Maya Sling Review

The verdict is in and I give my Maya Ring Sling two thumbs up. It’s taken me a few tries to get the hang of adjusting it while Baby Evan is in it – sometimes it slides off my shoulder – but it gets a little easier every time I try. The girl at the store said the fabric will soften up over time so it will take less effort to pull it through the ring. This morning after I fed and burped the baby I popped him in the sling and managed to do three loads of laundry, make up the guest room, change every baby-bedding surface in the house AND eat breakfast. Plus about half way through my chores Evan fell asleep and I snuck him into the vibrating seat. The only thing I can’t do with the baby in the sling is take a shower.Well, I COULD but it would be much harder to shave my legs.

Unfortunately, Baby Evan doesn’t like being totally in the sling – he prefers being able to see where we’re going. Since he can’t really sit up on his own yet I have to sort of prop him up and tighten the far rail around his neck. Kind of like this:

But because I’d prefer NOT to strangle my child I can’t tighten it too much and his poor little head sort of bobs around if I move too fast or lean over too far. Eventually Baby will be a little less rag-doll-like and this problem will go away. I look forward to using the sling more once that happens.

As far as comfort goes, the ring sling gets an A+. I was afraid it would make me feel all lopsided since it goes over just one shoulder, but with the wrap pulled tight across my back it’s fine. Plus the padding on the shoulder really helps. If you need to get things off the floor you have to squat down instead of bend over, but it’s still way, way easier than holding the baby in your arms. OR If you’re super talented like I am you can just pick stuff up with your toes. Having a baby gives you so many chanced to discover new skills!

P.S. The exact sling I have has been discontinued, so it’s on clearance on the Maya website right now. If you’re thinking about getting one do yourself a favor and check out their outlet.

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  1. Brigid says:

    I use a sleepywrap and it’s super easy to use and feels very secure. The only problem is that Nick winds up wrapped in 3 layers of t-shirt like material and pressed against my body, and he gets hot sometimes. But it isn’t too bad; he usually just falls asleep and stays asleep.

    My toes are far too stubby to pick things up with them. :C

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