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One of the cool kids

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I am super-duper, totally, ridiculously, unbelievably thrilled that Ohdeedoh is featuring Baby Evan’s Carnival birthday party today! The creative, modern, brilliant ideas on their website always inspire me, even if I’m not creative, modern or brilliant enough to actually use any of them. I live in Connecticut, which invented¬† flea-markets-masquerading-as-antique-dealers.¬† I am totally not cool enough for pale wood furniture, minimalist design and funky colors. I’m really more of an antiquey, junky, cluttery kind of decorator, as evidence by my crowded bookcases, mismatched furniture and collection of chicken shaped candy dishes (come back Friday to see them). I am no where near stylish enough for any legitimate publication, unless someone publishes Useless Collections of Candleholders and Mirrors Monthly.

So when I submitted Evan’s first birthday to Ohdeedoh I had almost no hope of being selected. Most of the parties I’ve seen featured have been done by moms who just HAPPEN to be party planners or professional photographers or Etsy craft sellers too (check out this Fairy Garden Party or this Lego Party) – but I’m honored the editors liked my ideas! I’m so proud of myself and my friends who helped make such an amazing party possible, especially Amanda and her fantastic cake.

If you missed my birthday posts the first time, you can find them here.

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The photographs I used for the party were taken by Nina Benjamin of Nina Benjamin Photography here in Connecticut. She’s also the photographer partnered with Papoose, my favorite baby store so you can check out more of her work there if you happen to be in the area.

And check out these photos my BFF Erin took. She’s just started her own photography business in the Philadelphia area and did a fantastic job catching all the little details of my party. You can contact her at