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My Week(3) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

This week’s picture brought to you by the letter “G” for “Good, Good dog, Brutus”


Little Evan took it easy while we finished up renovations


There's no rule that you can't have pretty bedding even though the mattress is on plywood and the outlets are exposed.

Although I DO have a rule that requires pants when we leave the house. So we hung out at home.


Evan LOVES his new chair (thanks to Baby Baby Lemon for the link!)

Then we went and did our patriotic duty...

...Although Evan wasn't so sure about my choices.


We enjoyed the last of the fall colors on our way to Stroller Strides

And sorted through my bedroom junk drawer

And discovered that my belly button had "popped". It also goes "beep!" if you push it (or at least it does when Evan pushes it.)


We made some poor choices when it came to toddler appropriate toys (don't worry, I took them away before I let him run around).

And some wise choices when it came to dinner (Cheddar-jalapeno scones from Smitten Kitchen - thanks to Ernie Bufflo for the link!)


We went to the pet store for MORE flea medication (damn things will NOT die) so Evan got to practice his tweeting


And to finish the week, Evan read Daddy's statistics texbook. Genuis Baby: I has one.