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Steppin’ Out {2}

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Only 2 of us actually stepped out on Saturday – Me and Caroline to her (attempted) photo shoot with KBG Photography – but Little Evan asked to sit with the baby while we were taking her picture so he gets to be included.

Don't mind the HORRIBLE chair - it's where to dog sits so it's reeeeeally gross.


Dress – Vintage from when I was a baby (I think of it as her Little Pookie dress, because of the blue elephants)(99% of you have no idea what that means)(also, I know the elephants are green but their wings are blue)(please move on now)

Leggings – Old Navy

Little Evan:

Shirt – Gymboree

Jeans & Shoes – Target


Dress – H&M

Nursing Tank (that I was hoping wouldn’t show because I look like a SLOB) – Glamour Mom

Belt – Charlotte Russe

Cardigan – Old Navy

Ridiculous tights that only cost $2.50 so I thought I’d try them & Boots – Target

Tiny amethyst earrings – Vintage from a garage sale

Adorable poppy hair clip you can’t see – Uff Da!

Dirty old boots I couldn’t crop out of the photo – E

And a little reality check - This is what 90% of the photos E takes for these posts look like.

So about the tights. It turns out I only like bright colored tights in theory – when they’re on my legs I feel conspicuous and silly. Luckily/unluckily, I already ripped a hole in these with one of my toenails (note to self: get pedicure) so I don’t have to worry about wearing them again. I did buy nice navy blue pair that I think will feel less silly. I also won’t be wearing this dress again until I stop nursing (so, a ZILLION YEARS from now) because I have to take it half way off to get my boob out. Poor planning, Suzanne. Poor planning.

Steppin’ Out {1}

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

I never participate in Mandy’s weekly SOS style linkys because a) I rarely bother to get dressed these days and b) all my clothes are from Target, which means you probably own them too. Also, I have no style, especially when I’m nursing. Boob-accessible clothing tends to be EVEN MORE boring and unoriginal than my regular jeans-and-sweater combination. What I’m saying is you’re not going to find anything super inspiring here, so just leave now. Go on, get. Stop! Why are you scrolling?!

On Mama:

Shirt, nursing tank & boots: Target

Cardigan: H&M (can I call it “vintage” if it’s from, like, 5 seasons ago?)

Jeans: Old Navy

Headband: Much Love Illy on Etsy

Giant boobs & insanely long hair: Caroline

On Little Evan:

Jean & Shoes: Target

Sweater: Children’s Place (I bought it for my nephew for Christmas last year. It came back in a box of hand-me-downs which is very exciting because I LOVE it.)

On Caroline:

Dress: Uff Da! (And she’s already outgrown it – I need to order a bigger one ASAP!)

Onesie: Carter’s

Leggings: Old Navy (If you need truly infant-sized leggings, that is where to go. These are actually 6-12 month sized but they fit her great!

Booties: Hand knit by my wonderful high-school friend Jen B.

Headband: Allora Handmade