Time To Renew

Our Seaport membership lapsed last month, even though I’ve been planning to renew since March. I even went into the office to do it, but got distracted by the free lemonade and coffee and keeping my children from destroying the antique furniture.

I’ve been thinking maybe I’ll just wait until next summer to renew, since they close for part of the winter anyway. But we drove past last week and Evan started shouting “I WANT TO SEE MY BOATS! I LOVE BOATS! I NEED THE BOATS!” and Caroline cried. I told them we were going to get ice cream and they still insisted they wanted BOATS instead. (I threw in the playground and they acquiesced, but only because I promised the Seaport another day.) ┬áThen I found these in June’s photo file when I was transferring it over to the external storage. I don’t think I can miss the rest of the summer and fall at the Seaport.

Besides, Chowder Days are in October and only crazy people who hate deliciousness miss Chowder Days.

p.s. We left Evan’s hat on Long Island earlier this summer. I really need to get it back.

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3 Responses to “Time To Renew”

  1. Kimberly says:

    We NEED to make plans- so we can get Evan’s hat back to him of course ;)

  2. merin says:

    Or you can just go with us on our plus one!! No guarantees on the pleasantness of my children though.

  3. Sarah says:

    Finally catching up on my reader – the last few weeks have been insane around here! Chowder Days sound like something I need to look into – maybe need to make a weekend trip!

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