Flower Crown Adventures

I made a bunch of flower crowns last week. It was surprisingly hard. And fake flowers are surprisingly expensive. And I spent a surprising amount of time worrying I was using too many apple blossoms vs. daffodils. Why didn’t I buy more fake peonies?!

Maybe I am missing the hipster gene necessary to craft (and wear) flower crowns. I will not be offering a tutorial for flower crowns, unless you are intentionally making ones that are badly proportioned and stick out funny and fit on no one’s head correctly.

Caroline cares zero percent that my crowns are weird looking and misshapen and the fake flowers keep falling off. She just thinks they make her a fairy princess, which is basically everything she wants in life. Besides a pony. She also wants a pony. If I can find a pony, I will totally get her one to ride around on while she wears a flower crown. Photo shoot perfection!

spring gingers-12

spring gingers-21

spring gingers-24

We went to find this nature sanctuary in Mystic where I am taking portraits (bridal portraits, eek!) next week. It was still a little brown but the light was swoon-worthy.

spring gingers-28

spring gingers-47

spring gingers-50

At like 5 pm last Friday I realized the weather report for the next WEEK looked crappy, so I dragged them out to the creek to play. It was a wise choice.

spring gingers-51

spring gingers-52

spring gingers-54

Fly, ginger fairy princess, fly!

p.s. ┬áSomething about adding captions screws up my photo alignment and it’s making me BONKERS. Apologies if it does the same to you.

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4 Responses to “Flower Crown Adventures”

  1. How beautiful! Love little girls in dresses and flowers!
    And yes, I gave up adding captions!

  2. Sarah says:

    Where are all of her dresses from? And will you come and style my children? Gorgeous pics, as usual.

    • bebehblog says:

      Caroline’s dresses were mine when I was little! My mom kept enormous totes of kid clothes even through all our moves because she is the best. She’s about to outgrow them all so I’m trying to get pics while I can.

      And anytime you guys want to come up to CT I will style and photograph your adorbale kids FOR SURE.

  3. barbra says:

    Wow, I am blown away by these photos. Absolutely gorgeous photography! Taking pictures is simply documentation (what I do) but photography is art. You nailed this photo shoot. (Also, the crowns look great, I cannot tell that they aren’t perfect or anything less than you intended). If I am ever in Conn, or you are ever in Seattle, I really want you to photograph my ginger boy – I would love to see what you could do with his blue eyes.

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