Caroline the ways of the world.

    “His name is Brutus and he’s REALLY nice, and he’s REALLY comfortable to lay on, and cookies are yummy, also so is cake and chicken nuggets and bread and chocolate and milk is so tasty, just wait til you’re older…”

  5. MKP says:

    LOoooooove the two of them together – how freaking precious.

    Also a former person-who-slept-really-close-to-her-chalk-board-surface, that dust is probably going to get alllll over those adorable linens, just for your future planning.

    • bebehblog says:

      Yeah, it’s totally impractical and also totally the wrong spot in the room for the bed but I want to be able to write cute stuff over his head! Like dream bubbles! It will be adorable! I am ridiculous!

  6. They are just precious in bed together. I’ve been pondering what to do about putting Spencer in a bed and he is already such a door ninja, I was thinking about gating his room.

    • bebehblog says:

      The debate is either gate his room or gate the stairs, but since the playroom/other nursery is right next door I think we’ll gate the stairs. Then if he DOES get out of his room he can go play in there but not fall to his death.

  7. Natalie says:

    I LOVE the sheet/comforter (or is it a duvet?) LOVE. The bed is really nice too, I love how close it is to the floor. Olivia has a bed we THOUGHT we would buy a trundle for, but we’ve determined Sophia needs her own space, so Olivia is left with a high bed. Luckily she doesn’t fall out too often (less than 5 times in 2 yrs).
    I find that little sneaky (quiet!) toddlers hanging out at the edge of my bed still unnerves me, 2 years later. How are they so quiet? Why don’t they employ this power for good?

  8. Brigid Keely says:

    Our door knob things are hard plastic cages that grown up hands have to grasp the actual knob through holes in, to turn the knob. Which works ok on most doors, except our front door has an old glass knob and the cage doesn’t fit right, and I have a hard time opening the door. But Niko can’t do them! The plastic big just spins under his hands. We got them at BRU.

    For outlets, we got actual tamper proof outlets at home depot and Nesko replaced our existing outlets with them. You have to insert two metal prongs at once into the outlet, or it blocks anything (keys, forks, etc) being inserted. It’s also harder to plug in/unplug things just a bit.

    That’s a sweet bed, and you’re right. Older kids/teens don’t NEED a full size bed. That’s pretty ridiculous. The sheets are adorable, too.

  9. Audrey says:

    Ugh. Everyone is going to the big boy bed. I feel so pressured. And also irritated that after 2 months the new room is STILL not painted. Grr. I think I’m going to sit down and assemble Ev’s bed myself and just put it in the nursery for now. We’ve only had it for..I dunno…2.5 YEARS now. And we got sheets at the beginning of January.

    Also – Caroline’s hair looks super dark in these pictures. :D

  10. I love love love the monster sheets. Adorable! Can’t wait to see his new room!

  11. Cole says:

    As you know (and commented on), I *just* started consistently sleeping through the night (YES to the karmic payback!) so my big boy bed is aways away… but we agree on the whole twin vs. full thing – I actually already have a twin bed in my room! Mommy will be watching all future bed posts for tips and tricks for when I make the switch.

  12. FourInchHeels says:

    Melissa at Dear Baby actually JUST talked about her outlet covers, and they seem pretty great. Being too lazy to click through the links all your other commenters provided, I’ll just cross my fingers I’m not repeating myself.
    Here’s her post:
    Here are the covers:

  13. jill says:

    yay for the big boy bed!! i cant even stand how cute that bedding is and those two cutie pies snuggled in bed together. its toooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we luckily (for toddler bed purposes) live in the worlds smallest house so one of my favorite things is hearing corbin wake up from his nap, talk to himself or his pillow pet maybe(?), then slam his bedroom door open and walk out with sleepy eyes ready to cuddle! :)

    im sure once the baby gate is up and a little practice he will have the big boy bed down in no time!

  14. Amanda says:

    When we first moved Maddie we did a baby gate in her doorway. Then when potty training started we moved the gate to the top of the stairs.

    When she repeatedly escaped her bedroom because she could with bathroom privileges (and flushed roll after roll of toilet paper) we did the three strike rule. Out of your room three times to play and the door handle cover ( went on the inside of the door (we took it off when we went to bed).

    As for the outlet I would probably just move the dresser to block that outlet. Out of sight out of mind.

    The sheets are too cute! I can’t wait to see the room makeover when you eventually get to do it.

  15. TMae says:

    What is with kids and double beds? When we bought O’s crib the sale’s people were all, “Oh, it converts to a double bed headboard when he’s ready for one.” And I looked at hubs and said, “Um, no. He can sleep in a twin until he goes to college or buys his own bed, whichever comes first.” But I’m grinchy that way.

    LOVE the bed, the sheets, the bebeh’s in the bed.

  16. Sarah-Anne says:

    ha, love the last line!!
    big boy bed will be a success, just give it time. :)

  17. Joanna says:

    I LOVE that he wanted Caroline in the bed with him. So cute.

  18. Leah says:

    Oh! This would be a good time to start the “Back to Bed” routine that we used to finally get Calder to stay put. Basically, every time Little E gets out of bed you don’t make a huge fuss about it you just turn him around and say something like, “It’s nap time, time to stay in bed” and then put him back.

    The first time, maybe talk a little bit more and give a kiss and a snuggle. The second time he gets up, just say the line but don’t really interact with him and every time he gets up after that, don’t even really make eye contact. Just guide him back to bed and say “It’s time to stay in bed.”

    Maybe start doing this at nap time and once he gets the hang of the bed, work up to bed times too. It really does work.

  19. Robyn says:

    Rory has a full size bed. it’s a platform from IKEA too (i love that she can get in and out on her own). we got the full so that we can use for a guest bed if needed, and for my comfort when i lay with her. she would get out sometimes in the middle of the night when we first got it, but luckily she can’t reach the door handle. she seemed to lose interest in getting out of her bed pretty quick. now she just calls for me from her bed when she wakes up. so maybe it’s just a phase?

  20. Ms. Megan says:

    eeeep!! Those sheets are too cute!!! I hate going places and the sales person trying to convince you to buy everything you don’t need while bypassing the ONE thing you came in the store for! Ugh!!!

  21. Love this post! Reminds me exactly why having another baby is going to be awesome: giving SF a sibling. Also: LOVE Evan’s bedding! And room! Too cute.

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