Wordless Wednesday: Toddlers Have A Lot Of Energy Edition


This is totally not breaking the rules because I put that little line in to differentiate between where the Wordless part stops & I don’t want to do a WHOLE OTHER post just for my giveaway winner.

The lucky commenter that gets their choice of any baby bandanna from Uff Da Designs is…

Molly from A Day in Mollywood!

Congrats! I will forward your email to Emily so she can send you your bib once you pick out a pattern! You’re going to LOVE it!!

P.S. Molly is one of my newest blogging friends and I highly recommend you check her out – she’s got a beautiful family and is a wonderful writer.

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8 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Toddlers Have A Lot Of Energy Edition”

  1. TMae says:

    I saw your new stroller in action as a double this weekend. I grabbed my husband and was all, “LOOK! That’s Suzanne’s new stroller! Isn’t it awesome?!?! See? It’s a double, too!” And he looked at me like I was c-r-a-z-y.

    • bebehblog says:

      Haha! Your husband and mine should start a support group for people married to women who care way too much about strollers.

  2. love it! poppy LUUUURVES pushing her stroller around and even though she’s generally super mellow, a sure way to have a toddler shit fit on my hands is to try and stop her from doing it. oh, the theatrics! silly kiddos.

    stoked that molly won my giveaway! i love her and i love YOU!


  3. This totally cracked me up. Spencer spent about 20 minutes yesterday “rearranging” the chairs on our patio. These babies, they like the pushing.

  4. You should print out these picture all tiny and make a little flip book out of it. And are you sure you didn’t mean “Holly from a Baby grows in Brooklyn” won the giveaway?!? :D

  5. Sydney says:

    Oh dear. My child wears me out and keeps going!
    My toddler will be the death of me! haha. <3

  6. toddlers have WAYYY too much energy. I really don’t understand it.

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