Giveaway Week Day 7: Phoebe Mouse

There are no super-nice things to say about the person who made the item for today’s giveaway, since that person is me. I CAN, however, say a ton of nice things about my friend Megan. Megan taught me to knit, encouraged me to stick with it when I was frustrated and was unbelievably patient when it came to helping me undo my mistakes.

Megan taught me to knit almost exactly 1 year ago and this scarf is the first thing I ever finished. I thought it was the greatest knitting project ever. (Also, Little Evan totally wore those jammies last night. Time to go jammie shopping.)

And in March of this past year, one of Megan’s dreams came true and she opened a yarn store here in Connecticut.

Megan’s Shop: Mothers of Purl Yarns

As a gift for Baby Girl, Megan gave me what might just be the most adorable knitting pattern ever: Phoebe’s Sweater. Not only is it a knitting pattern for a little girl’s sweater, a stuffed mouse, a dress for the mouse and a mouse-sized sweater, it also has a very sweet, beautifully illustrated story about how Phoebe Mouse’s mom knits her a new sweater while she waits for her new baby to come, so even if you DON’T knit it’s a lovely children’s book. To go with the book Megan gave me enough yarn to knit 2 Phoebe Mouses (Mice? Meeses?) with instructions to give one away to you lovely people. And so I did.

Hi, I'm Phoebe

And then because I love knitting, I also made each Phoebe a mouse-sized jacket out of beautiful red tweed.

Your Phoebe will have gold buttons. It's embarrassing how long I stood in the button aisle picking out exactly the right ones for a MOUSE DOLL SWEATER.

But Phoebe really is cuter if you have the book (plus, if you do happen to knit you can make MORE dresses, in different colors! Or the little girl sized sweater!). So I bought a second one from Megan to give away.

You may win everything you see here! Besides the throw pillow. I bought that at Walmart. But you do get the jacket.

The book is even signed by the author and the illustrator. I can't be the ONLY person obsessed with signed books, right?

And in case you think this kind of thing is cute, your Phoebe Mouse will have been hugged by Baby Girl's Phoebe Mouse.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. THAT’S IT.

Tell me who you would give the mouse to (you can say you would keep her)! Tell me what you had for dinner last night. Tell me that even though I’m 32 weeks pregnant today I don’t need to freak out yet about having ANOTHER baby.

Giveaway open until November 7th, winner will be chosen using and notified via email so make sure you use a real one when you comment. I’m willing to send Phoebe and her book anywhere, so giveaway is open to EVERYONE.

Disclaimer bit: Megan gave me three balls of yarn and 1 copy of Phoebe’s Sweater so I could make a mouse for my baby and a mouse for you. Little Evan ruined the first book with…I don’t even know what. Something sticky. Plus I still need  a copy of the pattern to make Baby Girl a child-size sweater. So I bought the book I’m giving away. Plus I put in many many hours of knitting time when I should have been playing with my kid, so the giveaway is literally priceless. How’s that for the most unclear disclosure statement ever?

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62 Responses to “Giveaway Week Day 7: Phoebe Mouse”

  1. Sarah says:

    Aww, look at the Phoebes hugging! I totally think that sort of thing is cute.

    You know ALL of us would love to win this – you did such a lovely job!

  2. michgal18 says:

    So Adorable!! I would love to give Phoebe to my little niece…great Christmas present!

    And yes, you should be freaking out about two kids. I know we don’t know each other very well, and I should probably sugar coat it…but my friends with two kids tell me how hard it is. AWESOME, mind you…but hard!! :-) I’m sure you will totally rock it though!

  3. Amanda says:

    Suzanne you did an Amazing job on the mice. They are absolutely adorable! I love that there is a story to go along with them.

  4. Skipper says:

    Adorbs! You are very talented. It’d be hard to give this away… but I have lots of deserving baby friends being born soon who need gifts. Perfect!

  5. I would totally keep it. Wait. Will a girl mouse make Spencer gay? Dammit.

  6. Amy says:

    I can’t wait to meet baby Sandy. Arranged marriage? Just sayin’.


  7. jill says:

    this is so sweet. your little pheobes are too cute. i would totally keep her for our next baby {who i so hope will be a GIRL!!!}

  8. Sydney says:

    Holy crap! That’s so cute!
    I’d give it to my 17 month old, of course! She loves stuffed animals!

    P.S. We had homemade pizza for dinner! Mmmmm.
    Oh and psh. Girlfriend. You’ve got this! No need to stress about the baby! <3

  9. This is the sweetest thing ever! I knit but have not attempted toys – but I would LOVE to at some point. She’s so precious – I would give her to my two girls as a bedroom pet :)

  10. Alison says:

    I think that mouse is pretty adorable! I would give it to one of my nieces.

  11. MerHart says:

    She’s adorable! I need a Megan! Do you loan her out? I’ve been trying for 15 years and I STILL can’t knit worth crap.

