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Steppin’ Out {Deja Vu} at the Aquarium

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Yeah, so we went to the aquarium again. I know you’re super excited to see more fish pictures. I don’t even know why I TAKE them anymore, since my hard drive is full of out-of-focus, blue-tinted photos of the back of my kids’ heads. Every time I get home all excited because I KNOW that THIS time I got a killer shot of a hermit crab I discover that it’s just an orange blur and I am not actually talented enough to take photos in such low light.

BUT! This is one of those times where I can genuinely say I’m posting on my “oh I started it as a journal of my pregnancy to keep my family updated blah blah blah” blog and mean it.* My mom buys us our membership each year and when I don’t post enough photos of us using it she starts to ask if we’re still using it.

YES, MOM. Enjoy the pictures. At least I put them in collages so the rest of you don’t have to scroll through all 30+.

I’ve been to this aquarium several dozen times and I have NEVER seen the octopus do anything put hide in the corner. This time he was trying to eat my kid through the glass. Cool but kind of (totally, completely) freaky.

¬†Yep, I’m petting a shark in that bottom picture. Badass, right?

And then my 2-year-old touched a shark. I feel much less badass.

Someone was having such a good time he had to be dragged out and then bribed with Five Guys for lunch. OK, maybe the Five Guys wasn’t absolutely necessary, but it was delicious.

Also, we all wore clothes. Shocking, I know.

On Me:
Dress – ModCloth
Leggings – Old Navy
Sweater – H&M (From college! It’s missing 75% of its buttons so I used pin)
Boots – Old Navy
Evan Bracelet – Gift from my Aunt Susan
Silver cuff & earrings – Spiffing Jewelry

On Caroline:
Jacket – Hand-me-down, Toughskins
Top – Hand-me-down, Carters
Leggings – Old Navy
Shoes – Hand-me-down, Converse

OK, next weekend maybe we’ll go someplace else. Or not. Probably not.

*True fact: I actually started the blog to entertain my online friends with gross pregnancy symptoms. My family was never supposed to find it.

Steppin’ Out 2 Ways

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

This is what we looked like for the FIRST half of Saturday:

On Caroline:

Dress – hand me down, tag says Circo from Target
Leggings – Splendid Little for Target

On Mama:

Shirt – Calypso for Target
Skirt – Target
Nursing tank – Target (wow I’m boring)
Flip Flops – old and unnamed
Felt poppy headband – Uff Da Designs

Super pale and sort of squishy, but at least decent for human eyes.

And this is what we looked like for the SECOND half of Saturday:

On Evan:
Shirt – Hand me down, untagged
Shorts – Carter’s
Boots – Target
Tiny Shovel – Target

On Mama:
Nursing Tank – Target
Blank Tank – Hanes men’s undershirt
Shorts – Target
Bandana – Stolen from someone in college
Big person shovel – Ace Hardware

Still super pale and squish but now also saggy and dirt covered. As Little Evan would say: MESS!!!!

The digging continues. Anyone want to come over and help? I can promise lots of beer and burgers on an awesome new patio, but you don’t get paid until Friday. What, no takers? I’m shocked.

Steppin’ Out {6}

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

This edition of Steppin’ Out could also be called “All we did on Saturday was drive around and look at the price of rocks but Suzanne got a remote for her camera and also a new shirt so she took pictures anyways.”

But that’s not quite as catchy.

On Mama:

Headband – Allora Handmade
Black tank – H&M
Flowered shirt – Target
Jeans – Target
Sunglasses – The Dollar Store

Tell me the truth, the shirt’s pretty ugly, right? I think the pattern came right off my grandmother’s couch. Not even the good living room couch – the lumpy basement couch. Target also had it in blue, which was definitely less couchy, but I own TONS of blue and thought this would be a nice change. I think I was wrong.

On Caroline:

Cardigan & Dress – Old Navy
Amber teething necklace – Local (out of business) baby store

That sponsored post I did for Old Navy this week was to promote their 30% off baby & toddler sale (plus the 15% off coupon!). So of course when we were at the mall Friday for Stroller Strides I went to check it out. Both kids now have a few new things for summer. I’m such a sucker for a sale.

Little Evan was also adorable at some point, but peed through his diaper during nap and then…his father dressed him. Let’s just say he would have fit right in at Bayview with Zack and the gang – tapered jeans, popped color and all. I did not take a picture.

Steppin’ Out {2}

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Only 2 of us actually stepped out on Saturday – Me and Caroline to her (attempted) photo shoot with KBG Photography – but Little Evan asked to sit with the baby while we were taking her picture so he gets to be included.

Don't mind the HORRIBLE chair - it's where to dog sits so it's reeeeeally gross.


Dress – Vintage from when I was a baby (I think of it as her Little Pookie dress, because of the blue elephants)(99% of you have no idea what that means)(also, I know the elephants are green but their wings are blue)(please move on now)

Leggings – Old Navy

Little Evan:

Shirt – Gymboree

Jeans & Shoes – Target


Dress – H&M

Nursing Tank (that I was hoping wouldn’t show because I look like a SLOB) – Glamour Mom

Belt – Charlotte Russe

Cardigan – Old Navy

Ridiculous tights that only cost $2.50 so I thought I’d try them & Boots – Target

Tiny amethyst earrings – Vintage from a garage sale

Adorable poppy hair clip you can’t see – Uff Da!

Dirty old boots I couldn’t crop out of the photo – E

And a little reality check - This is what 90% of the photos E takes for these posts look like.

So about the tights. It turns out I only like bright colored tights in theory – when they’re on my legs I feel conspicuous and silly. Luckily/unluckily, I already ripped a hole in these with one of my toenails (note to self: get pedicure) so I don’t have to worry about wearing them again. I did buy nice navy blue pair that I think will feel less silly. I also won’t be wearing this dress again until I stop nursing (so, a ZILLION YEARS from now) because I have to take it half way off to get my boob out. Poor planning, Suzanne. Poor planning.

Steppin’ Out {1}

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

I never participate in Mandy’s weekly SOS style linkys because a) I rarely bother to get dressed these days and b) all my clothes are from Target, which means you probably own them too. Also, I have no style, especially when I’m nursing. Boob-accessible clothing tends to be EVEN MORE boring and unoriginal than my regular jeans-and-sweater combination. What I’m saying is you’re not going to find anything super inspiring here, so just leave now. Go on, get. Stop! Why are you scrolling?!

On Mama:

Shirt, nursing tank & boots: Target

Cardigan: H&M (can I call it “vintage” if it’s from, like, 5 seasons ago?)

Jeans: Old Navy

Headband: Much Love Illy on Etsy

Giant boobs & insanely long hair: Caroline

On Little Evan:

Jean & Shoes: Target

Sweater: Children’s Place (I bought it for my nephew for Christmas last year. It came back in a box of hand-me-downs which is very exciting because I LOVE it.)

On Caroline:

Dress: Uff Da! (And she’s already outgrown it – I need to order a bigger one ASAP!)

Onesie: Carter’s

Leggings: Old Navy (If you need truly infant-sized leggings, that is where to go. These are actually 6-12 month sized but they fit her great!

Booties: Hand knit by my wonderful high-school friend Jen B.

Headband: Allora Handmade