The Creative Connection Part 1: Tables & Food

The people involved in decorating and planning the events and meals for The Creative Connection were, of course, brilliant and crafty and…creative.

(Here’s a tip for anyone tired of hearing about my trip: start at the first post and drink every time I say the words “amazing”, “awesome” or “creative”. You’ll be so smashed after 2 paragraphs you won’t even notice I CANNOT shut up.)

From the very first lunch to the cupcake farewell party every table & place setting was gorgeous. Here are the pictures I managed to catch before I shoved the gifts in my bag and the food in my face.

Lunch on Thursday, Keynote Address by The Pioneer Woman

Clockwise from top left:
Adorable place setting with note pad, antique fork and mustache-on-a-stick
I heart gourds as table decor – so fall-y!
After picture of my red velvet cake (I seriously considered eating that piece in the background too)(I did not)(But I regret that decision)
Before picture of the red velvet cake – it’s The Pioneer Woman’s recipe! We also had the Asian Noodle Salad I made for dinner once before

Cocktail Autograph Session & Gala Dinner, Speakers were MaryJane Butters and Amy Butler

Clockwise from top left:
The BEAUTIFUL tables – the tablecloths are 400 yards of Amy Butler fabric hand sewn by Jo Packham & her friends!
Apple crumble for dessert – we had dessert at EVERY meal, including parfaits at breakfast
The super cute tables for the cocktail hour – an author was at every single one to sign books & pictures & chat
Lisa Leonard gift box at every place setting – she gave a beautiful necklace to every attendee!!

Box lunch on Friday, panel discussion was Women Entrepreneurs

Clockwise from top left:
Adorable tables full of lunch boxes
The third gorgeous centerpiece of the event
Another picture of the table set up – I wish I had gotten one of the beverage table, it was all mason jars of lemonade & buckets of ice
Gift at the place setting – a mini apron made from a tea towel

Breakfast Saturday, Editorial Panel with TONS of great advice on publishing & the future of the industry

Clockwise from top left:
Table from breakfast – what you can’t see is the flower pins for everyone made by Suzanne from Italian Girl in Georgia
“Flowers” made with old pages & clothespins
Close-up of the centerpieces – I STILL can’t figure out quite how it was done
I was so excited to see someone fancier than me using milk glass to decorate a party! I’m so hip! And stylish!

Cupcake Farewell

Clockwise from top left:
Gorgeous table of (delicious) cupcakes
Adorable little signs – so Alice in Wonderland
The chocolate ones disappeared in about 2 seconds
Good thing I prefer to shove vanilla cupcakes into my face – NOM NOM NOM

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8 Responses to “The Creative Connection Part 1: Tables & Food”

  1. Wow! What fabulous photos. You really captured everything. There were just so many details taken into consideration by the planners. Everything was quite lovely.

    And, THANK YOU for sharing the name of the recipe. I was looking on PWs main site, so now I’m heading to the Tasty Kitchen. I so appreciate it. =)

  2. Omygosh, now I am STARVING! Thanks for that.

  3. Amanda says:

    Everything looks amazing! I am such a sucker for a fantastic tablescape!

  4. Gussy says:

    those cupcakes were so good!!!!! i am drooling now of the thought of eating one…

  5. tracy says:

    So fun to meet you via twitter during the social media panel. How ironic eh?

    You are lovely!

  6. Oh my gosh – I took that picture of you inhaling the cupcake!!!!!

    • bebehblog says:

      Hai! I’m glad you found me, I totally asked you to take that picture without even getting your name & contact info but I wanted to see your photos too!

  7. Kristi Pohl says:

    Love this-I only attended on Thursday so it was fun to see what I missed!

    And I like your idea of turning your posts on the Creative Connection into a drinking game, I could do the same on mine…I’ve been blabbing about it all week!

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