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My Week(341) in iPhone Photos

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

There is an awful lot of my face in this week’s pictures, because it turns out when I am without my children I have a lot more time to put on make-up, do my hair, generally relax and enjoy myself. I also took a LOT of photos of things I ate, because food made my someone else is very exciting for moms.


I went to the spa for a facial like I’m some sort of fancy celebrity

And then I went to lunch with these weirdos

This is one of my favorite views



Watching Animaniacs “for the kids”

Me: Don’t shine that in my eyes. Linc: OK *shines it in his eyes*


Mocha mint whatever. It’s delicious.

Not real life: Kia arrives to take me to dinner because I’m in the right place at the right time.

I ate/drank like 75% of the things in this photo all by myself


Palm trees…swimming pools…

Not real life: when Olive Garden leaves you wine and glasses in your room

My only photo of my insane rainbow caftan. It was PERFECT.


I’m wearing a romper in this photo. Tiffany looks like a model and I’m basically a toddler.

I have known Kim on the internet since before I even HAD a blog.

Not real life: Hair stylists and champagne


I’m not stealing all the cheese I’m just taking a picture. And then stealing all the cheese.

Fancy hair again

They’re going to kill me for posting this photo


Diet coke for breakfast, as it should be

Blue skies

Exhausted sweaty face IN FIRST CLASS

I had such a good time at Mom 2.0 in Florida. Because this isn’t 2011 I won’t write a whole recap post, but I will say Mom 2 is still my favorite conference where I feel like I meet the best people and always feel like I belong. The scary “omg she’s so famous”-ness I felt at other conferences just didn’t exist. I don’t know if I’ll make it to 2018 in California but if I don’t I will spend that week crying under the covers because I miss my people so much.

The good news is now we are officially LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY from our family Disney trip and I can freak out in earnest. I’ll have everyone 100% packed by next week. The kids are going to be like “Mom, why can’t I find any underwear or shorts?”

My Week(323) in iPhone Photos

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Welp, it’s officially the part of winter that tries to kill me every year. It is dark. It is cold. I have two small children who can’t be outside long enough for me to get more than 10 minutes of sunlight, and 10 minutes is not enough sunlight. I don’t like babywearing when it’s slippery. I don’t like driving in the snow or rain. Basically, I just stay home and wallow and eat too many cookies and pray for April.






Shopping is not his fav

He throws up on me every time, but we’re working on it

Happy baby


Other people’s train tables are better than your own

Fruit snack time

This was her idea of a “fun pose”



Organizing my kitchen, one cabinet at a time

Lashes. Unbelievable lashes.


He loves the snow

But it’s easier when you have friends over

Exhausted tiny human


Snow day crafting

The only warm place in our house was right here

So. Much. Chopping. involved in a Blue Apron meal

My Week(266) in iPhone Photos

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Sorry, planning a party, no time to remember anything else including my blog, my children and where I put my keys.





My town can be pretty cute


Driving directly into the sun – scenic but inconvenient 



The only time he is EVER still


We introduced Evan to video games





He’s pretending to be the more mature one




Editing and watching Arrow, two of my favorites





Thank goodness he loves sleeping


Caroline is in that box



Doin’ important baby work




She’s very excited Darth Vader is on her pajamas



Post-flu-shot faces


She got send home from school for “feeling sick”


Hot chocolate stirring spoons: chocolate marshmallow, white chocolate peppermint, salted caramel

Ok, be back next week when I can think straight again and not spend all my time trying to imagine Nutcracker themed names for various cookies.

Magic Words: Free (And Worry-Free!) Coffee

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Platinum If you are a guest at my house, you’ll never have trouble finding the coffee in the morning. Now that Evan is in pre-K and Caroline’s going to preschool 3 days a week, my chances to sleep in are limited. Not that my chances to sleep in over the summer were great – since E works at least 6 days a week I usually get up with the kids all 7 days. At least in the summer I can throw an apple and the iPad at them and put a pillow over my head for half an hour. Now with 5 days of school we only have those two precious weekend days for fun or sports or birthday parties or getaways. It gets even harder now that I’ve thrown all this photography stuff into the mix. I’m not OMG SO BUSY for sure – my couch still has a pretty good butt dent since it’s where I “work” – but I do have to be awake and alert and on-task.

Thank GOD for coffee. Coffee coffee coffee. And especially for my upgraded Keurig® Brewing System, which has a travel mug sized option to make giant cups of coffee with just the press of a button. I’m pretty sure my parents come to visit 50% because they love their grandkids and 50% because they love those little K-cup packs. It’s so, so, so, so easy. And I don’t care that your hipster coffee press thing is easy too – nothing beats tossing those little cups and never spilling a single coffee ground on my floor.

Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Platinum

We’ve been Green Mountain Coffee® drinkers from the start, since that’s what my office stocked a million years ago when I worked in an office and a Keurig was still a magical thing you rented because they cost a bucket of money. Now that it’s much more easily accessible, we’re already hooked – E is a huge fan of the Caramel Vanilla Cream and I like anything dark, especially iced with lots of creamer. There’s a Fair Trade Certified™ Three Continent Blend that sounds delicious.

Green Mountain Coffee-7

Ice, milk, coffee and a little sugar-free vanilla syrup and suddenly 3 pm doesn’t look so horrible.


It’s part of a campaign Green Mountain Coffee is launching this fall called “Great Coffee, Good Vibes, Choose Fair Trade” to raise awareness of how buying Fair Trade Certified™  coffee is good for you, the environment, and the coffee growers. Green Mountain Coffee® offers one of the largest selections of Fair Trade Certified™ coffees in the U.S. (confirmed by Fair Trade USA). Buying Fair Trade Certified coffee doesn’t mean much as far as my budget goes – I’ve committed to the expense of K-cup packs and they cost about the same no matter what brand I buy – but it is one small way I can be a better global citizen.

It’s nice to know while I’m sipping my coffee that the family who grew the beans was paid a fair price that allows them to keep their farm, send their kids to school and invest in their business. Because they’re being paid a sustainable wage for their coffee, farmers can focus on quality, which means Fair Trade coffee is extra-delicious. It’s not like I’m saving the world by drinking coffee, but buying Fair Trade Certified™ Green Mountain Coffee® is supporting farmers and their families and that’s a good feeling.

Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Platinum

Can you smell it? I swear I can smell it just looking at the picture. You can learn more about Green Mountain Coffee, Fair Trade practices, and see exclusive videos of Kelly Clarkson visiting coffee farmers in Peru at You can also check out their Facebook page.

One of you lucky readers has the chance to win a Keurig® Brewing System and a Green Mountain Coffee® gift basket!

 Just leave a comment on this post answering the question: Are you a coffee drinker, and if so, would you consider buying fair trade coffee?


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Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Mocha Iced Coffee

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

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We’ve been eating a lot of dessert in our house lately, both because it’s delicious and because the promise of a treat after dinner encourages the kids to sit nicely and eat their meal. I’m not talking about anything elaborate or time consuming, just something sweet like fruit, cookies or ice cream – all of which are improved with the addition of COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. (more…)