I may know why you’re single

I had a really clever and original idea for tomorrow’s Baby Evan is 10 Months Old! post, and in preparation I did an internet image search for “eHarmony profile”. This was the third most popular search result:

Now, I’m not saying a drawing of a hippo playing a harp is the WORST choice ever for a dating website profile, but it may not give potential suitors the best possible first impression. May I suggest a robot playing volleyball or a cat doing geometry instead?

Out of curiosity I then searched “bad dating profile photos” and was disappointed the results weren’t especially funny or terrible. I suspect Google didn’t understand the question at all, since this was on the front page of my search:

Clearly, the BEST dating profile picture EVER. I would totally date that guy. He’s a doctor with excellent taste in ties. I wonder if I’m his type?

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  1. E says:

    Only think I thought of…”Lowered Expectations”…and now I can’t get that song out of my head. Sorry for no link to an awesome youtube video of madTV, but I am using a work computer to post this, and no such luck.

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