  12. Kim says:

    This is adorable! You did such a great job! If I don’t win, I’m going to have to buy that book and learn to knit.

  13. Susan says:

    OK, this is incredibly cute. I have no need for this so if I win, I want you to donate this to the charity of your choice – maybe a children’s hospital or some blog friend who has a sick child.

    But I had to comment because as a knitter myself, I’m incredibly impressed with your skill level after just one year of knitting.


  14. eversmommy says:

    I would totally keep it!! Would love the book, might even knit from it!

    Dinner? Looks like cheese and crackers and halloween candy!

  15. Audrey says:

    I’d totally keep that and give it to baby Delilah. Heck to the yeah. I love me some knit toys for kids.

  16. this is the most freakin adorable thing ever!!! I feel selfish even entering this give-away since I already have a bear (that’s right I said ME! MINE! I love it! I share with Reid only cause it’s adorable when he sleeps with it.) NO really, don’t give it to me. Just make me one if I ever have a daughter. I just wanted to mention how FREAKING ADORABLE it was.

  17. Joanna says:

    So adorable! I love this!

  18. Robyn says:

    I will give this mouse to MY baby girl!
    I had Pesto Penne with chicken for dinner
    Don’t worry about the second baby, you have been there and done that already, this one will be a breeze! (fingers crossed :-))

  19. Jessica says:

    Ohhh! I love this!! I would give her to my future baby, who of course would be a girl. ;) I adore signed books too. This is too too cute.

    Last night for dinner I had fondue! Went to a super fun party and that’s what was served.

    Can’t wait.


  20. Emmie Bee says:

    OMG! As a new knitter this may be a little advanced, but I would LOVE to try!

    And for dinner last night we had Boboli pizza. Awesome. :)

  21. Natalie says:

    Holy crap that’s adorable.

    Here is what will happen in my house if we win: Both of my girls will fight over little Phoebe and you will force my hand and I will have to learn to knit so I can make two.

    I think I can live with that.

    See what you have to look forward to with two? (I kid, I kid…it’s not so bad! They learn to share, or…they cry until they destroy whatever they both want at the same time and then you can throw it away and the discussion is over–win, win, right?)

  22. Robyn says:

    I would give Phoebe to Rory, if i won. she would love her.

  23. Connie says:

    your pictures are sooo good! And your mice turned out great!

  24. MKP says:

    OMG I want her so badly and I’m not even going to pretend it’s on a child’s behalf. Although I prolly would give her to my mom’s bff’s daughter.

    And don’t worry about the baby. You might not even remember what sleep feels like two weeks in.

  25. Mama Fisch says:

    I would definitely keep it for my little guy. Looks adorable and something to snuggle with in his crib!

  26. Krista says:

    Wow, lady. I am impressed! & I would totally give it my little girl.

    & also, since I’m freaking out at 21 weeks, I’m not the one to talk you down. Sorry, friend. :)

  27. Shelley says:

    That is adorable! & p.s., don’t freak out about baby #2, all will be great! :)

  28. Amy says:

    OH, if I don’t win this one I am going to be SO SAD. The mouses hugging is just adorable and this would make a perfect present for my daughter for Christmas (20 months at that time (holy crap)). It would be even better knowing Baby Sandy has one also. :)

  29. Betsy says:

    I’m fairly new to your blog, but I enjoy reading it. I LOVE handmade stuff, and I love reading to my little girl. This mouse would be adorable to have. My grandmother taught me to knit years ago, but I never had the patience to stick with it. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences with baby #2. Hubby and I plan to try for baby #2 next year!

  30. bellegourmande says:

    Knitting that mouse is an incredibly impressive accomplishment. You are clearly a born knitter! Today is my birthday, so obviously I deserve to win Phoebe. I will share her with Ellis, though. I think a girl mouse wearing pink is a totally appropriate gift for a boy. Gender is a social construct anyway, right ;)? But seriously, Ellis would love her! I would love her! She would have a great home here in rainy Seattle!

  31. My cousin just had a baby girl a month ago! i would give Pheobe Mouse to her for Christmas :)

  32. merin says:

    little cora would love Phoebe and the book! These are adorable.

    We had a delicious pot roast for dinner last night. I love meat.

    You are going to be a great mom again. I think it is going to be so much easier. The only problem is going to be all the adorable girl stuff you are going to get/buy/make/knit. It is irresistible!

  33. brigidkeely says:

    Aww, that’s so cute? I’d give this to my son. Because I’m selfish.

    I have a question for you: Does Li’l Evan have any baby dolls? Like, human shaped cuddly dolls as opposed to stuffed animals?

    • bebehblog says:

      He has two, both were mine when I was kid. One is handmade and soft with yarn hair and the other is a slightly creepy store-bought doll with velvety skin and red hair…I totally forget what those dolls were called but they were THE TOY the year someone bought it for me. At least it doesn’t pee or anything. His interest in the baby dolls swings from OMG FAVORITE BABEEEE to WTF? No way am I playing with this!

