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I’M GOING BALD. Monday in the shower my hair started falling out in clumps and by yesterday afternoon everything in my house was covered in long blond strands. They’re on my clothes, in my food, wrapped around the baby’s tiny wrists and toes. I’m suddenly picturing a future of Bret Michaels-style wigs attached to bandannas attached to hats covering my shiny hairless scalp. Maybe I can get them in fabrics that co-ordinate with my Bobby covers. I’m told this is a perfectly normal part of the joy ride known as the postpartum period but that doesn’t make it any less upsetting.

Imagine someone tells you “Tomorrow when you wake up, everything will be upside down. The furniture will be on the ceiling. Water will run uphill. Gravity as you know it no longer exists.” “Got it,” you say, “Upside down.” You go to bed fully prepared because you have the information. Other people might be freaked out. People who haven’t been paying attention are going to be totally shocked. NOT YOU, because you KNOW. You bought a book about upside-downness.

But in the morning when you’re staring up at your carpet and down at your slippers, you will still scream “WHAT THE $%^# IS HAPPENING TO ME?!”

99% of pregnancy, birth and motherhood can be described with the above analogy.


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  1. lalaland13 says:

    Oh crap that’s kind of scary. What causes that? A hormone surge?

  2. Brigid Keely says:

    lalaland13, the hormones of pregnancy both cause additional hair growth AND retard the normal loss of hair. So when you’re not pregnant, all the hair that SHOULD have fallen out during the pregnancy falls out all at once. Sometimes in clumps.

    I’m starting to shed a LOT. I’m considering getting my hair cut very short, but it looks awful growing out from a short cut (like, MULLET HOOOOOOO!) and my hair grows so quickly I’d have to get it cut every two weeks AT LEAST to maintain it. Since I hate having hair in my face, a simple bob wouldn’t cut it. It’d have to be pretty short, almost “boyish.” Which, you know, looks cute but has long term consequences for me. :(

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