I'm so crafty

While I was looking for Father’s Day gifts back in June I came across a lot of fancy handprint kits.* I really liked them but couldn’t justify spending $40+ on what’s basically a picture frame. So I made one myself.


The frame was $12.99 at Target (I just looked for one with a large white mat – there were several choices). The paint is Crayola non-toxic craft paint, also from Target and about $6 total. And I printed the picture out using our home printer (I’m going to replace it with a nicer one IF I CAN EVER GET E TO DRESS UP AND POSE FOR ONE FRICKIN MINUTE).

If you notice, my hand is yellow and E’s is blue. And yellow and blue make green, so the baby’s print is green. Aw how disgustingly cute. Also, I suspect they use midgets and not babies for the product pictures of baby handprints, since the somewhat smudgy one we got was after three practice tries. Babies are more interested in rubbing the paint on their face than making beautiful treasured keepsakes. Selfish babies. Can’t they see the big picture? Anyways, if you’re somehow related to me expect your own version of this at Christmas. Try to act surprised.

*Actual Father’s Day gift: Tool belt and tool caddy I picked out in Home Depot while E was buying lumber and presented to him at the checkout so he could pay for it.

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  1. Erin (i need to think of a fake name) says:

    Really cute!!!! Pay no attention while I steal your idea. I did a hand/foot print kit that someone sent us as a gift. It went ok. I did it while he was asleep, which worked great for the foot print. And the sleep helped to get him to open his little fist, but as soon as I put his hand on the paper he pulled his hand back…right to his face. He looked like he was wearing Indian war paint. I wanted to right the kit people and say, don’t you know how hard it is to get an infant to do this? Please include more than one mat!

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