OK, Winter Can Be Over Now

We’ve had some snow this week. And then some more snow. And they’re predicting more snow (possibly the worst storm yet) for Sunday. I don’t hate snow or snow days or winter (part of the deal when you live in New England) but I am beginning to feel like moving to a tropical island would be a nice change of pace. I do this every year come February. E comes in from snowblowing the driveway and mentions there might be a job opening in Guam and I start thinking “I could totally handle living in Guam”.

To be clear, moving to Guam is not IMMINENT. It’s just…possible. And doesn’t sound so bad.

This week, despite the snow, was really fun. The kids had a bunch of snow days but we had nice weather in between so we could go out and  enjoy the snow. We made our first snowman while singing “Do you want to build a snowman?”, decorated him with the snowman kit Santa brought for Christmas and then named him Frosty. That’s like, three separate magical things all in one event. Plus the weather was nice enough to go to the park for an “Adorable children frolicking in an idyllic snow covered forest” photo session. It was more accurately  a”Snotty-faced children shaking all the trees and throwing snow on each other” photo session but we had a great time. The 37 degree air felt WARM and all that exercise in the woods wore the kids out so much they fell asleep at 5:30. It was a whole week full of the best parts about winter.

So now I’m officially ready for spring. Any time now, weather patterns. Get on it.


snow in the park-3  watermarked

snow in the park-14 watermarked

snow in the park-7 watermarked

snow in the park-12 watermarked

snow in the park-28 watermarked

snow in the park-29 watermarked



snow in the park-31 watermarked


snow in the park-27 watermarked

snow in the park-38 watermarked

snow in the park-41 watermarked

snow in the park-45 watermarked

snow in the park-47 watermarked

snow in the park-40 watermarked

snow in the park-48 watermarked

snow in the park-49 watermarked

snow in the park-51 watermarked

snow in the park-54 watermarked

snow in the park-55 watermarked

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5 Responses to “OK, Winter Can Be Over Now”

  1. Audrey says:

    These are some gorgeous pictures. I really should take the kids out before the snow is gone.

  2. jen says:

    Great shots! I am completely over the snow and the cold and whatever new polar vortex that is likely on it’s way or even here. We suppose to get more snow on Saturday and more snow sometime next week. There is literally no place to plow the snow. This Spring and even Summer better be green from all this precipitation.

  3. Shari says:

    I am SO over the snow and this winter in general, but you make it look magical again! :)

  4. Leah says:

    You should probably look into how photogenic Guam is before you start making any rash decisions.

    • bebehblog says:

      Our friends who are stationed there are constantly sharing postcard-worthy shots devoid of any other people. I think I’d be OK. AND WARM.

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