Listen to your mother

I have never been good about wearing sunscreen. Even with every risk factor for skin cancer working against me, I still think “Oh I just need a base tan, then I’ll look so healthy! And thin! And rich!” Even after my father had a big piece of his FACE removed, I still forget to wear my SPF 30 every day. But now I have learned my lesson. I have a mustache. Not from something I could remove, like hair, but from chloasma, the skin discoloration pregnant women sometimes get. I look like Tom Selleck. No amount of makeup is going to hide it, no level of cleavage will distract from it, and unless veils suddenly come into fashion I’m afraid I’m going to go through the next 7 months bearing a strong resemblence to a pregnant Josef Stalin. I should have listened to my mother.


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  1. FourInchHeels says:

    Have you thought about switching over to a moisturizer with SPF? Or just using sunscreen AS your moisturizer? Clearly neither is the perfect solution, but when I’m just as lazy as you are, I figure what I’m doing is better than nothing! Same goes for chapstick with SPF … I sunburned my lips once and I wanted to cut them off, it was horrible!

  2. Stacyinbean says:

    Ah! My best friends’ birth control pill did this to her! It is a cruel, cruel joke when a lady is forced to handle a mustache on her own face. Can I send you some DermaBlend?

  3. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Will your Ob approve the use of Lumeida at some point in the pregnancy?? It might be worth asking.

  4. Erin (i dont have a fake name :( ) says:

    What!?! This happens!?!? Is it from all day in the sun with no sunscreen??? What does it look like??? (just like a tan on your upper lip or like darker??) And not to pick on other Erin again, but anytime I think of sunscreen mistakes I think of her (and chuckle a little) and I’m picturing you with a big Erin style sunscreen hand-print across your face :) (I really miss those two!!!)

  5. Bebehblog says:

    My skin is darker, not like a tan, like a birth mark. And it’s really in two splotches, right under each nostril. I wasn’t even in the sun that long (because I bought a hat when I realized I didn’t have sunscreen) so luckily it seems to be fading. I can still see it but no one else has really noticed. Or they’re all too nice to say anything.

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