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Not Rich Kids Of Instagram #nrkoi

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Have you seen Rich Kids of Instagram?
It’s a good way to feel pretty bad about your life pretty fast.

As a remedy for all that excess and consumption on this lovely Friday, I present:
Not Rich Kids Of Instagram.

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

Drinking the good stuff til we pass out #organicwholemilk #naps #nrkoi

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

Private helipad #NDB #helicopter #nrkoi

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

Just chillin’ at my crib #private #exclusive #newengland #rkoi

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

The ride #dodge #seatsseven #privatechauffer #nrkoi

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

Big spender! Check out my reusable bag discount, y’all. #hardcore #green #stopandshop #nrkoi

I didn’t actually upload these to Instagram but if you want to follow along on our Not Rich Kid adventures I plan to post more on our super exclusive and fancy ferry boat private yacht trip to Long Island The Hamptons and our brush with Elmo famous celebrities this weekend. I’m “bebehblog” on Instagram or you can see my photos on webstagram or Flickr!

#bh12photoaday – Link Up!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Soooooo…how did you do? I think when I came up with this idea I had forgotten how CRAZY BlogHer is and how quickly phones die and how hard it is to remember my own name let alone specific things to photograph. I barely remembered to complete most day (and missed one photo entirely). So what I’m saying is- it is FINE if you missed some (or most) and want to link up.

Here’s a reminder of the list:

And here are my days


#bh12photoaday wednesday


#bh12photoaday thursday


#bh12photoaday friday


#bh12photoaday saturday

I forgot number 14. Shoes (I’m pretty sure I almost forgot my ACTUAL shoes after Sparklecorn too) so I filled that last collage with Mandy vs. Miranda’s Baby. It might be the best picture I’ve ever taken.

BlogHer Photo A Day

Monday, July 16th, 2012

I seriously love photo assignments – from the photo-every-hour posts to the photoaday Instagram challenges Fatmumslim does every month – but I’ve been doing a terrible job keeping up. During the all-day ones I always end up driving or eating for EVERY shot and I always lose steam on the monthlies. I’ll do really well for a week or two and then miss two or three in a row and then quit altogether. But four days? I can do four days. So how about a mini-photo-a-day just for our time in NYC?

I present to you: The BlogHer Photo A Day challenge! Four pics a day for four days means 16 photos in all – totally doable! The plan is to follow along on Instagram (use the hashtag #bh12photoaday) while we’re at the conference and then when we all get home I’ll post a linky for round-up posts. If you’re NOT in NYC, feel free to play along at home, get creative (maybe you’ve still got that Statue of Liberty snow globe you bought on your 4th grade trip? Just me?) and link up the second week of August.  I’ve got a few friends who’ve already promised to play along but the more kids play the more fun it will be.

We start August 1st! Are you in?

(I’m not BlogHer official or anything, so don’t bomb the #BlogHer12 hashtag with a zillion pictures of your suitcase. I just had an idea and ran with it. Look at me. Maybe C25K really IS changing my attitude towards running.)

Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Favorite From May

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

I apologize for posting this picture literally two days in a row (AND on Instagram AND on Facebook) but it might be the best picture I’ve ever taken…and it was with my phone. Can you even imagine trying to explain that to someone 50 years ago? I TOOK THIS PHOTOGRAPH WITH A TELEPHONE.