Steppin’ Out at Gillette Castle

Every summer Connecticut has an “Open House Day” where tons of parks and sites across the state waive their entrance fees. And every single year I see the signs start to go up in town (there’s a historic home turned museum I drive past at least twice a day) and I think “Oh that will be FUN. Let’s go somewhere! It’s free! I like history!” And then every year on the Sunday AFTER Open House Day I think “Crap. Well, sitting on the couch was nice, too.”

But this year I marked my calendar set up a reminder in my iPhone, gave E a 24 hour warning that Saturday was a GO PLACES day, Google-mapped our route (turn right on Roue 85, drive straight for 40 minutes, turn left into parking area) and off we went to Gillette Castle.

I’ll spare you a history lesson on the castle, but Wikipedia can help you out here and here if you’re interested. Let me just say NONE of these pictures really do justice to how cool it is in person.

There are 47 wooden doors like this in the castle and they are all different. The design up the center is really part of a giant lock. Even the light switches and widow hinges were made of wood like this.

Despite being a successful actor and a brilliant inventor, Gillette was the early 1900’s version of a crazy cat lady. He built in spots for them to lounge, installed chicken wire under his furniture so the cats didn’t accidentally burn themselves on the radiators, and collected tons of tiny cat figurines. I’m guessing if he was alive today he’d be a regular contributor to I Can Has Cheezburger.

On Caroline:

Onesie – Carter’s
Leggings with attached skirt – Hand me down, tag missing

On Little Evan:

Shirt – Hand me down (it says “My grandparents don’t spoil me, they’re just very accommodating”
Jeans – Target
Sandals – Old Navy

On Mama:

Shoes – Target
Jeans – Old Navy
Shirt – Old Navy
Shrug – handknit by me
Earrings – BailyBelle on Etsy

A closer look at the cute leather earrings, although it looks like she doesn’t have them in the shop anymore:

And one more pic of my husband, since I can’t seem to post enough of those.

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8 Responses to “Steppin’ Out at Gillette Castle”

  1. molly says:

    What a fun outing! I love history and doing things like that. It’s definitely harder to get out with 2 toddlers now. Bounce house = not historic. Oh well.

    You have a beautiful family!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Another reason to go to CT…
    And I am totally in love with the stained glass window! Wow!
    (No description of E’s ensemble? haha)

  3. You look so cute! And when did Even get so tall?!?! We REALLY need to come visit!!! I have to confess that I am anxiously awaiting finished patio pictures.

  4. Olivia says:

    Beautiful family! Those bright colors are so gorgeous on you!

  5. Megan says:

    A) Love the sweater! B) On our last trip to Gillette Castle, I learned that all those figurines are actually glued in place…so the real cats wouldn’t knock them over. C) There is something oddly appealing about that house. The main rooms really seem like they would be lovely to hang out in and have amazing views. The bedrooms on the other hand are a little on the small side.

  6. Leslie says:

    What a cute family you have! That castle looks amazing. I LOVE your outfit! All of the details you threw together with the earrings and sandals and that shrug is amazing! You hand knit that? I love that color.

    I found your blog via Harpers Happenings

  7. Kristine says:

    Beautiful pictures!! You do SO awesome with color!! I need some help!! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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