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Babywearing Weekend Part 3

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

While going through the toys and stuffed animals my mother had saved from my own childhood, I came across something that I think TOTALLY explains my current obsession with babywearing and baby carriers.

It's a baby backpack! For babies! To carry baby dolls!

So he wasn't as OMGSOEXCITED! about the backpack as I was, but he didn't mind posing for the pictures either. Hopefully in a couple months he'll actually like playing babywearing. Then his dolly can be handy any time he feels the need to pull her hair out with his teeth.

And here’s one more vintage photo of my aunt “wearing” me when I was a baby. It’s really a frame carrier, like the one I have in the guest room closet just in case we every decide to go hiking (AHAHAHAHAHAHA), but everyone in my family seemed to like it. My dad said he “wore” my brother all the time but I couldn’t find any pictures. That’s what happens when you’re the third child.

We were at Old Sturbridge Village. Bonnets were so hot right then.

Oh wait, I almost forgot this:

Overalls: Daddy's Baby carrier.

Babywearing Weekend Part 2

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Check out my new BabyHawk, a Christmas present from my wonderful husband.

Blue side! With a pocket! I know the beige straps aren't the most practical for keeping clean but I wanted something neutral that wasn't black.

Back carry! I even got him on by myself.

The only drawback to a back carry.

And this is the gorgeous pagne my sister sent me from Africa. You wear it by just wrapping it around you, folding down the top and tying the bottom.

The instructions my sister sent me for the pagne.