Sore and shiny

I think I have thrush. It’s a yeast infection you can get on your nipples and in the baby’s mouth from, well, lots of things, but I think I got it from damp nursing pads or wearing my Lilypadz at night. My nipples are burning like crazy and look very pink and shiny and even though Baby Evan’s latch is finally right it still hurts every time he eats. GAH. I’m doing everything the internet suggests to try and get rid of it on my own (seriously, you don’t want to know) but tomorrow I’m going to ask my LC to look at my nipples. Wow. I can’t believe I am eagerly awaiting my chance to have a 65 year old woman look at my nipples. Having a baby really does change things.

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  1. Audrey says:

    The pediatrician could prescribe an antibiotic for the both of you so you don’t pass it back and forth to each other. Mine did that for me once. And a friend swears by gentian violet dye for thrush so you could always go around with purple nips.

  2. mv says:

    de-lurking to say that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for oral diflucan if topical creams don’t clear it up. i battled thrush for almost two months before taking finally getting diflucan. it worked and was like entering a magical world where breastfeeding no longer hurt. amazing!

  3. breamworthy says:

    Two words: gentian violet. Yes, Baby E’s mouth and your nipples will be purple, but it works FAST and is reasonably natural and easy on the system.

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