      • brigidkeely says:

        Ok, cool. Niko is very affectionate toward his stuffed animals and finger puppets and, uh, cars (he cuddles them, he kisses them, he “feeds” them) but when we gave him a baby doll he was like “what.” and kind of looked at us sideways.

  34. becca says:

    i would totally keep it for myself in the hopes that i will one day have a baby girl of my own, or that i’ll have a niece one day. it’s lovely!

  35. Oh my gosh, you are so talented! Phoebe mouse is amazing!! Small Fry would love her. Also: we had lentil soup for dinner last night. And: you are going to be an amazing mom to 2. You already are!

  36. tracy says:

    You do not need to freak out about having another baby. :)

  37. Teresa says:

    I would give it to my grandson to be (5 weeks away from being born). I had pinto beans last night and you’ll do fine with another baby. :D

  38. Patty L. says:

    I’d totally keep her for my daughter. Such a cute idea!! I love handmade toys.

  39. Katie Gibson-Stofflet says:

    I would save the mouse for my blessed grandchildren. We had homeade chicken and rice soup and fresh french bread. Even though you are 32 weeks pregnant today you don’t need to freak out yet about having ANOTHER baby. You will do great. I had two at a time remember!!!!

  40. Suz B says:

    How cute are those mice!

  41. I want a mouse!!!!!!!

  42. Mona says:

    What a generous giveaway!

  43. Kristy says:

    I have been eyeing this book up since before it even came out but have still not bought it yet(other things such as bills keep getting in my way) :D I would probably give the mouse to my daughter and knit one for myself (or vice versa:D)

  44. Sarah D says:

    I am in love with this book – I hope to make the mouse and her apparel, sweater and give the book to my oldest for her 6th birthday this february! (just need to get the book :)

  45. Arlene says:

    I just discovered this book, it is so cute!

  46. Diana says:

    Such a lovely giveaway! I would love the mouse and book and sweater pattern for my daughter, I call her my little mouse because all she ever wants to eat is cheese LOL.

  47. Mary Ann says:

    I hope it’s ok if I enter even I have this most adorable book and am in the processing of knitting for my granddaughters. I need more copies of the book and another mouse! The pattern is so well written and the sweater is beautiful.

  48. osmia says:

    Truly a priceless giveaway! And so generous of you to include other countries. I would love to have this to make the patterns and then gift book and projects set to my niece’s first daughter before her sibling is born :)

  49. I would gift this adorable mouse to my BFF Krystal who is having a baby girl any day now!

  50. andrea says:

    Wow, knitting is like rocket science for me! In my eyes, you could easily fly a rocket to the moon now. But seriously, I have always thought knitting is one of those things I will never be able to do. It just seems SO difficult. You are amazing for making such lovely things. I think I would keep the mouse just so I can say a friend made it when people ask where I got it :)

  51. Sarah says:

    I love this! My daughter would think I’m the coolest mom in the world.

    Btw, this is my favorite of all the giveaways this “week.” Don’t tell the others. :)

  52. Sarah Thompson says:

    I would give it to my little sister. She loves knitting and mice. I would love to learn and need to take the time to. we had meat loaf, oven potatoes and salad for dinner. It was yummy. You will love having two and do not need to freak out!

  53. Jennie says:

    The most precious thing I think ever! How sweet of your friend! Now I think you should name baby girl Pheobe. We almost named our daughter that! Too too too too too ADORABLE!

  54. Leah says:

    I would keep it for my 3 girls!!! We had fajitas! Do not freak out about having another baby! I have 4 kiddos 6 and under! You’ll do great!

  55. Anna says:

    I’ve wanted this book for a long time and would give Phoebe to my little girl.

    I don’t remember what we had for dinner last night because we have a new baby and everything is a blur :)

    Having another baby is a huge blessing. I used to wonder how you can “split” the love you have for your first one. And I even sobbed when I found out our second baby was a boy :) I smile as I think of it now. I am so in love with him, it’s hard to imagine I wanted another girl. And having him made me even more in love with our “big girl” who loves and shares so freely (something that I might never have known if we didn’t have another baby).

    Congratulations! God bless you and your little ones.

  56. Gretchen says:

    Thanks for the knitting inspiration! Phoebe Mouse is so sweet. If I were to win, I might give it to a good friend who always knits things for others but rarely herself…. or maybe keep it for myself (is it bad to write that?).

  57. Nicole M. says:

    Wow – I am impressed! Knitting is on my “to-learn” list, and has been for years!

    And don’t worry – my two babes are not quite 18 months apart and I love it. Once you survive the first six weeks, you’re golden! Now at six months and just-turning-two, they are quickly becoming best buddies.

  58. Melissa Burnett says:

    What a cute giveaway!

  59. […] you’ve been around for a while, you might remember me knitting Phoebe Mouse and Phoebe’s sweater. The book also included a toddler sized version of the doll sweater – unfortunately, it was […]

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